{Proposal} Capital Guild community project





Medie team/management


  • DAO introduction

*Capital Guild; *

We are a blockchain theater community for onchain/IRL performances and showcase of art.

Our main mission as a community is to onboard new creatives and to also create a platform for stage performances thereby teaching creatives showmanship and stage usage, this will expose members of the community how to showcase their talents and professionally grow to greater dimensions, so as a community we will be staging performances and then it will be minted as NFTs.

As a community we are also creating a first time experience of bridging the gap of the real and the virtual world ( Metaverse ).

Explain in detail about your DAO, what purpose it solves, what will the community be like and what are you trying to build.

Capital Guild community is basically a platform that teaches creatives how to showcase their skills and talents like professionals do, what this means is that we do not only engage our members in Web3 activities and education but we also teach our members Showmanship and stage performances, this is to better equip members of the community with the right knowledge to protect their art and maintain a steady growth in their various crafts.

We are also an academy for people who want to better themselves in their various field of art.
With the use of Dapps, we plan to innovate our artists by bringing them closer to reality of the entertainment world

  • Why team is best for the funds

So far we have experimented our ideas and it has always worked smoothly proving to the members and benefactors of our project community that we are moving in the right direction.

Individually, we are all dedicated to our passion for creativity and community development, we have also created an atmosphere for easy communication and collaboration with creatives from different cultures and backgrounds, our team members and the moderators are always looking for ways and opportunities to further improve and expand the community and reach out to new and diverse audiences across the country

Please share details of your team members and showcase any retrospective value created by your team members and why your team is the best to receive the funding.

@Sammiee is a moderator/contributor/creative and also an artist manager, he is also the co founder of capital Guild community.

Below are his Onchain/Near contributions and achievements.








@Royaltyjoy also known as Bar. Joy is a legal practitioner and a model, she is also representing C1 guild community as a brand ambassador.

Below are her contributions and achievements so far on chain and IRL




I am an Afro fusion artist, a song writer and co founder, Capital Guild community
Below are my contributions so far;




  • Achievement information about the DAO

What has your DAO achieved till now as a community? Quantitative and qualitative information.

Some of our achievements/contributions:



Community project

Community project

Community project

  • Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only)

Twitter stats: 319 followers
Instagram stats: 169 followers
Telegram stats: 102 members
YouTube stats: 22 subscribers

  1. Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/capital_guild?s=21&t=xO07kMsz0XU_dqEM9CCSEw

Telegram: https://t.me/capitalguild

Instagram: https://instagram.com/guildcapital?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Mintbase: https://www.mintbase.xyz/_next/data/KuJ_x0Lfkr-ZEoGMkYRed/contract/capitalguild.mintbase1.near/nfts/all/0.json

Discord: https://discord.gg/ys5MdZAy

  1. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse

Proposals created: 5
*Approved: 4 *
Closed: 1
Council: 3
Media/management: 3
Community: 106 Active: 36
Minted: 231
Metervese event: 1

  1. DApps if built and the purpose it solves, any traction metrics etc.


Capital Guild
Ref Finance
Mintbase marketplace

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art :ballot_box_with_check:
  2. Music :ballot_box_with_check:
  3. Culture :ballot_box_with_check:
  4. Mixed-Media :ballot_box_with_check:
  5. Any other :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Impact

What kind of impact is creating or is on the track to create (e.g. defined by social impact, tech innovation, DAO to DAO collaboration, helping in mass onboarding, growth of NEARs name etc)

  • Showmanship
  • Stage performances
  • Branding
  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Education

Capital Guild as a community is intentionally reaching out to all creatives both in and outside our community as our target is not just to onboard but to provide exposure for creatives to better deliver or showcase their art, we are setting up a creative space that’ll be for art creation, content making, tutorials and community engagement, IRL participation/partnerships.


We are working towards creating a bridge between the virtual space and IRL activities, we believe that there’s no limitations to what we can achieve so therefore we keep brainstorming and creating a module for how the Creative hub will function

However all transactions will be done with the Near token.


Here’s a list of all the equipments and features that we are looking at setting up at the end of our funding round for the year 2023


First six (6) months March till August 2023

  • *Creative space set up and lunch *
    *- Meterverse hub lunch *
    *- Onboard members projects/campaigns *
    - partnerships and seminars



Total request for 2023: $15,000

Requesting $5,000 for the Month of March.

Creative space funding : $2000
studio set up : $1,284
Make up studio set up : $616
Moderators: $ 1,100

Project 1 (please make a copy for each different project)

Creative space funding $2000




Photo studio set up: $1,284


Break down


Make up studio setup $616



Capital Guild community Space funding/setup
Considering the current funding structure and changes in requests, we have agreed to extend our plans to complete payment for the property and the project of setting up our creative space as we were able to secure a property for the community space.

This will bring us one step closer to self sustainability.

However we have decided to start slowly by setting up the 3 major features of the Hub so as to allow us kickstart our activities as we await our next funding round opportunity.

| — | — |
|Expected outcome:|-

  • purchase equipment & setting up photo studio

  • purchase equipment & setting up Art studio

||Activities & timelines:|-


  • photo studio set up, back drop, lighting, camera,
    Gimbal etc estimated two weeks of set up and installations

  • Art studio/gallery equipment set up and installations estimated two weeks of installations and set up

|Budget:|(Detailed budget for each activities, target wallet (if any))

Creative space balance payment: $2000


Photo studio: $1,284


Art gallery/studio: $616


Makeup studio:


  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

The DAOs goal is to become self sustainable and create an environment where members can freely and easily practice and create their art.

Social media Training
*Minting *
*Open house/art exhibition *
News on web3
*Near Podcast on Web3 Topics *
*Podcast on Near Ecosystem topics *
*Near ecosystem and Web3 Features Education *
*Onboarding campaigns/seminars *
*DApps Introduction/building *
Near token exchange

  • Roadmap to reach the goal

2023 community road map

** March/April community art creation and training of some other community members on how to create art in the area of pencil drawing, painting and sculpture immediately after the art section of our community space is completed while we go into the next phase of completing our photography studio,*

** May/June completion of photography studio and the make up studio, Creative photographic art illustration and training of community to photography and make up, we will also be minting and teaching community members how to Mint and engage Onchain features,*

** August/September competition of a fully functional music studio, Podcast/Radio section of our space, active music recording (Audio NFTs) section,training of producers, training of OAPs, music sessions, Resumption of Podcast on Topics around the Near Ecosystem and Web3 space, sharing News on Crypto and NFTs, with the Use of Tamago, we will be streaming live songs from members of the entire creatives communities.*

As a community will be embarking on all of these processes as a build up to our community Onchain and Offchain Capital Guild Community Expo 2023 where we will be showing our host community and the Web3 Ecosystem Communities and members Our creations.

In our plan is to make the space a community where transactions in areas of purchase,bookings and payments are done using the Near wallet as we will be making the avenue where Host community members who come in for our Open-houses will have Near wallets created for them at the point of purchase of any of our arts or Getting Tickets for Our on and Off chain Projects …

This are other means that will aid us in the Day to Day running of the space thereby reducing our Dependence on the CreativesDAO funding and Aiding us in our Goal of self sustainability

However we will keep on with our online activities while we are working on the creative space.

Weekly Creative Night (Fridays) discord
Weekly community task (Saturdays) telegram
Weekly community calls (Sundays) discord

** How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?*
** What will the community or the team members’ role be?*


Team will be actively involved in the Day to Day activities in the space

Organizing and moderating trainings of the members.

Handling paperworks

Overseeing the maintenance of equipments and space structure as we also take part in the training of users experiencing with the Web3 and Near Ecosystem features

Creativity and software/Dapps development and management. E.T.C

Total request number: $5,000

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): captalguild.sputnik-dao.near

Cc @creativesdao-council