[Announcement] INTRODUCING - NEARDROP 1.0

NEARDROP is the easiest way to onboard new users to the NEAR blockchain.
This new Dapp enables the possibility to mass-generate claimable URLs & QR codes e.g to any purpose of imagination. Right now NEARDROP only supports native NEAR, but we plan to also support combinations of FTs and NFTs in the NEAR future.

Are you ready to onboard new users? :point_right: :point_right: Try out the NEARDROP app here

NEARDROP 1.0 features
The non-custodial NEADROP app allows no-coders to mass-generate onboarding links with native NEAR. The main features and improvements over earlier versions of claim links / Linkdrop on NEAR can be summarised as:

  • Scalable: Generate up to 10k links per campaign
  • Cheaper: Remove the 1 NEAR fee per link
  • Recoverable: All your campaigns are bonded to your NEARDROP account, which is connected to your wallet account - you can easily log in on a new device, and you will be able to manage your campaigns without adding them manually to the local storage.
  • Non-custodial: Nobody other than the wallet & NEARDROP seed key holder has access to linkdrops generated

Do you have any other feature requests? Please let us know in our :speech_balloon:community chat

The NEARDROP factory
The backend of NEARDROP is implemented as 3 different smart-contract types on the NEAR blockchain.

  • Linkdrop - a root contract of the app and the entry point for new users. This contract creates a new user account and deploys a user contract code to it.
  • User - this is a contract that allows a user to create new campaigns. This account is bounded with the user Wallet account, which means if the Wallet account id is bob.testnet his Linkdrop account id will be bob.linkdrop.testnet
  • Campaign - it’s a contract that an end user will interact with (using a link). Right now we have only one type of the campaign - NEAR campaign, but it will be possible to add new campaign types such as NFT, NFT-FT, NFT-NEAR etc.

Wanna learn more? Check out the open-source code on :mage:Github, we are always open for new contributors & integrations.

Early use-cases of NEARDROP
So far NEARDROP has been introduced at physical events and virtually on a variety of platforms. These examples from very early use cases are just indications of the potential of use. We plan to integrate NEARDROP on a much larger scale and to expand the concept with time.

Physical items
Upon entering the venue, every NEARCON Alpha participant received a physical NEARDROP. These can be printed as QR codes into magazines, clothing or to basically anything you can imagine.

Virtual campaigns
Another option to make large-scale distribution possible is to launch Linkdrop campaigns tapping into “traditional” online distribution channels such as social media, newsletter tools, or Telegram / Discord channels. This picture exemplifies how NEARDROP campaigns can be automated on Twitter, check an example Paras did :baby_chick:here.

We appreciate your feedback & support
We are just getting started. There are several ways you can help grow and improve NEARDROP.

  • Check out the code on :mage:Github, we are open for new contributors or integrations
  • Dont miss out, on any future news or drops, :baby_chick:follow us on Twitter
  • Have any product feedback or issues? Join our :speech_balloon:community chat

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Looks awesome, hyped to see more NEAR drops out in the real world :100:


Who love drops?



this is exciting! Anxious to use it


I’d love to see NFT airdrops sooon tooooo


The Decentralized Brewing Co https://twitter.com/dbrewco would love to brew some beer and put a NEARDROP QR code on every can. IMO this would make a great mail out to key influencers for Christmas…

@Gus dm me if interested


so exciting with Neardrop :heart:

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Would be interesting indeed… This might happen soon :wink: Do you have any interest in commenting on the mockups and beta test it?


Sure will do, great use-case thanks for bringing this up, keep em coming :heart_eyes:


NEARDROP loves anhtn512 toooo :heart_eyes:

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@Gus Hello!!

NFTs and NEP token drops through QR codes is someting I have been eagerly waiting for. I have 3 ideas and a proof of concept on how to use them at scale to drive engagement towards initiatives in the ecosystem. One being NEARWEEK, second NEAR Hub and third DragoNEAR. I am closely involved in these initiatives and would love to explore how we can use NEARDROP as a powerful tool for community engagement. How do I get in touch?

Please feel free to send me a hello on t.me/chronear and let’s discuss


When you set up an account, there is a wallet request for 5N…Is that for storage?..or to gift to new accounts?
Didn’t see an explanation for it in the text…apologies if i missed it…


Similar to mintbase and astrodao this new version of linkdrop is a smart contract factory. The 5N is the setup/storage cost and you provide more NEAR after that for each of the drops you create.


Wow, super exciting!
I know lots of people are waiting for NFT drops. :eyes:

I’d love to test, give feedback, or whatever I can help with :pray:


I was wondering too about the 5 NEAR, very cool that’s for the storage for our own contract :sunglasses:

Later when you do the drop campaign it explains better the further charges per campaign: “Operation reserve (gas price, campaign storage etc)”

Would be good to have a small text explaining the 5N deployment fee.


Hi @starpause - perfect answer thnx…as expected :+1: :+1:

Nice approach of scalability with the NFTs.
In case the team is looking to get connected with the community of NFT Artists, connect with @naveen_in from NEAR NFT Club.


I love Neardrop !!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

wow how nice about this project!!

I will try to learn

NEARDROP loves you too :slight_smile: