[Proposal] Women x Web 3

Women x Web 3

This event will be themed “Women participation in Web 3.0”. Women participation in anything blockchain/crypto/web3.0 is poor.

This event aims to tackle women apathy in web3.0. Women will be educated about the possibilities and opportunities the web 3 space and tools possess.

Key metrics & Deliverables:

  • Educate 20 – 40 attendees on web 3.0 in relation to Near protocol.
  • Enlighten women on how they can utilize Near dapps & tool in their business and personal lifes.
  • Onboard 20 – 40 women to Near creative dao via Nearwoman community.
  • Creation and activation of Near wallet for 20 – 40 attendees
  • Educate women on the use cases of NFTs
  • Train 20 – 40 attendees on how to use &interact with Near dapps ( Satori, Mintbase, Near social, Astrodao, Paras.)
  • Creation of 10 video & audio NFT from the event.
  • Videos and pictures from this event will be posted across all social platform to encourage & stimulate women participation in web 3.
  • Visibility for Near: Promote clips from this event to reach more viewers.
  • Personal interaction with attendees after the event.
  • AMA session with attendees after the event.

Prove of Work:

My team and I have hosted series of events IRL and executed multiple projects in the Near ecosystem. Link to previous IRL event. [Report] NEAR WOMAN SEPTEMBER OCTOBER

Expected Date & Time:

May 2023

Range: 4 to 6hours

Event Place:

Saskatoon, Canada.

Activity Amount

  • Event Promotion $100

  • Event Venue $400

  • Catering and Drinks $300

  • Event Planner $100

  • MetaVerse Streaming $20

  • Event Near Banner and Photo Ops $100

  • Airdrop $50

  • Photography and Videography $350

  • Total $1420

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