[PROPOSAL] Argentina Guild Education

Good day dear Nearians! How is your day going?
Hope its going wonderful :smiling_face:
Today I am here to propose a future project and the full development of the Near Argentina Guild.
We will center ourselves in Education, as we were doing this last couple of months.
We have a full proposal to incentivize education in the whole Argentina region and as an end goal, latam itself.

I will leave here reference posts for you to have if you want to dig deep and look at our work so far, and also some posts referencing our budget request as well.

These are the posts I will be referencing for our monthly budget request in order to continue the guild’s activities regarding education.


So, to make it plain simple I was researching into the guilds tiering system (first post mentioned above) to see actually where we were standing today. And we qualify as a Tier 2 guild, close to being a Tier 1 guild in the Near ecosystem.
To quote:

Number 1, we have our mission, vision and monthly objectives announced up to date (we still need to make the June post, I have not forgotten about that).
Number 2, I act as a representative leader and have a council of 3 more members, totaling 4 council members in the Argentina Guild DAO(argentinaguild.sputnik-dao.near).
Number 3, I think our reputation speaks for itself with our community in Telegram, Twitter and our projects running (Blockjobs on mainnet and expecting a grant, LATAM regional HUBs integration and many more detailed in above posts).
Number 4, same as number 3 we have connected with LATAM in general and working with them right now.
Number 5, most of our members are already onchain with wallets active and most engaging in protocols inside Near.
Number 6 (maybe the one that I still have not completed) are projects swarmed. But I let them do that by themselves like Blockjobs or many more brought to DiR such as Identicon with @mariozito and @leamanza .

We would qualify for a Tier 1 Trusted Guild but we lack a formal legal wrapper or entity. We expect to have that in the future and would love your advice on how to continue to look for a legal protection and in which terms would Near consider it beneficial.

With no further ado, I hope our recent work and posts are a foundation for trust and proof that we can do huge work in the community and that we can pursue bigger goals than just growing a community, but more creating a whole ecosystem within Argentina. That is the main mission for our project.
Our vision is to get to many educational institutions (as we are doing right now with the ambassador integration) and also virtual communities to show them what Near has to offer and to also show them the different certifications available.

Here is the quote of our work done in the last couple of months (which we had no budget or payment) expecting for the regional HUBs initiative to go through.
Up to date there is still no news that the project is going forward, but we were already working on it, with a team behind gathering hundreds of students and getting around 30 to 40 approximately certified by now.
No problem about that though, but we need some kind of funds to keep going, either way there will be no incentive for my team to keep working and I certainly can’t keep going on my own either.
The post referencing this is above, written by @leamanza regarding education and what we made so far, by this time more than 10 meetups, around 3 months of operations to gather students and many other outreaches to different communities (which could be somewhat accomplished with the funds that we got from Marketing, but not even close enough to launch a full education campaign on our own)

So, with that aside, what I wanted to propose is a monthly budget of 6000USD and if we prove to be functional to what Near needs in terms of education, aim higher to 8000 and if possible 10.000 and position ourselves as a Tier 1 guild.
From day one we expected to be one of the main regions to lead LATAM and we opened the possibility to deliver just that, we can start from here if you want.
Proving that we can handle a project on a bigger scale, since we are already doing so.

We have already launched our database to get students into the certifications in the next months to come: Certificaciones Near - Registro en Near Argentina

And our derivables are:
August: 2 bootcamps (2NCAs)
September: 2 bootcamps (2 NCAs)
October: 4 bootcamps (3 NCAs, 1NCD)
November: 4 bootcamps (3 NCAs, 1NCD)
December: 6 bootcamps (4 NCAs, 2NCDs)

August: 3
September: 5
October: 8
November: 8
December: 8

Contact with universities:
August: 0 (testing the grounds)
September: 1
October: 2
November: 3
December: 3

We have our designated core team which is formed by @nacho.near @Turco @leamanza @chicharra.near . Our Instructor which is ready to start with the certifications is @DarioFS and maybe we can get aid from other instructors from other region in LATAM, but I just arranged with Dario and he says he is fully committed and will have no problem taking part if there is a big number of bootcamps in the next months to come.

(Of course we wanted to clarify that the budget request is mainly for operations and also onboarding future projects and the development of the region as well, if we deliver our derivables we will need the funding of the bootcamps or at least part of it to pay for the instructor and people working in the aid of students when it comes to doubts or preparation for their projects as well)

That will be all! Thank you for your time and hope we can work together in this, would be incredible to see the future growth of the Argentinian community in Near! :blush:
Have a wonderful day


@FritzWorm @Dacha @shashi @amgando @so608 @Klint @David_NEAR


@matigo @Msr.WORWEY @Alecaseg @jeph @satojandro @Ailinvt @jblm @Butneversaved @marianoc.near

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The Guilds Tiering system is retired and, in fact, was never fully implemented.

Awesome to see this in action, however the best funding mechanism for this would quite likely be an education grant at this time:


Hey David how’s it going? Great then, will use this post to present it as an educational Grant, thank you very much for the link.


Hello Nacho =) Amazing work! I am very happy our brothers from Argentina are building the web3 NEAR us. :100:

I Change the tag for Education :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey Fritz thank you! Yes, didn’t know exactly where to catalogue this proposal hehe, thanks for the assist :+1:

Great job Nacho!
Let’s bring Web 3.0 to the argie students!

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