[Proposal]Propose to improve NEAR's wallet website

I want to input for NEA’s wallet to improve NEAR network.

  • Background:
    The user cannot log out NEAR’s wallet account unless deleting their historical searching data on the web browser.

  • Proposal:
    Add log-out function on NEAR wallet’s interface.


That’s so great.
I hope that can improve as soon as possible.
Thanks for your contribution.

Hey @vanhuy11142!

Thanks for the feedback.

This is a “top 3” feature request for the wallet. That being said, there are some security improvements coming to wallet soon that have some implications here. Namely, the decision to remove keys from local storage. Once this occurs, users will be required to authenticate their wallet once a session expires and they need to do anything that results in any on-chain activity. As soon as this is the case, “Log Out” becomes much less relevant, since an account enters a “read-only” state in this scenario.

That being said, we will still be adding the ability to Add and Remove accounts from the account selector list, to serve users that want to manage multiple accounts in this way.

Let me know if your have any questions!

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hey @corwinharrell what about adding a password ?
a password to access browser wallet interface?