[Rejected] Funding request for NEAR Podcast

PROPOSAL: To create an exclusive podcast for NEAR. |

The key objective of this grant is to create a one of its kind podcast for the NEAR ecosystem.

The NEAR Radio aims to provide its listeners an unique experience with a combination of storytelling, weekly updates of approved grants and developments within the ecosystem. Through the podcast, we will promote the voice and vision of NEAR wide and far.

Details of the podcast:

  1. The podcast will be a mix of storytelling, having snippets about the projects being built in NEAR, including audio feedback in relevant places from the NEAR team. Few episodes will be free flowing conversations with NEAR members to dive deeper into the ecosystem.
    Brand signal: collaborative, exciting.
    The Podcast will be published on all audio platforms and Youtube.

  2. We will be releasing an episode each week, a total of 10 episodes.
    Episode 1 will be launched and released along with an introduction episode of 10-15 minutes within two weeks of funds being released. We are open to having informal discord sessions and twitter spaces with other protocols, these will be free flowing conversations with the purpose of attracting new members for NEAR.

  3. Our episodes will have a theme of ‘roadmap’ to NEAR, where we navigate and discuss various departments and ideas within the ecosytem: Aurora, Astro DAO, Octopus Network, Near Grants to name a few. To kick off our first episode, we will be discussing developments and integrations in NEAR in the last 2 weeks and We will include audio snippets from the team at Astro DAO and elaborate on the future of streaming payouts.

  4. Along with creating 10 episodes, we will also:

  • maintain active twitter profile; post 6 twitter threads, deconstructing six grants by NEAR and how they benefit the NEAR ecosystem.
  • a website for the podcast 4 weeks after launch day

We shall have a voice over for the host’s voice to maintain anonymity and consistency for long term brand identity.

We request complete creative freedom to create the podcast and promise to stick to the ethos of NEAR. We would love the feedback from the grants team before publishing an episode and are willing to make edits if any of the content is not aligned with the values and vision.

Currently, none of our episodes are live but we would be delighted to do a demo episode for you.


  1. Create a podcast aligned with NEAR’s brand identity.
  2. Launch 10 episodes and one intro episode
  3. Launch a podcast website that will also include audio resources to UniSwap and web3 in general.
  4. Post 6 twitter threads, deconstructing six grants by NEAR and how they benefit the ecosystem.
  5. engaging with the community and incorporating feedback from the community for each episode



Measurable criteria:

  • Launching the podcast, website and maintaining an active twitter account.
  • Growth in the number of views received per episode
  • Growth in the number of visibility of NEAR’s brand on twitter and podcast streaming platforms
  • Growth in community engagement (e.g. increased activity on forums, Discord, etc.)
  • Growth in NEAR KPIs of sourcing and recruiting new members.

Subjective criteria:

  • Improved sentiment and goodwill within the community
  • Improvement to the near protocol’s brand and positioning in the market


Milestone 1: Podcast launch on All streaming platforms
Milestone 2: Launching website
Milestone 3: Publishing Ep 10

budget breakdown:

  1. Podcast Editing: 3k USD
  2. Logo Design: 1k USD
  3. Operations, Research: 6k USD for 3 months
  4. Social media Manager: 10k for 3 months

Today, there are very few podcasts in the web3 ecosystem and capturing audio distribution will be a key asset as we expand and I believe creating a podcast now will give NEAR an early advantage.
This will also add to the content on youtube and though NEAR Townhall is an amazing initiative, there is also need for free flowing, less formal content to attract different sets of users to NEAR.

We request for a funding of 5k USD to kick off the project and experiment with what the community needs. All updates will be given on a weekly basis.


Good evening. Dear Harsha Pakshi are you a member of any existing Near Community groups or DAOs? Thank you


Hey, @harshapakshi Thank you For the Wonderful Proposal, Just Curious What Value do you think this Podcast might Bring to NEAR Ecosystem.

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I guess the idea is same as @bailey12 Show! He has done great in previous months. What do you think Bailey about this proposal?

Also, can you please share your past work experience in NEAR?


Thanks for your proposal,

Unfortunately, in its current form, I am not able to support this proposal.

Notes and reasoning:

  • Content is King; any proposal for funding on-going original content creation must have relevant examples of previous work. It is not possible for Council members to assess the value of the proposals without any data points. All the proposed activities sound great, but proposals need to be differentiated by track record.
  • Passion projects; along the same lines of the comment above, we are seeking to fund ‘passion projects’ - high quality work being created by committed community members. Proposals are to compensate for the value that is being created and to enable them to expand operations. Requesting funding prior to doing any work falls short of this definition.

I’d strongly encourage your team to work on a handful of episodes first; experience the tools, distribution channels, engaging with guests, etc. Once you have a track record of content and a growing audience, definitely come back to submit a new proposal.



Hi @harshapakshi,

First of all, thank you for interested in contribute more values in NEAR Ecosystem.
However, based on my experience, here is the following suggestion I would like to conduct for your proposal so it might increase a better chance for your proposal to get approved:

  • Let’s stay around and contribute to the community first: As this is the most important point of the whole Ecosystem. For now, it will be irresponsible from NF to distribute fund proposal for a newly created accounts/members. So, stay around and stay active within NEAR Ecosystem, get recognise by others Community members and this will likely get more chance of success when you propose something.
  • Always contribute first, then funding come later: So what does this mean? It is similars like when an organisation want to invest in a project. There are some metrics that need to be fulfil like: A working prototype/demos , a solid roadmap with financial plans , concrete objectives and a very recognisable team members/ individuals, etc… So based on this, I suggest to run the podcast first, let it rolling out for at least a month or two, then you have more solid reports/datas in your hand for your proposal.
  • Adjust the size/amount of financial: Requesting $20k of funding for the works of 3 members is kind overvalue since there isn’t any proven works/value history to be shown yet. As me personally running my own podcast freely without any payments for my works for the last 3 months and also @satojandro also running his own podcast freely for the NEAR Eco, we understand the workload to build a a successful podcast requires a tremendous amount of works but as I stated above, let’s demonstrate it first and we can come back with funding.

With everything being said, let’s start it small then constantly improving it. I hope with my suggestion, you would find it helpful for your future proposals.

Btw, here is the report for my podcast if you want to look into:

And as always, I am happy to help, just ping me if you needing it !!

Cheers and love,


Hi @harshapakshi nice to see your first proposal. I feel it is important to understand that new forum members who are posting for the first time to request funds are unlikely to be successful.

I would echo the comments by @satojandro and @bailey12 and suggest you could start by demonstrating your abilities in podcast production.

Good luck!


That’s a large ask for someone so new to forum. Breaking down the initiatives individually would be a far better way to get this through in the future.

It’s a no from me.