Assisterr: Community Incentive Program Campaign (Funding application)

Assisterr is a Cambridge-based startup building a data layer for decentralized AI (community-owned AI models) as a Network of Small Language Models(SLMs).

Assisterr’s integration of blockchain technology facilitates a transparent mechanism for tracking community contributions and incentivizes the sharing of previously inaccessible knowledge and data through rewards.

The current application is a continuation of our first application:

Here is our May report: Assisterr - May 2024 Report

Our main effort is on building & growing the community and its conversion into registered users.
This initiative will focus on engaging the Asian market through targeted campaigns.

Projected Marketing Budget for 2nd month (June 2024) - $10,000:

Galxe: $1,000 - Galxe Campaigns

Influence Marketing: $6,000 (Asia region)

Raffles (Warpcast): $1,000 -

PR Articles: $500 -

Video Content Production: $1,000

vSelf promo support: $500 -

We just launched our Community Incentive Program to onboard data contributors and validators:

Intermediate Goals:

  • Incentive Program: Introduction of rewards for new data contributors and validators.
  • Onboarding Campaigns: Specialized campaigns to attract and onboard participants from the Asian region.
  • Goals: Increase platform activity, enhance data quality, and expand our Asian community.

The requested budget will be allocated to marketing efforts, including digital advertising, partnership collaborations, and Asian community engagement activities. These initiatives are crucial for reaching our target audience and achieving our onboarding goals.