[Approved] 'Alpha Leaks with AVB' Youtube Series (Silicon Craftsmen)

Hello friends,

Proposal to fund some of the past work from the [Silicon Craftsmen Youtube Channel], soon to be renames ‘Alpha Leaks with AVB’ (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC33llWmZ4hABnO14j2pD6eA/videos) and to secure the on-going production of high quality video content.

Background Info:

  • Due to the changes to the Guilds program, Silicon Craftsmen as a Guild has not received funding since November 2021 (last funded month was October 2021).
  • From December 2021 I started shifting the focus of the Guild to Content Creation
  • The Youtube channel will soon be renames to ‘Alpha Leaks with AVB’. There are two reasons for this: first, to make it more personable and easier to build a brand. Second, to open up the Silicon Craftsmen guild to a new group of committed product managers and designers who would like to carry it on.

The Youtube Channel, and every video produced through it, have a simple yet powerful mission: mass adoption.

  • We aim to provide high quality assets for projects building on the NEAR ecosystem. We share what problem the product/service is solving, how it is getting us closer to mass adoption, and how to use it (step-by-step guides).
  • Increase NEAR presence on Youtube, ease of access to high quality information for total beginners (cf. ‘influencers’ with fake followers shilling shitcoins)
  • Inspire others. We all start with zero followers. I strongly believe there are many committed people within NEAR ecosystem who are able to create great content that can help others and accelerate flywheel for growth. I’d like to be an example of high quality, NEAR native, organic content that can grow and receive funding from ecosystem funding verticals.

Key Metrics to Date
With each subsequent video, both qualitative and quantitative metrics improve:

  • Number of Subscribers on Youtube going up
  • Really nice, supportive comments on videos. Nice engagements with questions.
  • AVB Twitter Account subscribers, and engagement related to Youtube Videos also going up significantly. This is beginning to create an interesting Flywheel for growth: Twitter <> Youtube <> Podcast

Links to Recent Work

Youtube Monetisation
Revenue from Youtube ads is minimal and should not be relied upon at least this early on. However, it does provide some interesting metrics I have relied upon.

  • To be eligible for monetisation the Youtube Account must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public viewing hours.
  • With the last two videos, I’ve comfortably surpassed the 1,000 subscribers threshold. This was also the personal threshold I wanted to pass before requesting for outside funding.
  • I am half way there with the Public Watch hours. Likewise, watch time has increased exponentially with each subsequent video.

Upcoming Content
I’ve been receiving a fair few inbound requests for content. In general:

  • ContinuE DeFi. Incredible growth, can present steep learning curve for a lot of new users.
  • NFTs - new marketplaces launching, highlight key projects and their communities.
  • Gaming is NEAR
  • Aiming for two videos per week; flexible to accomodate for project’s launches, token sales, feature releases, etc.

Funding Proposal

  • Each video can take somewhere between 4-5 hours to make: research, recording, editing, timestamps and show notes, then distribution.
  • My baseline hourly rate is around $100 per hour (Australia)
  • Current fixed expenses include Descript $35pm (recording and editing), Snappa (thumbnail images) $15pm
  • Past Funding: 8 Latest Videos x $400 - $3200
  • Ongoing Funding: 10 Upcoming Videos (2 per week, 25 April - 31 May) - $4000
  • ** Total Funding Requested from November 2021 to May 2022 - $7200**

Other - Disclosures

  • As a current sitting member of the Marketing DAO I will be abstaining from voting on this proposal.
  • Over the next few days I will also be submitting a separate funding proposal to Creatives DAO for separate work involving the Wild user Interviews Podcast

Thanks for all your support, happy to answer any questions!


Happy to support. Great job :muscle: One of the most popular and helpful channels about Near Protocol on YouTube.


This sounds awesome, Youtube channel has been producing top tier content.


You consistently produce great content and contribute positively to the NEAR ecosystem in many ways. You have my support for this.

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Looks good to me. Thumbs up.

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Very interesting…worth considering