Near drop links

We will be creating 50 neardrop with 0.2 n each for new community members .
0.2 * 50 : 25 n
3 near as storage fee for creation of links
budget : 28n

Hello @Truce

Could you clarify what exacly ar eyou planing to make this onboarding process?

Is this action associated to some other proposal in #young-fresh-dao

I would love to support a proposal that has a clear roadmap, time frame or other kind of guidance, that provides a proper use for the funds. Just open new wallet seems to be not the proper goal of a creative’s project, but it could make sense in a precise context, that usually is presented on the actual proposal that asks the budget. Sorry, i cant see it on the present post.

Why would you open this wallets? - to onboard new creators, collectors, developers or investors?

Could you provide your strategic vision of how you plan to accomplish this task?

looking forward for you feedback

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Thank you for your response @blusw. Due to the wide range of activities in our community and increase in community members monthly, in one of our council members meetings,we decided that we would be creating a particular number of near links aside for every new member joining our telegram community, presently we have 286 community members.
We will be opening a near wallet for everyone on our telegram without a wallet and new members joining.
Meanwhile in our report for the month, there will be a proof of how many wallets that was created and how many near drops links used,and how many near drop links is remaining to give a clearer picture of how the links are used.

Yes, I will create the near drop links and it will be used to onboard new members,and potential investors, from my research and little experience I have discovered that near drop links are the easiest way for onboarding and wallet creation
We are creating 0.2near in one link which is presently approximately 1 dollar per link, so the wallet will have some sort of value to the owners.

Thank you @blusw, I hope I’m able to clarify

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