Your Time, Your Labour, Your Choice

The Web3 space is growing at a rapid pace.

So fast, in fact, that there is a talent drought throughout the entire ecosystem and quality contributors aren’t necessarily easy to come by.

Recently, I’ve noticed a handful of comments which highlight the fact that some individuals in the NEAR Ecosystem manage to hold multiple roles (and are paid for each of them).

This is not an issue. Nor is there an official stance from the NEAR Foundation regarding this.

So long as people are able to fulfill the responsibilities of their roles it should be of no concern to anyone what positions they hold in addition to that.

For example, if an individual receives funding from a funding vertical within the NEAR ecosystem to execute on xyz, the only thing you should assess is their ability to execute on that and, for many, initiatives can be worked in simultaneously with other roles.

In other words, don’t hate the hustle.


Wise words my man!!!


Hear, hear!!!

Great words!

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Pivotal word. Some people can pretend of doing individual work, but actually put fellow friends on these roles. Don’t want to look back.

We need to strive Diversity and give a chance for every community member.

Unfortunately, all opportunities still hidden from Near Community, but the situation is changing due OWS, Guilds and DAO’s efforts.



This will further bring different contribution which will translate into real achievements of goals and purpose. Indeed what matters is accomplishment that will poster traction and growth of project not how or by who

A good note from a great mind