[Approved] Satoshi Tuesday Podcast budget for NEAR Venezuela

Hello fam! Very happy to kick-start this 2023 :rocket: with the best energies.

Here we present a project we love to bring to live.


“Satoshi Tuesday” is a blockchain technology podcast that focuses on the NEAR ecosystem. The podcast will feature in-depth discussions and interviews with leading developers, researchers, and industry experts to provide listeners with valuable insights and knowledge about the latest developments in the ecosystem and its potential use cases. The podcast will have a strong brand and professional visual design, and it will be distributed on major podcasting platforms to reach a wide audience. The podcast will also serve as a platform for projects in the ecosystem to share their progress and reach new audiences, contributing to the growth and adoption of the ecosystem.

Guild name: Near Venezuela

Funding scheme: One-time

Expected impact:

Increased awareness and education

The podcast will provide valuable insights and knowledge about the NEAR ecosystem, its latest developments and potential use cases. This will help to increase awareness and understanding of the ecosystem among listeners.

Community engagement

The podcast will serve as a platform for the community to connect and engage with each other. It will also give listeners the opportunity to participate in the conversation and ask questions to guests and experts.

Positioning NEAR as a leader

The podcast will help to establish the NEAR ecosystem as a leading player in the blockchain industry. It will contribute to the growth and adoption of the ecosystem and position it as a forward-thinking and innovative technology.

Platform for projects in the ecosystem

The podcast will serve as a platform for projects in the ecosystem to share their progress and reach new audiences, which will help to boost the visibility of the projects and attract potential investors and partners.

Networking opportunities

The podcast will provide a platform for the guests, experts, and the host to network and potentially collaborate on new projects in the future.

Metrics for measuring success:


Metrics such as total number of downloads, unique listeners, and average listen time. The overall reach. Goal: 100 new YouTube subs/month, 200 new followers on Instagram and Tiktok per month.

Audience engagement

The number of comments and social media engagement, as well as the number of questions and feedback received through DMs, formularies, and others.

Brand awareness

Number of times the podcast is shared by others. This will give us an idea of how well the project is resonating. Expecting 20 quotes per month on Twitter.


Revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. We aim to achieve financial success and the podcast to be selfsustainable.

Impact on the ecosystem

The number of projects that participated on the podcast, the number of collaborations or partnerships established as a result of the podcast, the number of new users or developers joining the ecosystem thanks to the podcast. Target: 2 projects per month.

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

Podcast Launch

January: Release the first episode and start promoting it on social media and other platforms.

Organic Growth

February: Reaching 100 Youtube subscribers and 50 unique listeners per episode.

Continious Growth

Build relationships, partnerships and start receiving funding from sponsorships.

Kick start paid promotion

Use the funds received to improve the podcast outreach through promotions

End of the year

Participate on tech events as tech shows or expo and hackathons. Achieving more than 1000 youtube subscribers.

Funding Proposal

We are seeking funding to launch our project, which will run throughout the year 2023 with the goal of achieving self-sustainability. Once we have achieved this, we will develop a new plan for the following year, 2024.

  • Total requested amount in USD: $2,500.00 USD worth in NEAR token

  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: near-venezuela.sputnik-dao.near

  • Wallet owner’s name:
    Representative: Fritz Wagner

Podcast Explained

The Satoshi Tuesday podcast, hosted by Roberto Hung, Lawyer, Frank Cardenas, Trader, and Fritz Wagner, Engineer, will be released bi-weekly and provide in-depth analysis of the latest blockchain and technology news, with a focus on the NEAR ecosystem. The show will feature interviews with project leaders, community leaders, and experts in the field, as well as interactive segments with a limited in-person audience of 50 listeners.

  • Subject Matter - The core substance of the content for “Satoshi Tuesday” is about the NEAR ecosystem, Aurora Protocol and the latest developments in blockchain technology. We will dive deep into the technical aspects of the ecosystem, as well as its potential use cases and the impact it can have on different industries.

  • Examples of previous work: #near-venezuela has a track record of producing successful projects.

  • Quality of Guests: We are committed to bringing on the best and brightest minds in the blockchain industry from Venezuela to share their insights and knowledge on the podcast. We have a diverse range of guests lined up, including leading developers, researchers, traders, community leaders and industry experts who will provide valuable perspectives.

  • Is the podcast building a Brand?
    More like a Community Hub, where to discuss the latest news, share opinions, and do networking.

  • Is the podcast a suitable avenue for projects in the ecosystem to share their progress, reach new audiences?
    Exactly, the podcast will be a suitable avenue for projects in the ecosystem to share their progress, as well as for the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the ecosystem and its potential. Additionally, we will also feature interviews with project leaders and developers, which will help to share their progress and reach new audiences.

Overall, the podcast can bring significant value to the NEAR ecosystem and community by raising awareness, providing education and opportunities for engagement, positioning the ecosystem as a leader, giving a platform for projects to share their progress and providing opportunities for networking.

Exploring the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a special focus on the innovative NEAR Protocol, NEAR ecosystem and Aurora Network.


@FritzWorm great proposal.

Reach out to me or the Creators WG for more support if you want.

Had a few questions:

-How long will each episode be?
-What is the breakdown of each episode? (e.g. intro, ad, question, cta…)
-Where will the episodes be published?
-What is the breakdown for funding? (e.g. editing, distribution, host, tools…)
-What support do you need from the Marketing DAO and/or NEAR community to grow the podcast (Aside from grants)?


Hey! I appreciate your interest, and will love cross-collabs.

  1. Duration: 1 Hour

  2. Structure:

  • Introduction (0-5 minutes): The hosts introduce themselves and provide a brief overview of the guest for the episode. The guest will also have an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their background and expertise.
  • News and Updates (5-20 minutes): The hosts will discuss the latest developments and news in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, with a focus on the NEAR ecosystem and Aurora.
  • Topic of the Day (20-50 minutes): The main segment of the episode will be dedicated to a specific topic related to the guest. This will be a mix of a conversational interview and an AMA (Ask Me Anything) format, where the hosts will ask questions and the guest will share their insights, and the public will also have the opportunity to ask their own questions and interact with the guest.
  • Conclusion (50-60 minutes): The hosts will summarize the key takeaways from the episode and provide closing thoughts. This is also an opportunity to thank the guest for their time and invite the audience to tune in for the next episode.
  1. Publication:
  • Full episode on Youtube
  • Shorts on Instagram
  • Shorts on Tiktok
  1. Funding distribution:
  • Podcast editing and production: 20%
  • Podcast hosting and publication: 15%
  • Equipment and tools (microphones, headphones, etc.): 10%
  • Guest reward: 15%
  • Marketing and promotional expenses: 10%
  • Host compensation: 10%
  • Administrative and miscellaneous expenses: 10%
  • Contingency: 10%

We have already secured two locations for podcast production, one of which can accommodate up to 50 attendees. The necessary equipment and tools are also in place and have been tested.

It’s important to keep in mind that this may vary depending on possible change of circumstances. As we gain more sponsors and experience, we may need to re-evaluate and adjust our financial plan.

  1. It’s important to note that the support we would appreciate from the NEAR community would be to provide feedback on the podcast, and to share the podcast with their networks in order to reach a larger audience. Our target audience is primarily Spanish-speaking individuals in Latin America and Spain.
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@FritzWorm that’s a thorough input.


Looking forward to see/hear your first episode!!

Happy to support you! Thank you for the great job @FritzWorm .


Hey Fritz,

Thanks for the proposal. Can you clear up the deliverables?

How many social media posts, what types, and on what channels?
How many episodes will you produce?

Do you have any of the URLs for the distribution channels you’ll be publishing these?

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Hello Klint,

Of course, appreciate the opportunity to clarify the concerns:

The Satoshi Tuesday podcast is dedicated to providing valuable insights and tips for entrepreneurs interested in getting started in the world of web3 and blockchain technology. We will be publishing weekly posts on social media platforms such as Youtube, TIKTOK, Instagram and Twitter, focusing on topics such as how to get started with web3, ways to collaborate within the NEAR community, and information about upcoming events and meetups.

Our main hub for community engagement at the moment is on Guild Telegram at the moment, beacause the discussions about the podcast and how to make it right born there and we want to onboard new members in there, where we will be available to answer questions and provide support to those interested in learning more about the space.

We will be hosting the podcast as a bi-weekly event, were our community can participate in-person and online, through our YouTube channel and Cheers Factory space. These events will provide a deeper dive into the latest news and developments in the crypto and blockchain space, as well as discuss how to take advantage of the benefits of web3 and the NEAR ecosystem from a marketing, development, and legal perspective.

Example workflow (take into account we will run bi-weekly events)

  • Deliverables per podcast: 1 hour youtube video, 3 short videos to use on tiktok and as reels.

  • Social media posts: We will post information to promote the podcast, as banners for telegram and Instagram posts. Additionally, we will create educational content to be shared on this platforms as for example reels/tiktoks with web3 tips.

Post on NEAR Venezuela Instagram

Banner on Aurora Venezuela Telegram

It is important to mention that as the project is brand new, not all the URLs for the various platforms and channels are confirmed yet or have content. However, we will keep you updated as soon as they become available and make sure to share them with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to follow us on our social media accounts to stay informed about the latest developments on the Satoshi Tuesday podcast.

Partnerships: @Bitradiove as a co-host with cross-collabs and ahead of each episode of the Satoshi Tuesday podcast, Roberto Hung will be providing a preview and promotion of the upcoming episode on a Monday radio segmentLa Mega


Hi @FritzWorm thanks for your proposal.

I have reviewed and noted the comments from fellow council. All looks good to me - happy to support.


Hey @FritzWorm – thanks for the proposal. Do you have any examples of published content you can share?

I like the idea behind what you’re trying to do, and I note your longtime involvement in the ecosystem. But we’ve gotten several similar proposals recently, and in most cases the proposers have larger social media audiences, demonstrated content (at least a few episodes already published/tested or a track record of content production on another channel) and existing social media accounts related to NEAR. Looking at your Twitter in particular (and I understand this is a new project), but there are 4 followers and the first thing I see is about Bitcoin…

I like the idea behind what you are aiming to here, and the format you outlined looks good, but it’s too early stage for me at the moment to support it right now unless there’s a body of content elsewhere you can point me to that is representative of what you’re aiming to create here.


Hey! Sure! :vulcan_salute:

While I understand that there may already be other similar proposals with established audiences, our focus will be targeting Spanish-speaking listeners.

One of the unique value propositions we offer is that I am deeply involved in the NEAR ecosystem, which allows me to provide valuable insights and tips for nearcomers.

The brand we want to create is “Satoshi Tuesday”, and we see Bitcoin as the grandfather of NEAR as a third-generation blockchain. That’s why the Bitcoin at the logo.

I trust your judgement and understand that if you choose to support other podcasts over ours, it is ultimately in the best interest of the NEAR community.

To solve the concerns:

  1. Audience: It will be the whole LATAM

Socials created/managed by members of Near Venezuela (proposer) that will be used to promote the podcast as well:

  1. Body of content

→ Click on STREAMS: https://www.youtube.com/@satoshituesday/streams

The live streams we have done were intended as test runs for our equipment and for us to gain experience. The funds we are requesting will be used for marketing efforts to reach a larger audience and help the NEAR community grow.

Thank you for considering our proposal. :beers:

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Thanks for the proposal Fritz.

I’ve taken the time to watch the first few episodes you’ve shared on Youtube. I am unable to support this proposal at this time.

While I can guests and hosts have good rapport and the energy and passion are palpable, I do believe that it is too early to fund this proposal.

A few notes and questions -

  • why is this a One-time proposal?
  • what is the status of NEAR Venezuela? We’ve funded generous budgets in the past and while we can generally accept that there is a community there, we have no seen the continued work or engagement as other regions
  • Content needs more structure, focus on NEAR.
  • Guests have good rapport, and the energy is palpable - but it is friends talking about random topics while drinking beer.

The above needs to be seen in the context of both the potential the region represents and the strategic content needs of the ecosystem.

  1. Potential of the Region. As a fellow Venezuelan, I was a bit disappointed to hear that the focus of the community is 'how can Web3 benefit my existing businesses (breweries, bakeries, butchers, etc.). The real question should be - what problems can Web3 solve in this community? Note: in a decentralised ecosystem this can be done for free. Then the question is: what can the community bring to NEAR ecosystem? This is what funding is available for. A bakery selling bread in a paper bag with Aurora logo is too simplistic and extractive. You could place any logo on that paper bag, nothing in the world changes.
  2. Needs of the region. The NEAR tech stack is extremely powerful. There is a dichotomy between how complex the technology is and how it empowers people to create solutions with excellent user experience. So far, the only answer to ‘Why NEAR’ I got from the content is 'because they pay you. Rather, the questions should be - why NEAR (or Aurora) and not other blockchain? What can I do with this technology that I can’t do on Web3? Sharding, account abstraction, etc.

I am aware that the first episodes were a trial and I am confident that content can and will improve over time. As such, I encourage you to apply again once you’ve accumulated more content.


Hi @FritzWorm

Thank you for all the responses clarifying the nature of projects, deliverables, and including links to your work. It’s been demonstrated that there will be tie into Near ecosystem in the production of the episodes.

I’m happy to support this project!