[APPROVED] NearExplorer - August/2022

Hello, @marketingdao-council.

We ask for continued funding after we submitted our progress report in July.

We are honored to continue our monthly marketing work.

Next month we plan to:
• Continue working with applications on the form
• Improve current result
• Provide further support for projects from the Near ecosystem. Create high-quality content and graphics about them, as well as promote this information on social networks.
• Inform and educate the ecosystem community about projects and their specifics.
• Accept requests from projects in the form and help them write content and promote it.
• Organize contests and sweepstakes.
• Enter into partnerships with other guilds and groups from the Near ecosystem for the mutual promotion of posts and the possible holding of competitions, to maximize support for young projects


In order to expand our work and achieve the above goals of supporting young projects in the Near ecosystem by a team of experienced and close-knit crypto enthusiasts and Near fans, we are asking NEAR marketing support for funding for a month (August) in the amount of 3 * 800 USD

• Total: $2,400 USD
• NEAR wallet ID: evangel.near
• Wallet owner’s name: Skydan Yevhen

Thanks for supporting NearExplorer!


Thank you for a great job. Happy to support

It would be great to have articles on Medium about each project in Near ecosystem;

Sounds great!


Thank you for your feedback, we will work towards this goal.

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Thanks for your proposal and all the work you continue to do;

I support this proposal. My only suggestion, request would be to also post the articles on Blogchain - the decentralised Medium alternative platform that uses NEAR

Always important to find ways to cross-pollinate and support other projects in Ecosystem


Thanks, we will work on it.


Hey @Evangel,

Thanks for writing but it’s impossible for me to give any feedback without any specifics.

Can you please give answers to the deliverables below?

Create high-quality content and graphics:
How many articles and graphics?

Promote this information on social networks

  • Which channels
  • How many posts

Contests and Sweeptakes

  • Using which channels / partners?
  • How many?
  • What is the reward / price?

What type of partnerships? Can you elaborate?

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Hi @Klint,

Thanks for your questions, I’ll be happy to answer

Over the past month, 10 articles in the medium, about graphics - these are the author’s graphic pictures for posts, in telegram 25, on twitter 41.

Our Telegram and Twitter channels:

18 projects + interesting news have been processed on Telegram, 26 posts in total.
18 projects + interesting news have been processed on Twitter, 58 posts in total.


Last month we did:
meme contest with 1 partner (Telegram: Contact @Near_mem) and 1 personal giveaway.
$NEAR / total 13.7 $NEAR

Mention in social networks, joint competitions/draws, mutual assistance in informing the community about the intricacies of the project.

Here is our report, where you can find out about our work for the month.

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Hi @evangel – thanks fo the proposal. A couple of comments:

  • In the future, it makes it far easier to review your current proposal if you include the links to your social, Medium, etc. in the post vs. only in the report on the past month.
  • On the Medium articles, I’m seeing a lot of typos, formatting/spacing issues, different headline styles from article to article. Who is creating the articles? You mention above that you are helping the projects you feature to create content. Is the NearExplorer team creating it or are the projects submitting it you for publication?
  • Are you accepting new project submissions for August/Sept?
  • What is the promise around deliverables to the projects you help promote? Do you give them a specific set of deliverables as part of the collaboration and, if so, what are they?
  • What are the metrics you’re looking at for success? How do you plan to gauge whether the project is growing and performing well in the future?



Hi @so608, thanks for the comments.

We will definitely do it next time.

A variety of headings adds originality to articles, we work with projects from different industries, so you need to present information in different ways. We will check the text for errors.


First of all, we personally collect information from the social networks of the project, if there are questions related to the project, then we get in touch and clarify the details.
Content is created only by the NearExplorer team

Yes, under each of our telegram posts there is a link to the project form.


There is also a link in the twitter bio.

Here is the link to the form

There are currently 5 applications in the form for August (at the time of writing, 1 more application has been received)

We are interested in the opinion of our readers in many chats, so we hear when they talk about us.
Subscriber growth.
Also reaction to messages that are positive.

We are at the beginning of our development, we are inspired by the feedback of our readers and project creators, readers share our posts in chats, and projects post them on social networks.

We aim to let as many people as possible know about our project in order to share our content and thereby inform more people about new projects.
Indicators such as views and subscribers will show the growth of the project. New projects appear daily and our work will always be relevant, a similar project in the NEAR ecosystem has not been noticed.

Thank you for your interest in us.

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Thanks for the answers and updated information – I can support this for another month.

Moving this to approved – you can submit to Astro. Please note the new payout instructions:

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Thank you for your feedback and trust.

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