[Ideation] Card game based on hearthstone/magic with NFT art work and marketplace


A card game based on the NFT artworks of a marketplace (e.g. mintbase). The card game will be based on the style of hearthstone/magic. The game work in turns, on each turn a player will draw a card and decide his actions. A card has a mana value that it must use to be placed in the field. The mana value will increase at each turn like in hearthstone. Each card will have attack and defence, on the attack phase, the players could attack each other. Players have an amount of life and if this gets to 0 you lose.

Each player would have a unique card collection with its own art style. Since there will be NFT cards, each deck will have unique art.

Players could either buy NFT artwork and upload it to the game or artists could make a specific art for the game. Based on the market value of the art uploaded the card will have a rarity value (uncommon, rare, mythical, legendary). The player would be able to choose which type of card it is: monster, soldier or magic. Based on the rarity level of a card, the player will have a number of points to distribute, the player can put these on the attack, defence or pick abilities for the card.

  • Monsters or soldiers can be of different types like elven, human, druid, dragon, beast or undead. Each type will add some advantage or weakness to the card. The monsters and soldiers can attack the enemy player if there are no enemy units in the field. Otherwise, the units have to attack the enemy units.

  • Magical cards can be of different types like dark, light, fire, water, or celestial. Each type of magic will have different styles, one example could be that light magic will be used for healing. These cards can be used to enhance the units, gain health, etc.

  • An abstract type could be added for abstracts NFT artwork.

Game styles: Casual or ranked.

  • On casual players simply play for fun with the deck that he made for himself. A Player vs environment (PVE) adventure could be added so players can farm and earn some items like potions that would be used in the ranked fights. These items will also have their own value and could be sold in the marketplace.

  • On ranked players could bet cards, magic or abilities. They could either earn or lose an NFT here.


A marketplace section for the game will be necessary. Here players could sell/buy their custom-made cards or decks. In case that a player buys an NFT art and puts it on a card, he could be able to reverse this process and transform his card back to the original NFT art. This will ensure that the NFT maintains the value.

So far it is just me in the team, I saw the bounty on gitcoin and thought that it was a good game for the NEAR community. Additional members may be required in order to fully finish the project.


Hi @5dragons that’s a great game idea!

Please submit a payout proposal for 10 NEAR on the NFT Gaming DAO and include a link to this post.

Regarding the rarity, normally it refers to the number of editions minted for an NFT, and the market value naturally becomes higher for limited editions/rare cards. Of course if people are buying not just for gaming but it is also an artwork by an established and/or famous artist then this can have an influence on the market price as well (let’s say two cards have the same edition number and ability level, but one is from an artist I like better, or is more famous, I might want to pay more for that one)


Project presentation is on: [Project Presentation] Card game based on NFT artwork marketplace