Sandbox [January 2022] Reward Claim of [Luis Aponte#4656] [luisaponte99.near]

Hello TEAM and Near Community

I’m Luis Aponte, from Caracas Venezuela, I have a BA in International Affairs and I have been working with some translations, content creation, and research tasks.

According to the last requirements made by the OWS team, I proceed to claim my reward for the work done these past few days.


Type of activity:


USD 122.85

Type of activity:

[Content Creation]

USD 103.12

USD 82.6

Estimated Reward:

[$308.57] → $300


Project Task:

[Research and Content Creation]

Link to Result:

Only for sankore2.0 team to comment/edit/view:

We also made a lot of contact with NGOs, multilateral organizations, ambassies, and organizations that support and are interested in Sankore 2.0 with his three pillars of action

  • Design of a Roadmap for the upcoming months and Q1 2022. (subject of changes due to restructuring within Sankore 2.0)
  • Contact with the staff of Amb. Lemarron Kaanto that is the Ambassador of Kenya in Brasil accredited for Venezuela to have a meeting next Feb in order to explain Sankore 2.0’s scope and the support that we are interested in the ambassies. (this meeting will be on standby due to internal reorganization in Sankore 2.0)
  • Exposition to Mr. Ambassador of France in Venezuela, Mr. Nadal that wants to explore the blockchain-based solutions in the climate areas, that is one of the main points that UE is looking for funding and support in 2022.
  • Discussion with one of the team to onboard new locations of the NEARMUN with the support of Sankore 2.0

Estimated Final Reward:


Month total: $800

@FritzWorm @AnaNastya


Thanks for your hard work partner what about your work for Sankore2.0 ?

Approved :white_check_mark:

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Hi @FritzWorm

Thank you for your support too. I just included Sankore 2.0 payment into the monthly reward claim due to I wanted to wait the new updated that will do sankore in the upcoming months.