A Better "The Podcast with Bailey12" - A Better "The Near Show with Bailey12"

Hi ya all,
Hope you guys are having a great day.

This post is a summarise from the previous podcast plan and the plan in the upcoming period for the Podcast.
You can find the reports here from the previous 3 podcast episodes and the purpose of this podcast here.

After taking feedbacks from my own experience and feedbacks from others, I decided what needed to improve and need to have:

  • A better Mic
  • More professional contents
  • A better marketing strategies
  • A playbook to record my journey and share with other
Action taken for improvement
  • Buying some quality Podcast from famous Host/Influencer to learn from
  • Listening free podcast all around to enhance my knowledge of podcasting
  • Buying a New Mic with better sound quality
  • Taking course for content creations
  • Learning more material of Marketing strategies
  • Practice again and again

With everything coming up, here is my detailed plan for the Podcast:

Every week, I will do 2 Podcasts:

  • There will be an “offline” Podcast (that I talked into a specifics topic or a person of Near) called The Podcast with Bailey12 which will be minted as an AUDIO NFT and sales for 0.1N on Mintbase
  • A Second “Live” Podcast with guest (that interview the guest) called The Near Show with Bailey12. This podcast will be recorded and will be auction when 10 episodes are finished
  • Also I will starting to help other Project to promote/marketing their work on my show (both podcast and live show) but with a small fee (1N for podcast and 5N for Live show)

The schedule for Podcast: The Podcast with Bailey12 ones will be posted on every Monday or Tuesday. The Near Show with Bailey12 will be hosted on Telegram Voice Channel every Friday or Saturday.

All the sales from the show:
For podcast, when the sales reached 10N and above, I will start to donated 10% of the revenue back to the Near Foundation so the team can nurture other small project like me (I know it is small at first but this is the first step for small project to give back to the Near Foundation for a greater good). The rest of the revenue will be used for the show (giveaway, buying equipment, etc…) if there are any :slight_smile:
For the show, the purpose of all revenue sales will still be for charity.

I do believe with this Self-sustain model, I hope the Show can maintain itself and stop taking fund/sponsoring from the Foundation and might able to give back for a greater goods.

The upcoming 3 months objective:

  • Able to get 1000 Telegram member by the next 3 months (Currently 107 members)
  • Getting Known within the Ecosystem
  • A Place to help other project to promote their works
  • Able to get 100N to buy memes NFT and get @illia on my show. (Follow up)
  • Getting 50-100 listener during live show, getting 300 listening for every podcast eps.

With that being said, Here is my proposal for 26.5N for January’s giveaway event during live show (5N each show, 4 shows / month = 20N) and 6.5N for deploy a Mintbase Store to sales.

That’s should be all of it, please let me know your idea or feedbacks of this under the comment @Grace @David_NEAR @jcatnear @satojandro cc @Community-Squad @marketingdao-council

Peace and Love,
P/s1: Here is the medium post that unfold my journey and will keep recording so others can see and follow. Will update on NearWiki for podcast creation soon
P/s2: Sneak peak of the first podcast cover


You Go Bailey :fire::rocket: Can’t Wait To Listen More Of Your Podcasts, It’s Always Fun & Exciting Way To Know More About NEAR :tada:


Noice, waiting for PodCasts :ok_hand:


Looking forward to the 100N show with Illia! :beers:
Btw, please consider discord as a better voice connection, and have some subjects as connections with the project for their innovative application on the Near platform!


Go for it partner! You have all the support from the community ! :rocket:

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Thank you ser… Thank you so much :fire::fire::fire:


Thank you for your feedbacks. I tried Discord, it was good but my main role is getting people on Telegram for Near so I am kinda building it there already.


Thank you Thank you!!!

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The Podcast Show with Bailey12 is live: Spotify

Hope you guys can check it out. Thank you
cc @Community-Squad @marketingdao-council