Self Nomination NFT WG core contributors

I am Aescobar from Indonesia, a full time web3 worker as Comm Manager and Community building/ growth and most things I deal with is partnership with NFT project/ ecosystem.
Started my journey as moderator for some NFT project at NEAR in 2022 and now still building for some project that will be mention below.

My contributions to NEAR NFT Ecosystem:

Here is my proof of work for my contribution to NEAR NFT project, some still exist and some has stopped building due to fund issue on NEAR NFT bear market.

Proof of work

  1. El Cafe Cartel Co Founder focus on web2 product and community building
  2. Jump Defi Core team as Head of community manager
  3. Paras Brand growth strategy
  4. News Ocean Project lead
  5. Neko Core team as Head of community manager
  6. RocketBois Community Manager
  7. Web3Mon Community Manager
  8. Cheddar Moderator
  9. Reactor Community Manager
  10. Echo Moderator
  11. A.M.E Advisor
  12. Vexed Ape Community Manager

a. What does the NEAR NFT ecosystem mean to you?
I have been jumping cross chain while bear market hits NEAR NFT but there is no better home than NEAR NFT community.

b. How will you revitalize the NEAR NFT scene in the short and long term?
to bring back NEAR NFT to the prime time but in different way, I like to see upcoming NFT project that build in NEAR create a real use case of the NFT or at least running the project/ company not relying on the NFT royalties but there is real business that support every activity of the NFT, we all know that NEAR have the best tech and from that we should encourage NFT builders to build under NEAR tech and onboard more new users.

c.How much time commitment can you make for the NFT WG?
40 hours per week

d. What is some conflict of interest if you get the role?
As I am part of the project being mentioned above. I will not involve myself in decision-making on potential funding requests by the project I am part of.


His experience is unquestionable for being a perfect representative in NFT WG, fully support!


I wholeheartedly support the nomination of @Aescobar for their exceptional skills, dedication, and positive impact they have made within Near community.