The Kin DAO Project History 2020 - Present

This transparency post serves as an in depth overview of the project history of The Kin DAO x Primordia DAO so the community may better understand our past, intentions and goals.

The Kindness Grocery Cooperative (May 2020 → January 2021)

Our Journey begins in May of 2020, mid pandemic, when a racist physical assault was made against founder Asya Abdrahman in her local grocery store. With the intention of reclaiming food security for herself and her communities, Kindness Grocery Cooperative (KGC) was created. Kindness Grocery Cooperative’s vision is to inspire communities to collectively, autonomously, and sustainably exist in harmony with the Earth and one another. Our mission is to provide communities with reliable food security, health support, sustainability, and connection by redistributing resources into shared abundance. From May 2020 to January 2021 the KGC team focused on team building, business development, partnership development, cooperative educational studies, community learning, academic presentations at Dartmouth College and Harvard University, and food donation. Slowly, the vision of our organization expanded past food security into the creations of decentralized, self-sustainable micro communities and economies through art, collective land stewardship, and regenerative systems creation.

Bath Party (March 2021→ May 2022)

The Kindness Grocery Cooperative organized and hosted the beginnings of a series of events called Bath Party - a community gathering co-founded and co-led by previously unhoused community members that brought community care, crypto education and NFT’s for good. The origins of this project was dreamed up in part by founder, regenerative artist, and sustainable entrepreneur, Asya Abdrahman, who herself experienced being unhoused and pregnant, while raising children. During the pandemic, Asya became aware of the immediate needs of our unhoused neighbors that included showers due to a lack of hygienic basic necessities from Covid shutting down support centers. With the vision of collective liberation from these inhumane conditions and an ongoing solidarity between unhoused and house community, KGC initiated 3 Bath Party events in Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles (Skid Row), California. During this time the KGC team was also being introduced to the crypto world. We immediately saw the benefit of the blockchain to shift value systems, provide alternative currency systems, and uplift artists. As we watched millions be moved through NFT sales, we decided to launch an NFT project on Opensea with the intention of funding the houseless communities we were supporting. During these events we also taught about crypto, explored the possibilities of using the blockchain for social good and coined the terms #NFTsForGood, #CryptoToThePeople and #BankTheUnbanked.

NFTea & CoFee (June 2021)

After officially entering the crypto world, we recognized the need for crypto education and onboarding support for marginalized communities that are traditionally left out of developing tech spaces. We launched NFTea & CoFee, a golden mobile coffee cart that popped up in various spaces around San Francisco to sell ethically sourced and traditionally made tea, coffee, and NFTs with the intention of onboarding communities to the blockchain while maintaining human connection. This project merged the beloved product of coffee with NFT art to bring digital awareness and education to the streets. It was the first of it’s kind, physical NFT marketplace on wheels that emphasized the importance of human to human connection, even in the digital realm. The name of our mobile marketplace is a play on words, used to explain the product offered: NFT’s, tea and coffee - all provided to fund our cooperative as our cooperative fee (CoFee).

The Kin DAO (September 2021)

By Fall we had immersed ourselves enough in the web3 world to learn about DAOs. We recognized that our cooperative organization efforts since May of 2020 had essentially been operating like an off chain DAO. We decided that transforming ourselves into a DAO was the next step in our evolution as an organization. Thankfully by this point we had been introduced to the NEAR ecosystem through Jordan Grey at in person community gatherings in San Francisco, California. We found NEAR to be in full alignment with our values of sustainability, creativity and community.

Kin stands for family or close relations and it is also the beginning of “Kindness”. The Kin DAO employs digital tools to bring equitable systems to the physical through art, collective land stewardship and regenerative system creations. We intend to fund the collective purchase of farm land where we can implement, practice and refine our For Product Model. The For Product Model is a system created by our team member Patrick Anderson, where communities can trade work in exchange for land ownership using NFTs and our developing token EarthChange as tools in our decentralized operation. Our long term goal is to use blockchain technology to construct real life, decentralized systems where living communities can produce self sustainable micro economies.

The Kin DAO Introduction on gov.near Forums

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Hyphae IRL NFT Art Exhibition (October 2021)

To Launch The Kin DAO, we hosted a month long, real life NFT Art Exhibition called Hyphae at the former Local Maker Mart in San Francisco, CA. The logos of all of our projects have always been mushrooms as we build in biomimicry of mycelium, prioritizing regeneration, groundedness and interdependence. Because of this we chose the title Hyphae, defined as the branching filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus and representing the beginnings of communal art bridge building and world value shifting. Hosted in a former bank building, Hyphae touched on the extractive value structures disrupting our life systems and facilitated perspective shifts to collectively redefine worth. The exhibition emphasized the importance of creative collaboration and the adoption of blockchain technology which supports these value shifts. Hyphae offered the education needed for all to use these digital tools to actively mold our collective future into one that upholds the values of creativity, collaboration, community, regeneration and sustainability. For the entire month of October, The Kin DAO accomplished:

  • Onboarded 30+ NEAR wallets
  • Created our own mintbase store
  • Minted our first NFT by @starpause
  • Onboarded a newly elder artist named John Charnon who was unfamiliar with internet usage but was willing to take the courageous leap to mint his first NFTs of 3 of his physical paintings
  • Onboarded and assisted several other artists with minting their first NFTs such as EFAM, Najee Omari, and Howie Whitehouse.
  • Hosted multiple “Blockchain Basics” workshops where we educated our community on how to get their first crypto wallets, how to buy and mint NFTs, and introduced them to DAOs
  • Hosted community conversations around using decentralized tools to ground decentralization into living reality.
  • Partnered with @starpause to cohost two in person Codame & Kin DAO community discussions around DAOs
  • Began partnerships with multiple collaborators such as EarthChange, Ism.Earth, BushWick Film Festival, OAK DAO, MTTM, NFTBuzz, and Codame

Hyphae Virtual NFT Art Exhibition (December 2021)

After the IRL Hyphae Exhibition was completed, we moved our work to the digital for further viewing. We opened the Hyphae Virtual Gallery which includes three digital galleries:

  • Bath Party: Each piece within this gallery was created by an active community member who contributed to organizing the Bath Party events placed within a virtual world created by Phenomenal Mark.
  • Hyphae: The Hyphae gallery showcases snapshots of our land based, organic interface of IRL and URL offering intuitive pathways to engage with alternative futures. Photos and videos of these in person installations stand next to minted works of artists who participated in the exhibition telling their own story through each art piece.
  • The Vault: The Kin DAO’s in person Hyphae Exhibition alchemized a space that was once a bank and initiated participants into reimagining wealth and capital. Not only was the lobby transformed into an NFT gallery but the bank vault, surrounded by concrete walls and an unbreakable steel door, was infused with the sweetness of life. Within the belly of the beast true value was intentionally placed using images and installations of water, earth, air, and ancestry. This experiential exploration of the ways we make - and break - systems of valuation and the value systems behind them brought us to actualize our expressions of the current value movement in December 2021. By placing community members on gold coins The Kin DAO challenges fiat and debt-based currencies that violently value materiality over life itself. Decoupling this materiality from value, we intentionally place our own living DAO members, community, collaborators and family into the light. We take a bold step in an era of pixelated and cartoon PFPs to guild our community. As The Kin DAO moves into the future to cultivate a collective future rooted in cooperation, we build upon the contents of our vault, continuously transforming our relationships with value.

Primordia DAO (February 2021)

As we grew in the NEAR ecosystem and Web3 world, we recognized the deep need to bridge the digital divide. We see the digital divide as the boundary between those who have technological access, knowledge and skills and those who do not. As the internet transitions from Web2 to Web3, the divide begins to widen and the need for onboarding education becomes more immediate. Web3 is giving us keys that open doorways into new paradigms. It gives us a chance and a responsibility to cultivate a new world. Onboarding communities that hold diverse perspectives, lived experiences and cultural knowledge is essential to creating future living systems that work for ALL of life - not just the lives with access. We hold a responsibility to include and educate those who have been left out of tech spaces as tech begins to influence all of society.

NEAR has welcomed our group of non-tech artists, community workers and visionaries in the ecosystem which, to us, exemplifies your ethics and dedication to inclusion and diversity. We believe NEAR is an ethical protocol that provides a space for communities to safely explore Web3 and decentralized governance. Providing this type of supported exploration has proven to expand the minds, hearts and visions of ourselves and those engaging with NEAR. It opens us to the possibilities of interdependent networks not just on-chain, but in real life. It brings us a step closer to the self sustaining community living that we long for.

Emerging from Kindness Grocery Coop, The Kin DAO, and Hyphae, Primordia is the next stage. Primordia is a year-long project DAO serving as onboarding for communities traditionally excluded through art-based solutions. Building in biomimicry of mushrooms, Hyphae represented the beginning filaments of our mycelium network. Now that The Kin DAO had expanded to onboard over 50 individuals and 5 DAOs to NEAR, we moved into our next phase of mycelium development. A primordia, often referred to as a knot, is the first point at which the development of a fruit body is visible to the naked eye. The impact we have been able to make within our communities is immense, but at times felt invisible and underground. As we grow to uplift more communities, the fruits of our labor are beginning to show. Primordia DAO will become an impactful social experiment in Web3 onboarding, decentralization and Web3 merging with real life impactful work.

Primordia DAO Introduction on gov.near Forums

  • Purpose
    • Primordia is a year-long project DAO serving as onboarding for communities traditionally excluded through art-based solutions. As The Kin DAO expands to onboard more and more of our community and blooms out of the underground, we created a project DAO that focuses directly on onboarding our communities and bridging the digital divide. This enables The Kin DAO to exist individually to focus on their primary goal of curating collective land purchase and developing regenerative practices while collaborating with newly onboarded DAOs to welcome, teach and guide more traditionally excluded communities that are sustainability, art and wellness focused. This will ultimately create more Web3 community leaders that are equipped with the skills to self govern, self create, teach and onboard uniquely.
  • Goals
    • To become a fully functioning, self sustaining DAO that has a council of DAOs.
    • To launch 100 DAOs on NEAR in 2022. Our communities are historically disenfranchised, excluded humans globally that we would like to guide into this beautiful ecosystem, building relationships of reciprocity along the way. Our direct and extended communities have the capacity of 12 million people meaningfully engaging on NEAR by December 2022.
  • Roadmap
    • February
      • We will begin with 6 DAOs:

        1. Kin DAO: Using the digital to bring equitable systems to the physical through collective land purchase & regenerative practice.
        • thekindao.sputnik-dao.near
        1. EFAM DAO: A place where,EFAM; Essential Food and Medicine, can bring into Web3 the important work we do in the world of re-indiginizing our community’s relationship to land, food and medicine and build a healthy world.
        • efam.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Sage and Cedar DAO: Afro indigenous hip-hop group from San Francisco, Bay Area. From trap to boom bap we plants seeds for liberation.
        • sageandcedar.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Dandelions and Honey Bees DAO: Our mission is (1) to encourage people to maintain their health naturally with our holistic products and services; and (2) to support honeybees and other pollinators by educating people on sustainable consumer and gardening practices. We will allocate received funding to build our business and to fund local projects initiated by individuals, businesses or organizations to support pollinators.
        • dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Staining Essence DAO: Art collective creating perspectives rooted in optimistic realism, providing supportive spaces for impactful creative expression and prioritizing marginalized lived experiences.
        • staining-essence.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Liberation Wellness DAO: Educating and connecting creators, leaders, & innovators, to their highest self through strength, health, & mindset.
        • liberation-wellness.sputnik-dao.near
    • March
      • Liberation Wellness DAO was added to the Primordia DAO council next to The Kin DAO making Primorida’s council a council of 2 DAO’s.

      • 6 more DAOs onboard to NEAR;

        1. EarthChange: Ensuring economic prosperity by automatically guaranteeing serving sizes of assets for participating members of society
        • earthchange.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Change Gamer: A token engineering to compare contractual outcomes
        • change-gamer.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Youth Developers: Our mission is to empower the next generation of youth developers by connecting them with tech mentors & opportunities through conferences, hackathons, & workshops.
        • youth-developers.sputnik-dao.near
        1. EXE: To teach three more able minds how to approach the space intuitively. Once initial learning is complete they will be able to teach more able minds. For 2022, we seek 12 - 21 fully functioning instructors in the various fields of: DeFi, NFTs, Dex, profile creations, custody and more.
        • exe-dao.sputnik-dao.near
        1. ARC: A DAO transforming civilization through trans-dimensional design to house all of humanity and integrate human creativity with the process of life.
        • arc.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Playful Environments: Accessible online early childhood education for adults who care for children.
        • playfulenvironments.sputnik-dao.near
    • April
      • ARC DAO was added to the Primordia DAO council next to The Kin DAO and Liberation Wellness DAO making Primordia’s council a council of 3 DAOs.

      • Primordia DAO members from Kin DAO, EarthChange DAO, Change Gamer DAO, ARC DAO and EFAM DAO traveled to the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota for Ucila Makoce (Grandmother Earth) Week from April 18th - 22nd. The purpose of the event was to collectively teach and learn creative ways that we can rebuild sustainable relationships with nature and our communities. A large focus was dedicated to food sovereignty, healthy eating practices, alternative building methods, alternative economics and creative skills. Kin DAO specifically present NEAR, Web3, and the concept of DAO’s as tangible options for the Rosebud community to build alternative systems of stability and creativity. We onboarded several NEAR wallets and are slowly helping some of the first Lakota DAOs to exist on the blockchain. Mor can be seen here:

        1. The Kin DAO April 2022 Proposal - Creatives DAO
        2. The Kin DAO April 2022 Report - Creatives DAO
      • Produced Educational Content

      • Primordia DAO April 2022 Report - Creatives DAO

      • Onboard 6 more DAOs onboard to NEAR;

        1. Seven Vision: “We are a media-production company creating and “cure”-ating dynamic music, video and documentary content with the intention to uplift our people and our communities. We deliver life-affirming stories and visions, weaving together powerful collaborations that bridge cultures, to support more mutual understanding and collective healing, as one family of human beings.”
        • seven-vision.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Pacha DAO: We’re bringing back the PACHA JAMMA festival to the PachaVerse! PACHA JAMMA 2 will showcase the ultimate talent competition, Animal Idol 2022, which is accepting all comers from the terrestrial animal NFKingdom."
        • pacha-dao.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Sacred Waters: Cambiar el tramo 5 del Tren Maya para proteger la selva, cuevas, ríos subterráneos y cenotes de Quintana Roo. Change Section 5 of the Mayan Train to protect the jungle, caves, underground rivers and cenotes of Quintana Roo." Translation; “Change section 5 of the Mayan Train to protect the jungle, caves, underground rivers and cenotes of Quintana Roo. Change Section 5 of the Mayan Train to protect the jungle, caves, underground rivers and cenotes of Quintana Roo.”
        • sacred-waters.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Rebel Wise: Rebel Wise: “an artist collective producing and CURE-ating cutting edge music and video, guided by spirit and created with community power. Our mission is to utilize the power of music and art to uplift our people and our communities, bring people together and offer an emergent narrative that breaks the spell of hopelessness.”
        • rebel-wise.sputnik-dao.near
        1. lowkeygiant: “Our DAO will manage the collective efforts of the Lowkey Giant team as we explore crypto-creative-culture through our new-media outlet.”
        • lowkeygiant.sputnik-dao.near)
        1. Presence: “Expanding the perspective of how people see the Web”
        • presence.sputnik-dao.near
    • May
      • We will host a DAO Creative Mixer

      • Attend & Participate in TulumCoin’s Tulum Crypto Fest

      • Fund the beginning creations of possibly the first ever book written by a DAO called Metaweb Book

      • We will onboard 8 more DAOs to NEAR.

      • Primordia DAO will consider and take steps to transforming into its own Guild to maintain the container for newcomers and avoid overloading other forums and spaces, encouraging further decentralization and delegating tasks such as moderation/council management/organization - 30

        1. Underhill Studio: With a team of inventors and master jewelers, Underhill Studios works to form creative community by collaborating on unique, engaging art projects in communal settings.
        • Underhill-studio.sputnik-dao.near
        1. Bridgit: Bridgit DAO is a Meta-DAO that supports, catalyzes and/or launches DAOs focused on regeneration, cognitive freedom, and collective intelligence.
        • bridgit-dao.sputnik-dao.near
        1. TulumCoin: TulumCoin is an initiative of Regen Tulum. TulumCoin’s purpose is to steward the development, launch, and operations of TulumCoin, a complementary local cryptocurrency for Tulum and the Mayan Riviera. Free in-network (peer to peer) transactions. 5% of withdrawals and tips on in-network transactions go to Regen Tulum’s regenerative projects fund.
        • tulumcoin.sputnik-dao.near
        1. TBD
        2. TBD
        3. TBD
        4. TBD
        5. TBD
    • June
      • Tribeca Film Festival Activations (June 8th-18th)
      • NFT NYC Activations (June 21st-23rd)
        1. Primordia DAO’s Virtual World will premiere on Summer Solstice
      • Taos, New Mexico Activations with ARC DAO (June 23rd - TBD)
      • We will onboard 8 more DAOs putting us at 34 DAOs in total
    • July
      • Sundance Ceremony Activations with ARC DAO at Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota (dates TBD)
      • We will onboard 11 DAOs putting us at 45 DAOs in total
    • August - December
      • We will onboard 1 DAO’s a month for the final 5 months to complete the remaining 55 DAOs out of 100.
      • Primodria DAO will continue to make evaluations of the processes of onboarding, creating standard programs to assist with processes and reports to understand how to best educate.
      • Primordia DAO will become an impactful social experiment in Web3 onboarding, decentralization and Web3 merging with real life impactful work.

@adrianseneca Thanks so much for taking the time to provide this background information, updates, and roadmap. It is really amazing to see the dimensionality of the work and how that is blossoming into so many regenerative areas.

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