[Welcome] INC4 Guild Introduction

[Monthly Update] Hello everyone! :sun_with_face: :rainbow:

It’s been such a pleasure to meet so many friends from the NEAR Community in person and make new friends at the NEARCon! :star_struck: :pray: It was an exciting experience for the whole INC4 team! :heartbeat: Hope to see everybody next year!

Presenting to your attention the INC4 Guild October activities report :

:hibiscus: The pizza NEAR Wallet-integrated application has been finalised and delivered to the Arroz Estudios

  • implementation of final edits to the user and admin apps’ frontends (UI/UX) - completed
  • implementation of functionality for app population with items and menu editing - completed
  • implementation of functionality for news posts and tickets sale - completed
  • application security improvement - completed
  • minor backend fixes - completed
  • Android version demo and delivery - completed

:ear_of_rice: NDA NEAR platform order

  • smart contracts integration - completed
  • frontend development - completed
  • NFT minting API integration to the platform - completed

:tulip: NEAR WEEK blog:

  • landing page design change - completed
  • frontend layout development - in progress

:maple_leaf: Consulting:

  • Working with Sankore 2.0 Guild on Principle Payment platform flows, mock-ups, pitch story
  • Outlining the Maarahva Platvorm concept and flow
  • Building concept of the NEARWallet-integrated app for Decentralised Brewery and Co

Hey ! Nice to have you onboard

We have a guild with a P2P Dex project, that is approved by the community but we lack on developers,

If you want to take a look let me know.

Telegram: @fritzwagner

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Hi @FritzWorm! Sounds interesting! Would love to hear more. Talk soon!

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[Monthly Update] Hi everyone! :relaxed:

Presenting to your attention the INC4 Guild :maple_leaf: November :fallen_leaf: activities report

New project: NEAR Wallet-integrated mobile application for the Decentralized Brewing Co. Requester: @cryptocredit

:mage: Admin app flow - completed
:genie: User app flow - completed
:mermaid: User payments (NEAR + BEER tokens) flow - completed
:woman_supervillain: User app design - completed
:santa: Admin app design - in progress
:fairy: App section for beer festivals design - in progress

:vampire: Team hours spent:
Graphic designer - 95
UX designer - 22
Product manager - 80
Frontend developers (2) - 85

:snowman_with_snow: Wishing everybody a great and productive week! :rainbow:


[Monthly Update] Hello fellow NEARians! :sunglasses:

First of all, I want to wish the Happiest New Year to everybody! :christmas_tree: :fireworks: :tada:
2021’s been challenging, exciting, ruthless at some points, and full of changes.
Let’s all hope and believe that 2022 will be more lenient and treat us all to great accomplishments :100: and the more ambitious goals :railway_track:

Presenting to your attention the INC4 Guild :snowflake: December :snowman_with_snow: activities report

Project : NEAR Wallet-integrated mobile application for the Decentralized Brewing Co . Requester : @cryptocredit

:ice_cream: Design improvement, addition of a number of new screens, slight edited of existing screens to smoothen the UX - completed
:lollipop: Additional research on similar applications to determine a list of the missing necessary functionality - completed
:cupcake: Development of the code architecture for the User app - completed
:pie: Multilingualism functionality - in progress
:bagel: Planning and goals for January and February roadmap - in progress

:nerd_face: Team hours spent :
UX designer - 30
Product manager - 126
Tech architect - 42
Backend developer - 45

Application delivery roadmap coming soon :dango:


Decentralised Brewing Co application RoadMap

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Dear @David_NEAR is Brewing CO NF’s internal (investing) project? Thank You.

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Yep I believe it’s been leaded by @cryptocredit let’s wait for his confirmation


if the proposals are identical, why was one approved and the other not?

Two private companies with similar ideas.

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at least it’s weird :roll_eyes:

Hi guys! The application for the Decentralised Brewing Co is the project developed within the INC4 Guild activities, ordered by @cryptocredit. The Guild activities are covered by the NF.
Hope this sheds more light on your inquiry.


As founder and head brewer of the Decentralized Brewing Co, I have been working on this dapp in collaboration with INC4 since July 2021.

This project is work in progress and is not due to launch for a couple of months. After full testing and evaluation of the dapp we will announce our plans to the community.

Here is an introduction to the brewery - [INTRO] Decentralized Brewing Co

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Good morning. Thank You for information. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any goals or metrics which we usually request from grantees in Marketing or Ecosystem DAO , but probably, should be something great as well as NF councils made decision approve monthly $15k funding for the project. :+1:


Hi @Primaveralina . Would love to chat with you. I just started my NEAR journey and I’m hoping to build several projects for NEAR. I’m planning to create a Product Builders Guild and assemble some Designers and Product Managers to pursue the projects I have planned here: Mayur Jobanputra | Entrepreneur in Residence @ NEAR -. It would be great to work with your Dev team on these. A little about me: I’m a Product Manager, Product Lead, and ex-Eng and have 20+ years in s/w so I’m all about taking a lean/agile approach to building software.

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Hi @Mayur! Sure, I’d live to chat about it. Let’s jump to a quick call and see how we can cooperate :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Primaveralina and everyone at INC4 just wanted to drop by and say Hi :wave:, really cool you are working with a Portuguese community, I’m hailing from Leiria :portugal: (just north of Lisbon).

I was first introduced to NEAR by @Mayur and similar to him I’m now starting my own journey.
I’m still trying to figure out the whole near ecosystem but thought your project was quite interesting (thank you once again Mayur for linking this) as I’m the founder of a digital agency (Marketing, Strategy and [custom] software development).

I’m slowly but surely steering the ship into this Web3 world and NEAR feels like the ideal protocol as I’m quite focused on good UX.

I’ll make an introductory/welcome post similar to this one after but thought I would drop and say Hi, maybe we can collaborate in the future

T: @joaquimley
D: joaquimley#0579


@joaquimley. Thanks for the mention!

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Hi @joaquimley! It’s a pleasure to meet you! It’s great that you’re focused on UX, we could start a great cooperation together. @Mayur and myself are currently working on the our guilds’ collaboration flow, so to deliver products for the community need in the most efficient way, each covering their part of the product delivery process. We’d love to discuss the UX-wise covering opportunities. Let’s chat :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll reach out to you by the end of the week.

Cool ;).
Yes I think UX is the thing that needs to be tackled for the end-user, the ecosystem development itself is in a good place (ofc there’s always room for improvement) but for mass adoption the end-user UX is critical.

Have a great week, looking forward to meet you.

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