Adding NEAR to ChainFights

Hi everyone,

let me introduce you to ChainFights.
It’s a blueprint/framework that is being build right now for a card game about crypto-currencies.

You can read the introduction thread here:


  • NFT Cards
  • Free to play tier
  • Play to earn mechanics
  • Mixture of Pokemon meets Chess meets
  • Hearthstone & Magic the Gathering
  • Each card a cryptocurrency or NFT/Protocol
  • Combos and Synergies
  • Booster Packs
  • Different card rarities
  • and much more which has not been revealed yet…

With great help from @FritzWorm we can proudly say that NEAR is joining the deck. Thanks a lot again for the great support and confidence in the project.

Yes, it’s still very early in the projects timeline and this is not one of the run-of-the-mill NFT collectibles which are pooping up every minute but a long-term project with a very open-minded approach.

It’s still undecided on which Blockchain the game will run in the end. Ideally that’s something the ChainFights community can decide in 2022.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Here are the NEAR cards which I just wanted to share with you (small Design details can still change):

Really love the way NEAR does it’s governance and this forum.

Stay tuned!

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Awesome ! I love this project !

@Kemal my friend ! Give me a hand here, let’s onboard this project. :metal:

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Hey @FritzWorm, thx for tagging, looks like and awesome project. :pray: :white_heart: Lemme get in contact with @ChainFights :+1:

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Heyhey, thanks for this introduction to the Creatives. You might want to check the Human Guild as well to help you get it going :rocket: