[APPROVED] Alpha Leaks w AVB Youtube Series Q4

Link to Previous Proposal (April 2022)
Link to Previous proposal Report
Alpha Leaks w AVB YouTube Channel

NEARisNOW and the need for content has never been greater! While I have consistently prioritised other projects, including assessing and approving other people’s proposals, the time has come to unleash the next wave of Alpha Leaks w AVB on Youtube.

Alpha Leaks is one of the OG YouTube channels that focuses on the products and feature releases that are getting us closer to 1 Billion users on NEAR - what is the latest and why it matters, how to get involved, etc.

  • Check out the link to report for more detailed achievements, growth metrics and lessons.
  • Recognition. Attending several in person events over the last few weeks have been extremely humbling and rewarding. For the first time in NEARCON I had people who I had not met previously approach me and congratulate me for the content, telling me they are avid consumers and asking wen more content. This really drove home the concept of 100 true fans. While metrics may be tougher during a bear market, it’s very reassuring that the NEAR ecosystem values the content.
  • Distribution Channel - I am able to compound the following across my Twitter to give visibility to YT content.
  • Demand - there is no shortage of requests for content. I’m aiming to push out two pieces of content per week (minimum one, depending on other time constraints). I’ve got a steamy pipeline that includes USDT native on NEAR, HERE wallet winning NYC Hackathon, Sweatcoin (so much sweat!) and more!

10 Youtube Videos (Product Demos, Product Reviews) x $400ea = $4,000

This amount covers the baseline cost required for:

  • Researching, structuring content
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Distribution (promoting)

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hey @satojandro, I love following your YouTube channel and Twitter.
I’m curious to know, do you make covers for your YouTube channel yourself?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Yes, I do make them myself :sweat_smile: I use Snappa


Hello @satojandro my researcher team use your channel to prepare insights and graphics :sweat_smile:


Excited Collab with Talks on Near

Let’s have One Interview
AVb X Talks on Near !!


Always open to collaboration! Can you send me a DM on twitter? @alejandrovbeta1 :mechanical_arm:


Happy to support ! Have a great day!


Also happy to support. Keep up the good work!


@satojandro thanks for the proposal – I want to note for the forum and community on the thread that you are one of the most consistent contributors to the NEAR ecosystem (including being on the MarketingDAO council and abstaining from this vote/proposal review) and have produced a significant amount of high-quality content, education, interviews and insight that I view as a major benefit to the NEAR ecosystem – through this project, as well as Wild User Interviews podcast, work with Metapool, contributions to the NDC and lots of other collaborations.

This kind of involvement in the ecosystem, high-quality content production and community building through marketing activities is exactly what the MarketingDAO is here to foster in the ecosystem.

Just wanted to flag my additional thoughts so it’s clear why this project is deserving of funding. A reasonable amount too for the output.

Happy to support for the next series of videos.


i’m looking every youtube video on your channel, it’s amazing useful and great, thanks a lot!!


I believe you produce the best Near related YouTube content!
Keep it up!!


When was the last time you uploaded a video?

Content may be good but you have to keep it coming if you want to continue receiving funds

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Looking forward to hearing more! Keep up the good work. You have my support.