[Report] Alpha Leaks w AVB YT Series Q4 2022

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Alpha Leaks w AVB YouTube Channel

Hello friends, time for another report!

The objective of this grant was to create YouTube content that promotes the NEAR ecosystem, focusing on “things that get us closer to mass adoption of web3.” I covered market trends, core protocol upgrades, product reviews, and tutorials on projects launching on NEAR, always keeping the end user in mind - we are a BUIDLERS blockchain and we have to own the product narrative.

Duration and Completion:
Reminder to all the rowdy forum lingerers that this was a Content-based grant, not a Time-based grant. Namely, the budget was created and paid to product ten pieces of content. While the initial expected delivery was within Q4, no further funds were requested until the current work was completed.

Distribution Strategies:
I primarily distributed the YouTube content through my personal Twitter account, which has over 5000 followers. The engagement on my Twitter posts about the content has consistently been positive. Additionally, I collaborated with project teams to ensure content sharing across various channels, including project-specific Twitter accounts, Telegram groups, and Discord servers. It is noteworthy that the YouTube recommendation algorithm has also been a significant source of traffic. I invested time in improving thumbnail quality and experimenting with video titles to increase conversion rates.

Content Generated
The ten videos produced as part of the grant covered a range of topics, including onboarding the masses with HERE Wallet, USN liquidity incentives, an introduction to meta staking vote, project launches, protocol updates, developer interviews, swapping on Aurora, key rotation, advanced protocol features, and Defi Vault Options (DOVs) on Spin Finance. See links below:

Metrics and Achievements:
Link to key engagement metrics on Airtable.

  • High engagement on Twitter every time I announce new content.
  • Strong positive feedback from the project teams for whom I created content.
  • Positive feedback from respected community members involved in NEAR and doing commendable work.
  • Consistent inbound requests and encouragement to continue creating more content.
  • Organic growth to over 1500 followers on YouTube.

The metrics above should be looked taking into account that engagement is down during protracted bear market (for comparison NF Town Halls and Aurora Alpha Leaks get ~500 views each).

Thanks for the continued support,