[Report] Alpha Leaks w AVB Youtube Series (April '22)

Hello friends, quick report in the last grant to generate content for the Alpha Leaks with AVB YouTube channel

Link to original proposal

Several things to highlight -

  • Timing: things have been very busy, which lead to the pace of production to be a lot slower than I was aiming for. As common sense would suggest, rather than submitting monthly proposals with partial or unsatisfactory work, I’ve waited until the work agreed upon on the initial grant has been completed (even if it took a couple of months longer than expected).
  • Market Conditions: there has been a meaningful drop in engagement across most social media managers. This is a trend that I’ve discussed with fellow content makers. At first, it was concerning and demotivating. Over time we got used to the new reality and actually embrace the challenge to rise up to the occasion and create the awareness and hype to get us out of bear market.

Original grant for ten videos:

Notes: I am counting Aurora Plus Part 1 + Part 1 and just one video, not counting the Livestreams as part of content produced.

Metrics + Impact

  • While the views per video may not be super impressive at first, I look to several key indicator around engagement and impact as validation such as:
  • Likes and comments ratio to views; people’s reaction to the content being shared online, being referenced or recommended by third parties: recent example: (NEAR Bytes from Official NEAR Account
  • Another key metric is the team using the video as part of their marketing campaign - moderators sharing on their groups, pinning the message w video, sharing on official twitter account, etc. Recent example: NEX
  • A special metric is the feedback and direct messages I get from other members of the community. Really nice to hear from people that have derived value from videos; this ranges from newbies to ecosystem to BDs at projects wanting to re-purpose content for twitter threads, etc.
  • Final key metric is the request to create content both from projects and from members of the community wanting me to deep dive into a project or topic. While time may be scarce, this keeps me going.

All of the metrics above are doing really well, with the Alpha Leaks w AVB positioning itself as a go to place in the NEAR Ecosystem. I believe the channel is primed for growth, specially as we enter ‘bull’ markets, as video content is ideal for rapid onboarding for a lot of people.

Content Request
Moving forward I’ve created this Airtable Form where anyone can request, and are encouraged to request, content for the channel.

Let me know if you have any questions


My personal favourite youtube channel for detailed NEAR content, keep up the great work AVB! :muscle:


Great job done. Kudos @satojandro

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Hi @satojandro.

I really like the videos and I think it is of strategic importance to develop you (or anyone else, but you clearly have the lead, and the MVP built :wink: ) as the “NEAR Youtuber” in a similar way to what Cryptocito is for Cosmos, Danku_r for Terra, or WhaleFriend and Metaverse Explorer are for Solana.

If there is anything I can help at a personal level (or at Guild level) to make it happen, let me know.

I will fill the Airtable for a good project that I believe would make for a great video!


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Useful, easy to understand/simplified technical content for everyone.

following :wink:

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Thanks for the suggestion and support! I really appreciate it! Beyond creating the content, there are so many more things involved in being a ‘YouTube’ that I am certainly not an expert and I would welcome anyone who can help me grow faster. Let’s have a chat at NEARCON :hugs: