[TWITTER SPACES]: Monday at 6p ET DAOjo - Decentralizing Community - Starting, funding & operating DAOs

Hi all

Tomorrow, August 1st @Elamental and I will be hosting the first DAOjo Twitter Space for:
Decentralizing Community:
Starting, funding & operating DAOs

Here is the link: https://bit.ly/daojo-1 to set reminder

On Monday early evening Eastern Time, we’ll be onboarding people to NEAR.

In this podcast show, we’re onboarding smart committed people who want to be part of DAO revolution where there is purpose alignment, people who want to turn their existing communities in DAOs, as well as DAOs themselves. We’re building genesis communities for several DAOs over the next several months, including Bridgit DAO, Presence DAO, and Neo Soul DAO.

We will talk about DAOs and important things to think about.when starting a DAO. We will talk about the DAOcubator and AstroDAO. We will interview people involved with DAOs.

All attendees receive a FREE NEAR Wallet as well as an event NFTs. One lucky winner will receive a Bridgit DAO Founders Club NFT.

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Absolutely looking forward to this!

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Hey @Elamental

Welcome to the community!

I would be good to do a [INTRO] post for yourself and for Neo Soul DA0.