[Project Presentation] Card game based on NFT artwork marketplace

Card game based on NFT artwork.pdf (354.5 KB)

In this post, you will find the PowerPoint presentation of my project. If you have any suggestions or comments, this would be much appreciated. I will start working on the Video demo and would like to ask also if there is some advice that you can suggest for it.

Project ideation: [Ideation] Card game based on hearthstone/magic with NFT art work and marketplace

Team: 5dragons.near


Great idea! please check https://godsunchained.com/ for references

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Thanks @zavodil, that’s indeed a great reference. And thanks @5dragons for the proposal.

Maybe you can look into having a fungible token as the in game currency. Or you can have partnerships with other games. In the Chain Guardians game for example, NFTs from affiliated projects can be used to “mine” their in game currency.

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