Multiverse Fighters is game powered by NEAR

:exclamation:Multiverse Fighters is a browser–based collectible MMORPG with a turn-based combat system, an open world, deep immersion, an emphasis on the PvP component and guild wars. It is built on the NEAR blockchain.

:dagger: The player will have to figure out the history of the development of the world - two continents whose nations have chosen diametric ways of developing civilizations: magic and technology. Gaining experience in arena battles against players, global battles with hostile factions, or exploring PvE locations with a variety of adventures and puzzles - the player rises in the world ranking of the strongest fighters.

:white_small_square:Pitch deck

:white_small_square:Quarterly report and the main idea

:white_small_square:Paras NFT Collection

The character is formed from various NFT items: race, class, weapons and armor. Each equipped item is responsible for some cards in your deck, and properly selected combinations of items can strengthen your tactics in battles. Also, thanks to DAO and the Order system, we encourage players to actively interact socially within the project and help monetize the content produced by the community.

:speech_balloon: We are convinced that the NEAR community needs a comprehensive game project that will demonstrate all the advantages of the technologies used, and the players need a fascinating game with an exciting combat system that will be interesting not only to play, but also to watch live broadcasts and video content.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Our global goal as a P2E project is to create a unique gaming product, a sustainable economy, a dedicated gaming community, as well as to create and develop tools for attracting web 2.0 players to the blockchain and NEAR directly.
We also have a goal as developers for the NEAR community — to develop opensource universal tools for game development and simplify the transfer of existing projects to the blockchain.

In addition, we have already held 2 gaming events:

  1. First tournament in the NEAR ecosystem (report)

  2. First stress test (report)

Based on the results of the work done, we tested the basic mechanics, made friends and partners in the ecosystem and beyond, and also collected a lot of positive feedback from the community. We are at the very beginning of the journey and look with fire in our eyes at our future as a project and a team, because we are gamers ourselves and love what we do.
:handshake: Our team is always open to any offers of cooperation and all kinds of collaborations. Together we will overcome the bear market :slight_smile:


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Great job! Thanks for building awesome games!


Multiverse fighters, It sound like it could be really cool. I’ll go check it out. Kudos!


Great buddy! We’re here to build with you


We did the first community tournament based on this game.
We also got a lot of good feedback from the community, it was their first experience of such participation.

Interesting concept, good team.
There are technical nuances, but the guys are resolving them and working on it.


Cool project! Playing in it for 3 days non-stop and want even more, hope the team will be able to realize all their desires and they will make the best game among all blockchains!