[REQUEST] March, April, May 2022 Educational Onboarding and Meetups for NEAR Argentina

Hello Nearians! Hope this topic finds you well.

Our community has been growing non-stop for over 5 months backed by all the socials, meetups and academics initiatives that our team has been supporting. I want to summarize all the achievements we address the last 3 months with a payout proposal to cover progress made on the kickstart of the regional hubs that has been remade twice in which we gathered a lot of students and certified them, with no funding. The request is made since we talked thoroughly with Luz Margarita, Cristian and Claudio. We reached the conclusion that we should ask the Education vertical if there is a way to repay our team, mostly the efforts that we have made the last 3 months.

Virtual Meetups, Interviews, Webinars

Regarding meetups, we have been focused on organizing virtual events and interviews. The audience varies among crypto enthusiasts, investors and web2/web3 developers. We arranged spaces to be made on previous months but the Regional Hubs initiative stated that there were 250 per meetup if we aimed our content in explaining about Near, Blockchain and onboarding them to the Near Certifications (Which we did and we shifted our entire Guild Mission and Vision in the future to head our content towards education)


  • Crypto Sheinix : Kickstart of our Interviews and Webinars. Talked about the NEAR Ecosystem in whole and explained the Certifications and ways to get into NEAR as an Analyst, Developer and Professor as well as how to become a web3 developer. 2529 views. Conducted by @nacho.near and @leamanza.
    NEAR PROTOCOL! Blockchain Escalable y Segura | Charla en Vivo - YouTube
  • Pablete : Space with Pablete, an influencer in Twitter with a learning approach towards his followers. Concurrent viewers/listeners 45-50. Total viewers/listeners 142.
  • Web3Crew : Space with Web3Crew conducted by @leamanza. Account and community focused on the onboarding and news on Web3. Concurrent viewers 70-75. Total viewers 249.
  • MaxCrypto : Space with Max, influencer regarding every news in the crypto world, we aimed our space to talk about Near in general and then an explanation on the Certifications and ways to get into Near and work with the certifications. Concurrent viewers 55-60. Total viewers 173, conducted by @nacho.near
  • “NEAR Sabados” : two Saturdays monthly in which we make contact with high profile influencers or at least trying to get a bigger audience in which to show what Near Argentina is about and to take on different educational areas. We started our Saturdays with Fibobeta speaking about Technical Analysis and the current market situation, and gathered a concurrent audience of 125 on average, and 1400 on total . @Turco is in charge of this initiative.

Bootcamps Onboarding

The main objective of the bootcamp onboarding is to establish a follow-up, guidance and assistance to the participants of the NCA/NCD certificates, establishing a common channel to encourage participants communication within the community.

Our team has been focused on the academics onboarding from March by following-up, giving guidance and assistance to the participants of the NCA/NCD certificates, opening wallets (funding) that is required for participants to join the bootcamps.

More to come during June to August

Other initiatives regarding meetups, events and education onboarding.

  • Participation on ETHLatam event : The NEAR Argentina community will participate in the ETHLatam event in Buenos Aires. It will surely be detailed in a future post.
    Event details:
    Website: -
    Event date: August 11th to 13th
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ethlatam

  • Near Argentina community meetups: starting on July, we are hosting several community meetups. It will be detailed in future posts, stay tuned!

Closing thoughts and funding proposal


Thank you for taking the time and consideration to think this through. If there is any other way or channel to ask for this payout let us know. This is mainly to set the record straight with the team behind this. We have been working non-stop with no payout (regarding education) in between, until the Regional Hubs initiative came through and there have been several rescheduling on its launch.

Take into consideration that @nacho.near work and management is not included (except one and a half meetup made), he is not to take part in this payout regarding management since he let it clear with the core team (council members) that the sole purpose of this payout request is to set the record straight with his team, from promises that were not of him but from bigger projects and the foundation itself.

cc @simeon4real @Dacha @FritzWorm @Klint


Keep building, up only from here


Great post Lean, totally on board and fully support the request.
If there is any need for feedback, more information on the matter or simply discuss whatever is needed to be talked I am here :smiling_face: Lets keep building and teaching!! :muscle:


Thanks @leamanza ! Brillant briefing of Near Argentina’s team work . In this passed five months we’ve seen a massive grow of the community backed on educational activities and social playground. Let’s keep it growing! Many thanks to the rest of the team @nacho.near and @Turco , I’m so proud of you guys !.


Great work mates! Keep teaching!

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Great work, congrats

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any updates here ??? @shashi @amgando is there anywhere we can talk about this work done?