Aescobar - Self nomination for Regional Community DAO council member

Ola NEAR Fam!

I am Aescobar from Indonesia. Today, I like to nominate my self to be part of

Regional Community Working Group @rc-dao.near

Regional Community Working Group DAO Council. Before I jumped in to Web3, I am a FnB worker for 7 years. Start as a barista and promoted to Head of Research and Development product + part of the Business Development team.

Experience in web3: I started my journey in NEAR on February 2022 as a moderator for NFT project and by the time I started to involve more into multiple project as Advisor, Community Manager and Co-founder

Ongoing role:

  • Co-founder and lead community activity for El Cafe Cartel
  • Project leader of News Ocean under BOO Monster
  • Head of Community team for JUMP defi and NEKO
  • Moderator of NDC

Skills: Project management, community building, services and communication, social media engagement, strategic thinking.

How I involved on NEAR? I spend most of my time in the NFT ecosystem ( handled more than 10+ NFT project since 2022), and through NFT I have bring lot of new users from other chain to NEAR.

Community: I would like to present NEAR Indonesia as I am from Indonesia

Strong candidate: The objective of strong candidate is hard to define, but with my connection, services, art of communication, and experienced in the Business development team can be a strong component in the DAO council team.

Why people should vote me: I haven’t start any contribution for the RC Dao previously but through this opportunity I like to involve more for what the community want and need, ready to listen and understand and review what the community seeking for.

Strategy to develop the RC community:

  • Setup offline event
  • Monthly onboarding campaign/ education campaign
  • Web2 partnerships through the RC DAO
  • Partnership and support the community initiative and review the proposals

Expectation: I believe NDC/ RC DAO has its own standard for expectation. I am ready to commit to work 60h per month

Kindly disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative: I am mod for NDC and core team of JUMP Defi

with love Aescobar