[Approved] A Podcast Show on Twitter Space

Hi guys, hope you are doing well.

My name is Bailey12 and I have been a member of Near community for quite sometimes.

Recently I joined moderator recruitment programme and found myself a place to contribute something to Near. And as in this programme, I would like to create a Podcast talk-show that interview the Near Core Team or people whose work behide the scenes for Near.

Why I create this podcast? First of all, after joining Near for quite amount of time, I found out that the community isn’t connect much with the Near Core team itself or aware of what people are contributing their best behide the scenes. Therefor, a playground like a 30 minutes podcast would get the community and the team understand each other better. And secondly, this would definitely raise awareness of the NearEcosystem for newcomer by a fun and entertaining way.

What is this podcast about? It will be in form of a small interview on Twitter Space that last around 30 minute or so. The content will most likely about the guest’s day-to-day activities, their hobbies and personality, some exciting-games. All the contents of this podcast will follow 3 simple thing: Fun - Interactive - Raise NearEco awareness. Airdrops will be award for audience that interact with the show.

When is this podcast happen? I will do this podcast on every beginning of the week (Monday or Tuesday) AND every weekend (Friday or Saturday). So there will be 2 podcasts weekly.

My goal: I will run a trail of 3 podcast during my 1 week-immersion for Near moderator programme as a way to contribute for community and have enough data to analyse is this should be a long-term project. My KPIs is to have 25 attendants on the 3rd podcast and hopefully raise awareness of all audience about NearEco on generally or the people behide it specific.

Funding Request: 15 $Near in total (5 $Near each podcast)
Account: bailey12.near

P.s 1: I have no experience about doing podcast nor ever being a host/MC before but I would like to take a first step into this field because I have experience in public speaking and I am familiar with NearEco or its people enough and would dying to know more about it. So combining both of this exp, I think have enough level to at least give this a go.

P.s 2: Just spent some amount of money to prepare equipment for this podcast. No matter the funding request gone through or not. I will spend my own 15 $Near to do this podcast anyways.

P.s 3: All contents during the show will be recorded and I will mint it as Audio NFT for sales. All sales will transfer for charities (I will have clear details about this if the show goes on)

Here is the preview poster for the first ever podcast.
NearShow poster 2


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=))) i like that do or do attitude of yours =)) take my energy sir^^



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Good morning! 5N , $50 for one podcast ? Or $5?

8 podcasts per month? 8x$50 = $400 right?

Thank You

Ps: wen near $20 ser? :joy:


Hi Dacha, it is my great honor to have a legendary replied to my post.
To answer your question: $Near stands for Near token. 5 $Near means 5 Nears or 5N. So It is 5 Nears Token per podcast (Which equivalent to 47.5 US Dollar at 9.5 USD per Near)
8 podcast per month will be around 380 USD in cost. That’s all

And wen Near 20$, you will find out in the podcast ser !! :slight_smile: :joy: :rofl:
Cheers, @Dacha


Ok, cool. Thanks

And could you please find new people/faces for your podcast? Don’t get me wrong, but we see our friends Bb, Ozy, Sue, Coyote every day on their channel.


No worries, Will do. I will run 3 trial podcast at first with 3 different guests. 2 will most likely behind the scenes all the time but extremely active on the job.

As of Rimbo, She is my favourite person upon this whole NearEco so can’t skip her, mate!!


Haha, Classic! Go Bailey :fire:


Sounds like a nice plan, and you are going to do it no matter what, you have my support ! Go for it. :v: :beers: :sunglasses:

Just 2 days ago, I thougth about doing a podcast myself too. Will be looking how you are doing so I can learn from you hehe

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Thank you. Will try my best there.

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Wow! That’s an great initiative to add engagement to the community! Looking forward to your Podcast! And that poster looks great too with our favourite duckies!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

Hey @Dacha great fan of the work you do for ensuring no one misuses NEAR , I guess target audience would be different as they’re both on different platforms so shouldn’t be an issue having same people in different times and audience should participate more with the platform they’re familiar with !! In future they can even collaborate! :eyes::heart:


Thank you… let’s go :blush::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::blush::heart_eyes:

Any idea on this @David_NEAR @Benz_Near @jcatnear cc @Community-Squad ?

Hi @bailey12 i like the sound of this. I would like to add to your idea and propose that you take $300 in NEAR and start your endeavor by researching and studying how to do a ‘great’ podcast.

Take a week or 2 to go deep on what works and what doesn’t. Learn from the best, real influencers. Come back to us in here and share what you learned, show examples, show us what makes them successful.

Then initiate the creation of a playbook for anyone who want to do a podcast to use as guidance.

You will be rewarded for taking the time to learn a new skill, share your learnings with our community, write a playbook/add to our wiki and have the necessary resources to become an awesome podcast host :star_struck:

Wdyt? :smiley:


Hi @grace. First of all, thank you for your reply and suggestion.
I think your add-ons are amazing and I will adjust my trajectory according to this.

Here should be my upcoming plan:

I will still run the first 3 trail podcasts ( first 3 guests are all my friends from NearEco because I want to audience to get the vibe what this show is all about : Fun - Interactive - Raise NearEco awareness) as I think the best way to learn is by actions and practical feedbacks.

After finished and collecting feedbacks from 3 podcasts, with your $300 funding, I will take a week or 2 to:

  • Assess what I still missing, what the audience want me to improve during the show, what things can be better next time …
  • Sharpen up all of that by learning, studying what exactly need to be done and improved. (Take courses from udemy or masterclass, improving quality of contents by learning from top talk-show/real influencers, improving equipment quality and better UX…)

And ofcourse, I will record the whole journey and will share with all others through a playbook.
After all, my mission when I joined Near is to share and inspire others by my amazing journey I had with this Ecosystem and the beautiful people behind it.

How does this sound @grace ? :blush: :blush: :blush:


Hey @dacha, the show is up. really hope you could join me and the bois asking weird question to @rimberjack :slight_smile: :rofl:


Amazing Bailey🔥
Keep it up​:grin::raised_hands:


Hi @grace , any thoughts on this yet?


I love it! :rocket:
It sounds like a great plan to start. I am particularly excited at the potential of this being your main activity and having others learn from your experience.
Go for it!! :star_struck:


Thank you.

I will come back here with a specific report and plan when the third podcast finished.
Really looking forward to this.