A report for the ongoing C1 guild weekly workshop f

Greetings to us all.

This is a follow up report on the weekly workshop for the Month of March, attached is the already successfully held, minted and aired workshops following the on boarding of


IG: https://instagram.com/showbeat7?utm_medium=copy_link

YouTube video link C1 foundation presents Showbeat 01 by ELKHUSH - YouTube

he’s a well known Producer in Nigeria with over Nine hundred (900) active fan base and has worked with very well known Nigerian celebrities like

Perruzi Vibes: https://instagram.com/peruzzi_vibes?utm_medium=copy_link

Mr MayD: https://instagram.com/mrmayd?utm_medium=copy_link

and a lot of other underground artists like

Billibillion: @billi https://instagram.com/billibillion?utm_medium=copy_link

TuHeavy: https://instagram.com/tuheavygramm?utm_medium=copy_link.

We also created and activated his wallet

We also on boarded and held a “Get to know the Art” interview workshop session with BILLIONS, he’s a mainstream artist with over 110k YouTube views

IG handle: https://instagram.com/billibillion?utm_medium=copy_link


Due to the late kickstart of the Workshop we will be having the last workshop for the month of March on Sunday April 3rd


That’s a great start fam, we hope to see this artists experiment with us in the ecosystem through your educational system.
Curious to know if there’s an NFTs made by @billi :wink: feels great to have these mainstream artists NFTs in our C1 Auction store on Mintbase.


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@Dedeukwu yes, he’s currently planning to drop his EP with the C1 guild to be minted on the C1 guild store and after seeing what he’s writing and plans he’s mapping out I’m sure we’re all going to be super stoked.

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Epic, keep it up and super stoked to see him experiment :boom::point_up:t6: