Presence DAO Weekly Update: April 20, 2022

Update for Presence DAO

  1. We got the DAOcubator $10000 grant last week. Still waiting for it to hit our DAO treasury

  2. We got notified that our second patent - this one for on-page presence - is approved and all we need to do is pay the issuance fee (less than $500)

  3. The Metaweb book which features Presence tech is to be published by renowned publisher Taylor and Francis at the end of 2022

The book suggests that we will not be able to solve the problems of today’s web or develop the needed collective cognitive capabilities to address our existential threats with a flat and static web. Web3 is a necessary upgrade but not sufficient. The book posits that we need a meta layer over the web page that creates decentralized public space above the web. On other words, it’s a book about emergent aspects of open web.

The book is going to be published by renowned publisher Taylor and Francis in Dec 2022.

This article describes the foundation from which the technology of the book derives:

  1. Here is a video that demos the initial implementation of Metaweb: Metaweb Tool Demo for the NEAR Ecosystem - YouTube

  2. A prospective lead blockchain developer is in conversation with my dev team about leading the NEAR integration.

  3. You can try out our first Metaweb tools. Click the bouncing icon, register, and leave a message on the Canopi. You can also download our beta Chrome extension and sign up for a Canopi pilot at the same site.

  4. Knowledge NFTs are coming through this project!

Just had a great conversation with my publisher Taylor & Francis. They are excited about doing an NFT for the book and supportive of the idea to do a DAO, and for the author of the book to be the DAO. We are beginning to work on the contract now.