[Approved] Alpha Leaks w. AVB Youtube Series July 2023

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Hello friend!

The Misfits Media propaganda machine has been roaring non-stop to keep up with the premium content needs that the ecosystem needs and deserves. You’ll notice a clear before and after, as I’ve freed up some time from previous governance roles, I’ve been able to dedicate an ever growing amount of time to research and try out the latest tools (incl. a lot of AI), and to be much more consistent with content.

About Alpha Leaks

YouTube is one of those ‘shared spaces’ where content has the ability to get in front of a new audience. Even though the channel has had healthy growth over time from NEAR community members, we are still getting at least 50% of our views from Youtube search results and algorithm recommendations. This is why we believe it is so important to have consistent, high quality content about NEAR (there really isn’t much outside of official channels or the traditional price predictions).

The channel focuses on Product Demo/Reviews & Tutorials blended it with entertainment. Presented with a bit of personality and flair, the aim is to continue to grow as enjoyable content consumed beyond the purely utilitarian aspect.

Impact and KPIs

The bear market has been brutal for content creators. At a time when even NF Town Halls are getting only 500 views, it is vital to continue to create the highest quality content on a consistent basis so it is there for people to be discovered.

  • Go to resource for NEAR community to learn new products, concepts, actionable things, etc.
  • Be a platform for new projects on NEAR to get visibility and assist in growth (marketing assets to be shared with their communities and prospective users).
  • Contribute to the momentum, sense of belonging and growth of NEAR community
  • A LOT of content around BOS coming up - directly targeting developers, thinkers and builders.
  • Expand into Shorts (clips of most impactful sections to drive traffic to longer videos).


10 Youtube Videos (Product Demos, Product Reviews) x $500ea = $5,000

This amount covers the baseline cost required for:

  • Researching, structuring content
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Distribution (promoting)

I have already published four videos for the month of July that would be covered by this proposal:

  1. I-am-Human verification and Upcoming Regional DAO Elections (NEAR Protocol)

2. Introduction to NEAR Social: Blockchain Operating System (BOS) Part 1

3. NEAR Native USDT and the Thesis for Stablecoin Mass Adoption (NEAR Protocol)

4. Ultimate Guide to: Regional DAO Elections July 2023 (NEAR Protocol)

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:



Allow me to express my admiration for the remarkable quality of your content. However, I would like to inquire about a few matters.

  1. There exists a plethora of content with an extensive number of views; nonetheless, it lacks a significant connection with the audience given the intricacy of the subject matter. Consequently, the audience tends to merely skim through it without pausing to acquire further knowledge or engage with it. Could you elaborate on your marketing strategies for fostering viewer engagement and onboarding them into the Near ecosystem? This would enable them to partake in the advancement of Near Protocols.

  2. In addition to the valuable knowledge you disseminate among online users, how does your project intend to attract a billion Near Users?

Your YouTube subscribers pose a concern for me. The followers you have garnered do not appear to be genuinely interested, as the level of engagement on your YouTube Channel is noticeably low. I find it perplexing that despite having 1.4k subscribers, your video views amount to a mere 130.

Thank you in advance @satojandro


Hi Romanus,

Thanks for dropping by and engaging with proposals on forum. Much needed community participation in governance overall.

I disagree on this point. As I mentioned on my post, I spent a weekend doing strategic searches both on Google and on Youtube directly. All results for NEAR are people outside the ecosystem discussing PRICE - very superficial analysis of actual tech or potential.

The truth is, all the quality, deep content has very few views and subscribers. I strongly encourage people to follow:

My content stands out as I spend anywhere between 7-10 hours editing, and hundreds of dollars per month to increase the quality of video, sound, graphics, etc.

A few other points on low engagement -

  • This is true for all media assets across the board. If you do a ratio analysis of the NEAR Protocol account with 18k followers and only 700 views on the best performing town hall you get an idea where we are at. Similar situation on Aurora, perhaps more extreme as the majority of people showing up for Aurora Leaks have been getting paid by Aurora to grow community (where are their community members?).
  • The vas majority of my followers came in when I was creating video consistently (during bull market). I’ve also mentioned that for a long time I put MDAO work, among other things, ahead of content creation. Now I am back on full production mode (see last four videos in two weeks). It takes a while to ‘train the algorithm’ and being noticed again.

Don’t know what you are referring to here or where are you getting this data. Once again:

  • I am consistently getting positive feedback and requests from content from active members of community (see twitter engagement and NEAR Social). This is partially the reason why I have been among the ‘Top 10 NEAR influencers’ for several weeks in a row now (I first entered that ranking over two years ago, also around the time when the Channel was most active).
  • I have not shared my Youtube analytics but they are in line with industry (Click through rate, percentage watch time) with over 900% upvotes and even some engagement in comments.
  • My I-am-Human video kickstarted the use of the referral page - a cool widget, lying dormant. I led the pack up until a few hours ago with 13 referrals (Across my personal and podcast account) AND the people I referred have also been very active referring others. This is a good example of how it takes some information, some hype, and then the action flywheel begins.

I have also been a pioneer of Sharddog links as user engagement. My 'Let’s timestamp who was building on NEAR [this month] goes back to March and is part of an ongoing attempt to inject life into the community, build a sense of identity, reassert the BUILDER culture (it is builders who are going to get us to 1 billion), and have since been adopted by many others including Naomi and Nearweek.

The June Sharddog link was the firs month where we implemented the functionality of redirecting people to Wuipod Channel on YouTube and successfully increased both followers and views significantly. This is a big achievement as most of wuipod listeners are audio only.

July sharddog link will redirect people to Alpha Leaks w. AVB Youtube channel. This is an easy way for community OGs excited about collecting an NFT to see the content and subscribe fi they want.

I have also been experimenting this week with Youtube tooling around Clips and Shorts.

This is an interesting question - the tag line of the channel has always been ‘where we cover the things getting us closer to mass adoption’. I’ve been cutting out the introduction recently to make videos more concise but I’ve certainly been the most aggressive pursuer of the Mass Adoption requirement (including writing the current guidelines for MDAO and Charter).

Most of the scope of the MDAO includes what is referred to as ‘top of the funnel’, which means that it can be very hard to have meaningful metrics. A user could deposit X TVL into Spin Finance after my video or we could recruit a killer dev. While these feedback does find its way to me eventually, it’s borderline impossible to measure - certainly at the time of writing reports (as evergreen content continues to generate value even after the report has been written) but particularly for future content (past views are indicative of past content and market sentiment, not a limiting factor in future views or market sentiment). This is why the content guidelines focus on many parameters (would encourage you to re-read them as it may have been some time). Some of these include:

  • Depth of knowledge of content creator (does it accurately portray NEAR, products and services, etc.)
  • Quality of production
  • Building a brand which adds to NEAR ecosystem brand and positioning

Perhaps the easiest way to think about this would be to ask - how would the NEAR ecosystem be impacted if this content did not exist? If the potential loss is greater than the requested amount, then the decision is easy.

Finally, for the sake of transparency, I invite anyone else reading Romanus questions - and the standard he applies to my content - to also go read his current proposal to Creatives DAO and hold him to the same standard.


I appreciate your response. It is evident that you have dedicated significant effort to fostering the development of Near Protocol and its surrounding environments. Your unwavering commitment to Near is undeniable. As a fellow aspiring creator, I share the same fervor in propelling the Ecosystem forward through innovative means.

The infusion of comedy (which is my specialization within the field of advancing the growth of the Near Ecosystem) is where Creatives plays a significant role in attracting, engaging and onboarding online(web2/web3) users to Near Ecosystem. By incorporating humor in the delivery of intricate information, we have the ability to create an enjoyable and light-hearted learning experience. Our expertise lies in simplifying complex concepts in a masterful manner, allowing the audience to easily relate to and comprehend the subject matter. Moreover, humor possesses the remarkable capability to disarm and alleviate tension, thereby making it easier for individuals to approach and grasp complex topics that may otherwise appear daunting or overwhelming. Through our approach, we can stimulate curiosity and cultivate an open mindset, thereby enabling individuals to explore and grasp intricate content in a more pleasurable and unforgettable manner.

Do not hesitate to ask any question regarding my proposal. It is aimed at fostering growth and attaining knowledge of utmost quality. I am at your disposal to provide responses.


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Happy to support! Have a great day!

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Nice proposal. Could you please provide your near wallet. I hope your work will be productive.
Thx :blush: :blush:

Wow just watched couple videos, this is great content!

Great content, we should support our friend here. He might not have a lot of audience at the moment but the content is very good. He is right that most YouTube searches will just results in some useless price analysis videos without any essential information of the protocol itself.

First of all, great content. The ecosystem needs these videos, and they are very high quality. It is also very inspiring, and prompted us to consider Youtube as an effective medium and potential next step in our own NEAR content journey.

The engagement seem reasonable in line with the engagement across ecosystem and in the context of bearmarket - we have almost identical numbers on our twitter spaces.

Would be great to get some clarity on what caused the amount requested to increase by 25%, when comparing to the last proposals? Has the scope/amount of work changed or increased? Is there there more content our output in general being produced? Were there additional initiatives proposed within the project?

Also want to note, that the KPI section doesn’t seem to contain any KPIs.

Overall, this proposal has my support.