[Updated Proposal (Approved)] "AI Inclusivity Initiative: Web3 x AI for Women and Nonbinary" for Japan Blockchain Week Side Event on 18 July 2024

AI Inclusivity Initiative: Web3 x AI for Women

Sponsorship proposal in Collaboration with IKIGUIDE and Meow Sensei AI
Japan Blockchain Week Side Event on 18th July 2024

Event Aim & Objectives

IKIGUIDE, one of Asia’s leading curated community of women in Web3, is hosting an outdoor side event in Tokyo during Japan Blockchain Week 2024 (3rd July 2024 to 31st July 2024).

We will do this under the theme of “AI Inclusivity Initiative: Web3 x AI for Women”. This is a bilingual event, and all talks will be done in Japanese and English.

We do this to demonstrate our exciting new AI Life Coach, Meow Sensei AI. Developed collaboratively with Backdrop Builders, Meow Sensei AI is a AI Lifecoach specially curated to help women in tech make more money and work less.

You may test Meow Sensei AI LIVE. Please check the deck for more details.

We will also be finding one other Web3 x AI project sponsor for this side event, to share the remaining cost of organizing, coordination and broadcasting.

The event aims to unite many women founders, builders, and cryptographers actively engaged in the Web3 and AI spaces for networking, knowledge sharing, onboarding, and community building. We want to bridge the gender gap in the Web3 and AI spaces.

By sponsoring the “AI Inclusivity Initiative: Web3 x AI for Women” greet-and-chill evening party in Tokyo, She is Near has the opportunity to elevate its brand presence, engage with key stakeholders in the Asian Web3 community, and demonstrate its commitment to empowering women in the industry.

At the end of the event, attendees will be able to claim a Meow Sensei NFT as proof of participation. Meow Sensei NFT will be minted on Near Blockchain.

Event Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: 18th July 2024
  • Venue: Midori.So, Shibuya, Tokyo. (Midori is a co-working community of web3 challengers and practitioners)
  • 7pm to 9.30pm

Event Agenda

  • 6.30 -7pm: Registration
  • 7.00 -7.10pm: Welcome and Introduction
  • 7.10 pm-7.30pm: Introduction to She is Near DAO (AI Representative from She Is Near, which our team will code for She is Near DAO)
  • 7.30- 7.50pm: Meow Sensei AI demonstration and Game
  • 7.50pm- 8.10pm: Watch a short Japanese film on “AI vs Human”, specially produced for the theme by Japanese film studio 劇団ぎょう座
  • 8.10pm-8.20pm: Closing- Invitation for Ladies to claim our Meow Sensei Event NFT that is launched on NEAR Blockchain in one click, or by scanning a QR code.
  • 8.20pm-9.30pm: Light bites and networking

*There will be photography and videography for the entire event.

Our Ask

In exchange for:

More than USD28,000 Worth in PR, Marketing and She Is Near Ambassador Custom AI development value,

We are asking for a USD$5,900 Sponsorship.

Breakdown of USD$5,900 Sponsorship

Physical Side-Event Sponsorship cost: USD$3,500

(To pay partially for venue, food, manpower, photographer, videographer, marketing and drinks for 50pax. Total cost of entire side-event is estimated at USD$5,500)

Event Merch + Props: USD$500

  • Fuji Instax Polaroid Camera + 100 films : ($150 + $150)
  • Stationary, Props (Board for ladies to leave messages and AHA-moments during activities), Name Tags, Event Decoration, small souvenirs: $120
  • Fresh Flowers (1 stalk per lady): $3*60= $180

Travel expenses for Kai and Wan Wei: USD1,900

Flight: $700 *2 = $1400

Accommodation for 2 nights: $250*2 = $500

Food: $0.00

Transport: $0.00

Total Sponsorship cost: USD$5,900

OKRs and KPI

Objective 1: Maximize Engagement and Community Building through High-Quality Branded Content (Total Estimated Value: >USD$10,000)

Objective 1a: Maximize Attendee Engagement

  • Key Result 1: Achieve at least 40 attendees at the event.

    • KPI: Number of Attendees: At least 40 new NEAR wallets to be opened from the event, for user to collect the Meow Sensei NFT.
  • Key Result 2: Attain an average satisfaction score of 8/10 from attendee feedback forms.

    • KPI: Feedback Scores: Achieve an average satisfaction score of 8/10 from attendee feedback forms.

Objective 1b: Produce High-Quality Content From Event with She is Near DAO Branding, which can be used for future She Is Near Marketing and Publicity Purposes.

  • Key Result 1: Produce and distribute at least 50 high-quality photos from the event.

    • KPI: Photo Content: Produce and distribute a minimum of 50 high-quality photos.
  • Key Result 2: Create a 3-minute highlight video featuring key moments and sponsor branding.

    • KPI: Video Content: Produce and distribute a 3-minute highlight video.
  • Key Result 3: Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media using a dedicated event hashtag, targeting 30+ user-generated posts.

    • KPI: User-Generated Content: Encourage 30+ user-generated posts using a dedicated event hashtag.

Objective 1c: Foster Community Building

  • Key Result 1: We aim to have at least 70% of attendees reporting they made valuable connections.

    • KPI: Engagement Activities: At least 70% of attendees report making valuable connections via the survey.
  • Key Result 2: Collect and display at least 30 messages or AHA moments from attendees on the physical event board, showcasing their experiences and takeaways.

    • KPI: Message Board Participation: Collect and display at least 30 messages or AHA moments from attendees.

Objective 2: Enhance Brand Exposure For She Is Near DAO in Asia (Total Estimated Social Media + PR value Based on Web3/AI publication placement slots and OpEds= >USD$8,000)

  • Key Result 1: Generate a minimum of 10,000 impressions across all social media platforms through event promotions, live updates, and post-event content.

  • Leverage on partnerships with Japan Blockchain Week 2024, Midori So, Women In Tech Organizations, like IKIGUIDE, Women In Blockchain Asia, SiHer, etc to promote this event.

    • KPI: Social Media Reach: Minimum 10,000 impressions across all social media platforms.
  • Key Result 2: Secure coverage in at least 3 relevant AI or Web3 publications or blogs

    • KPI: Press Coverage: Secure coverage in at least 3 industry publications or blog in both Japanese or English.

Objective 3: Generate an AI Version of She Is Near DAO Ambassador with multimodal ChatGPT-4o, which the DAO can use beyond the event. (Total Estimated Value Based on Developer’s Man Hours= >USD$10,000)

  • Key Result 1: During the 20minute sponsorship slot, we intend to have a She Is Near DAO Ambassador make a speech.
    • KPI: Wan Wei and Kai will work with She Is Near DAO to code an exclusive special She Is Near AI Ambassador for the event, and beyond. This means that this She Is Near CustomGPT can be used to represent She Is Near events globally, anytime, anywhere. This CustomGPT can be used beyond this event. Because it is multimodal, this customGPT can also do FAQ live, as long as we have a comprehensive documentation of She is Near knowledge base from the team.

Thank you for your proposal. I’m delighted to see a proposal from Japan and Asia, and I appreciate the opportunity to expand for Near. It’s also great to see that you’re working in AI. Could you please provide more information about your product, share your social media profiles, share information on your team’s experience, and highlight your progress so far with your product and in relation to Near Chain? Additionally, if possible, could you include more KPIs to balance your funding request? Please feel free to reach out to me if you might need any help or have any questions at TG (@krikkraktrak)

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Hello, we have been trying to contact you to discuss your proposal but all efforts have failed as you didn’t include social media accounts or/and contact details.

If you’re able to see this before evening, please contact me on telegram @BlessedEbube

Thank you! We’ll be talking to Blessed tonight, and will update the proposal accordingly.