[APPROVED] Funding Proposal for Philosophers DAO - July 2022

July 2022 Funding Proposal for The Philosophers DAO

Council Members








Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000USD in NEAR

  • TPD Seminars project 1550USD
  • Philosophical Art 400USD
  • Philosophical Scholarship 400USD
  • Course on Blockchain and NEAR Protocol 500USD
  • Four papers on Art, Culture and Philosophy 400USD
  • Actions and KPIs of Marketing 250USD
  • Council work 1500USD

Total budget: 5000 USD

Previous report

Relevance and justification

The main objective of this set of projects is to produce creative products from the Academy that could be seen by a broad audience, like seminars about art, technology and related philosophical topics, books on Mintbase, broadcast talks about cryptoart, visual art created from philosophical texts, everything registered as NFTs on NEAR blockchain.

And bring academic philosophers to NEAR blockchain, and to take their knowledge to the community, through creative projects. This is important because art generally makes difficult contents accessible, so the production can be brought from the university and presented in an accessible form, like talks, interviews, 3d objects, memes, poetry, visual art. This is important for the community, because it expands the NEAR community of creatives to many professors and students that research artistic, cultural, and technological, and philosophical areas, which are important to the Creatives. And to create art from philosophical texts is a way to make people think about philosophical problems. We intend to connect the creative world of art with the world of philosophy, by expanding the ways we will present philosophy through art and by focusing our subject matter on cultural, artistic, and technological subjects.


Here you can access all of our projects and their accountables

  • Seminar project (council)
    • Seminar (4x250) for the professor - 1000USD
    • Promote and onboarding - 150USD
    • 3D objects for mint (4x50) - 200USD
    • Production - 200USD
  • Philosophical Art 400USD
    • thought experiments illustrations (4x100USD) - 400USD
  • Philosophical Scholarship (2x200USD) - 400USD
    • Two-month scholarship funding for an undergraduate student engaged in a research project (preferably in the field of art, philosophy or technology).
  • Course on Blockchain and NEAR Protocol 500USD
    • A six-hour introductory course on blockchain and the Near Protocol (open to the general community) that will be streamed on YouTube Live and Facebook - 400USD.
    • Production - 100 USD
  • Four papers on Art, Culture and Philosophy (4x100USD) - 400USD
    • Four texts on art, philosophy and/or technology (1500 words each) to be published on The Philosophers DAO website.
  • Actions and KPIs of Marketing 250USD
    • thephilosophersdao.org domain registration for two years.
    • Investing in traffic on Facebook Ads.
    • Creation of The Philosophers DAO website/blog.
    • Inbound Marketing Strategy on social networks by The Philosophers DAO.
    • Production of material to publicize The Philosophers DAO’s events and actions in the month of July on social networks.
    • SEO strategy and text posts for the DAO Blog.

Here are the links to all the projects!


July 2022

Week 1

  • call professors, set bounties, schedule projects.

Week 2

  • production and follow up of the projects.

Week 3

  • production and follow up of the projects.

Week 4

  • close bounties, pay winners, pay professors, mint projects, make report.

Astrodao approved pool for funding proposal for July:


Approval of the budget proposal


@creativesdao-council just tagging you here, for u to see our proposal.

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Olá Filósofos. Happy to inform that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization.


Thank you dear Heverton and the Community Moderators for the positive feedback!!!


Thank you so much, Heverton, for your support. We already made our poll. :smiley:

Hey team,

Since this is a DAO, can we direct future funding proposals to a DAO wallet rather than a wallet owned by an individual?


Dear David,
Of course, we’ll do that next month! I really didn’t know that we could apply for the reward directly to the DAO wallet. I was finding it strange that the amount would go to the wallet of one of the councils and then be transferred to the DAO. Thanks so much for letting me know!
All the best!!!


Woooow! This is such awesome news! I like the idea of fundings going directly to the DAO instead of individuals receiving them. Thank you, @David_NEAR!