[UPDATE] Bridgit DAO Weekly Update Nov 14, 2022

  • Developed full concept of next step with DAOjo show. We will focus on videos (ZOOM and Metaverse) including both interviews and reaction videos. We’ll start with reactions videos to other people’s videos that catch our attention about how DAOs could used related to the news. We’re in our avatars. I think ,aking our set pleasing to the eye is important. I’m seeing us as avatars. Horizontal video goes on Youtube, vertical clips - just rearrange the feeds for one on top fo the other - go on youtube, instagram, TikTok and maybe facebook.
  • We worked on grant proposal for DAOjo
  • Worked on the DAOjo site
  • Worked on the DOAjo in Spatial
  • Developed doc around BRGT tokens and rewards BRGT Token - Google Docs
  • Conversations about Regen Nation
  • Evolved outlining method in the editing process - success
  • Edited and outlined chapters 3-10 of the Metaweb book