Web3 wrapper for Metaweb Book Project

Hola writer-fam

I am thinking about a Web3 project around a book I am writing called The Metaweb: The Next Level of the Internet. The book is about creating a meta layer on top of the web that enables us to deal with the seemingly intractable problems of today’s web (scams, abuse, false information) and supports the unprecedented levels of connection, coordination, and collaboration needed to address our existential threats. I am under contract with renowned publisher Taylor & Francis. I think I’m going to do some augmented reality on some or all of the graphics in the book.

This is the Web3 angle that I am thinking:
I want to sell NEAR NFTs for the book that when staked receive 50% of the author’s royalty on sales the book and any other royalties associated with the licensing, distribution, and sale of the book or the content of the book. Stakers will also receive 50% of the sale of any future NFTs related to the book including the forthcoming Epic Failures of a Tech Entrepreneur NFT series and the Web’s Big Missing Feature.

  1. What do you all think? I’d target the crypto, regenerative, and tech markets. As well as general business. I just thought of a slogan while writing you, “The next web book your future self wants you to read!” :sparkling_heart:

  2. Anyone I should talk with?

Aloha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :herb: :palm_tree: :watermelon:


The update on this is that the Publisher is enthusiastically onboard to work with me on the NFT drop!

We are working on a contract now!