[UPDATE] NEAR Argentina Guild creation

The beginning of NEAR Argentina

Hello again everyone! This is an update on my recent post regarding the creation of a NEAR Guild in Argentina.
We have created in just a couple of days a close community and already managed to get a small team to kickstart this long journey into our main mission which would be NEAR and Blockchain adoption in Argentina.

Our Mission and Vision

As mentioned earlier we are addressing a very important issue here in Argentina which is Adoption.
What we are currently seeing is an increasing number of users in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in general. But there seems to be a lack of proper education on the subject.
Because of that we decided that our solely goal will be getting Blockchain technology and knowledge of Cryptocurrency adopted as much as we can.

Our initiatives

To tackle this issues we have three main pillars that we would like to develop and work on to be able to accomplish our mission in the long term. Each and everyone of them feeds back from each other and we expect to keep nurturing them into just that

  • Community Build : First and most important pillar from the community. We aim to gather a rich and tight community in which everyone can collaborate in any way they want, providing it helps the community grow.
    Our first line of supporters which can in any way contribute with their own skills. From creating memes to sharing useful information or posts about the NEAR ecosystem or Blockchain education and even developing code if they are up to!

  • Academic Development: The second pillar which would feedback the first and third one. With this one we are aiming to get into institutions, academies and universities.
    Some of the later projects along the way include an introduction to Blockchain and the NEAR ecosystem guided with qualified professors here in Argentina.
    Starting from the basics such as what is a Blockchain, we are looking forward to gathering more people that would like a proper introduction and education on the subject, getting them to participate and get into our Guild.

  • Call to Developers : Third pillar and our final contribution to give back to the NEAR ecosystem. We expect in the long run to be able to educate the most people we can along the way. After they attend different courses and learn what NEAR has to offer, we would love that they get involved in different projects regarding development.
    Getting programmers, engineers and new students to develop a project and close the loop to bring even more people that want to study and get involved would be our final objective in this journey, and considering the potential of Argentinian developers, this is surely possible to accomplish.

Our early Team and Supporters

This section is to assign tasks to do for the team that we currently have in hand, a brief explanation of their early roles in the community and contributions to the guild.

I, @nacho.near Will be the main Guild Lead and will handle Telegram as well. Will also be in charge to create a suitable course and developing the second pillar to get adoption of Blockchain in different academic institutions in Argentina.

@Turco will be alongside @nacho.near handling the Twitter account for the Guild in the early stages, with the possibility to run it by itself in the near future.

@leamanza will be in charge of the development of the third pillar in the early stages. He is a NCD Dev L1 and L2 and surely will prove to be a very important asset contributing to the success of the third initiative, we will seek to find him (or if he provides) a suitable team to start developing projects for the NEAR ecosystem.

Our socials

We wanted to introduce our social networks in case anyone wants to come by or support our guild! We have a lot of work to do and we appreciate any help or recommendations.
Or if you just wanted to come by and say Hi, you are welcome as well! :blush:


Our DAO:

Final Words

This would conclude for now what we have to offer to this unique ecosystem, one that at I’m really proud to be in and to represent from Argentina.

This would even be possible if I didn’t had the guidance of @FritzWorm , thanks a lot for helping me along the way creating all of this. We send you hugs from Argentina and are very excited to start building a lot alongside you!

Also I wanted to thank some other great people that I didn’t had the pleasure to spend more time or exchange more ideas but surely helped me when I just started here and I’m glad that we have a lot of warm people to help us anytime building here. Thanks for all the help @David_NEAR @Dacha @simeon4real @Alecaseg @Butneversaved

Lets build great things all together! :blush:


Also, special mention to :

@LichiDM , @penso , @matigo , @Benz_Near , @cbrutt .
Our collaborators from day one, we are surely expecting great things from you! Will be looking forward for your projects.
Couldn’t add you all in the same post, but I couldn’t left you out from it so here I’m writing again.
Hope to hear from you soon!


Congrats to the NEAR community in Argentina!

I am very confident that with the leadership of @nacho.near and the rest of the team, the success of this community is guaranteed. Let’s do it folks! :handshake:


Muchas Gracias por la mención!

El ecosistema NEAR creciendo, junto con su comunidad :slight_smile: para delante Near Argentina!!:ok_hand:


Thank you very much. I’ll be there if you need some help!

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Hey, @nacho.near How are you doing buddy? how fast time flies. I was doing a quick check-in and noticed (from the feb 2022 proposal: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-152) that NEAR Argentina guild doesn’t have its own DAO yet on astroDAO?

Please do let me know when one goes live and add it to the OP. Thank you.

PS: If you need help setting one up, do let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Simeon how are you? We good here, time flies as you said! Already 2 months into it, developing a lovely community :blush:
Yes until the Feb 2022 proposal we didnt have a proper DAO, we created it a couple of days later and send the funds right there, from here moving forward we will move every proposal over there.
What an incredible tool for organization and clear effectiveness! I just made it my Near Certified Analyst project, worked with it to present my concept idea of an AcademicDAO in which every professor handles its workload over there, its a nice concept that I may use as well on an NCD if I make an app out of it.

This is the official link https://app.astrodao.com/dao/argentinaguild.sputnik-dao.near
I wanted to include all of the advance in a report which will take place in the 20th of march, Im thinking of moving the date of the monthly reports to the 20th in order to get more of the month completed, and maybe do the proposals for funds or projects on the 10th or first week of every month, it will have more sense whenever I post to make a report from MARCH for example if I make it on the 20th rather than the first 10 days when not even half of the month has taken place :sweat_smile:
Anyhow I will also add it on the OP plus adding it to the next monthly report.

Have a nice end of the week and thank you for taking care and looking into our development as well! :blush: If there is any other step I should continue regarding developing the region guild let me know! cheers


Hello Team Argentina Near !!

It’s a plessure to join a this community, I like so much the blockchain and this crew grow up very fast !, I already follow all social media.

Thanks for all !! Les’s go team NEAR !!

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