[APPROVED] Kin DAO - November 2021

[Proposal] Kin DAO - November 2021

Hello everyone!

Contact name: @adrianseneca
Target Address: thekindao.near
Current Balance (NEAR): 5 NEAR
Funding Period: November 2021
Request amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

Kin DAO is a digital extension of a real life cooperative called Kindness Grocery Cooperative which started in May 2020. We aim to use digital tools to bring opportunities, stability and regeneration to the real world so we may gently transition into equitable and sustainable realities. We focus on bridging the digital divide for our communities so those who have been marginalized or left out of the digital space can have the opportunity to shape the future and benefit from blockchain technologies and communities. We also do work to create life centered value systems by creating art and hosting conversations within our communities that shift perspectives around value and emphasize importance of creativity, innovation and collaboration. Lastly, we cultivate regenerative systems by strategizing the collective purchase of farm land so we can physically practice equitable social, economic and ecological systems to provide land access and create self sustainability within our communities.

From October 1st-Oct 24th we curated and hosted a real life NFT Art Exhibition at the Local Maker Mart in SF. During this exhibition we onboarded many people onto the NEAR protocol and spent at least 40hrs educating folks on blockchain technology & DAOs. We branded and cultivated a small online presence that we plan on expanding when our physical work is completed. We were able to accomplish this with only personal investment and 3 fully active team members out of our 5.

Kindness Grocery Cooperative Links:

Website: https://kindnessgrocery.coop

IG: @kindnessgrocerycoop

Kin DAO Links:

Twitter: @TheKinDAO

IG: @thekindao

mintbase store:

While I realize past investment is not normally included in proposals, I wanted to give a transparent view into our dedication.

Past Investment [Beginning of Sept - End of Oct]

  • Kin DAO branding: 30hrs
  • KGC website creation: 40hrs
  • “Hyphae” NFT Art Exhibition 170hrs
    • physical installation = 80 hrs
    • installation equipment investment
    • photo/video capture/edit: 20hrs
    • event content creation & marketing: 10hrs
    • social media management: 10hrs
    • Onboarding: 40hrs
  • Physical De-Install
    • labor = 40hrs
    • equipment [vans, gas, transportation]

November Goals:

  • Host at least 20 hours of onboarding workshops using NEAR
  • Double Twitter followers & discord members
  • Hyphae Art Exhibit Digital Migration
  • Kin DAO website completion
  • For Product Model development
  • Strategize & Finalize membership structure & NFT curation in relation to land purchase
  • Continue For Product Model Development

November Operational Costs:

  • Project/Community Management: 100hrs x $15 = $1500 [split between 2 managers]
  • Social Media Management & Content Creation [posting, social engagement, photo/video capture, editing, graphic design, storytelling, marketing bounties]: $900
  • Moving Hyphae Art Exhibition online [Website creation, nft minting, community mapping, digital space creation]: $1100
  • For Product Model Development [distilling complex concepts into digestible, simplified media, onboarding & educating all team members to fully understand model, sharing model in onboarding workshops, programming beginnings]: $900
  • Onboarding
    • Workshops = 20hrs x $25 = $600

Long Term Timeline Goals:

November & December

  • Social Media
    • Have at least 300+ social media followers & discord members
  • Bridging The Digital Divide
    • host at least 20 hours of onboarding workshops
    • host at least one in person onboarding event
  • Creating A Digital Sanctuary
    • mapping Kin DAO digital sanctuary
    • creating Kin DAO website
    • uploading all artist interviews from Hyphae show
    • consolidating educational information for accessible & digestible onboarding resources
    • curate graphic & language design to beautifully present values & evoke new perspective & conversation around tech & regeneration
  • Community Engagement
    • solidify & prepare to amp up Kin DAO community engagement & open community roles
    • Flesh out what Kin DAO participation looks like for new community
    • Solidify what offerings & benefits we can provide outside of onboarding
    • Offer bounties for project participation to greater community
    • Host live community conversations around DAO & regenerative related topics
  • NFT Projects
    • strategize upcoming February NFT drop to begin collective land purchase funding
    • Curate art team & make designs & drafts of work
    • Solidify ways in which our NFTs can be continuously beneficial to all participants
  • Equitable, Communal Land Ownership
    • Finding systems to fairly quantify and value work done for Kin DAO in relation to DAO ownership & land ownership
    • Creating actionable steps around equitably transferring digital Kin DAO community relationships to physical land
  • For Product Model
    • Educate every team member to full literacy of For Product Model
    • Create digestible content & education for community understanding of model

January 2022

  • Social Media
    • at least 500+ followers on social media and in discord
    • market for upcoming NFT drop in February & in person NFT show
  • Creating A Digital Sanctuary
    • Add onto Kin DAO website with content around new artists, new ideas, updates on our project & education
    • strengthen community aligned with our goals and allow ease of connection and support
  • Bridging The Digital Divide
    • host at least 20 hours of onboarding workshop
    • host at least one in person onboarding community event
  • Community Engagement
    • Host live community conversations around DAO & Regeneration
  • NFT Projects
    • Finalize all details around NFT project
    • Market upcoming NFT drop
  • For Product Model
    • Integrate For Product Model onto website & digital space
    • Continuous progression through contract writing and system developments

February 2022

  • Social Media
    • at least 700+ followers and discord members
  • Creating A Digital Space
    • Integrate NFTs onto website / digital space
    • digitalize art show experience with more artist interviews, project intentions, goals, storytelling
  • Bridging The Digital Divide
    • host onboarding workshops with more refined experience, new information and potentially multi layered levels to meet folks where they are at
  • Community Engagement
    • In person engagement at NFT show with art panel discussions, onboarding, education and more
    • roll out NFT engagement strategies to continuously benefit all involved in process
  • NFT Projects
    • Host in person NFT art show in San Fransisco to showcase out project & intentions to collectively purchase land

Bulk of 2022

  • Collectively Identify & Purchase Land
  • Continuously update community with project progress through the Kin DAO digital space, social media, and potential NFT inclusions
  • Curate team for sustainable land development
  • Practice For Product Model in real time!!
  • Document every step of the way and release educational content for community so they may have the tools to move through similar processes with more ease
  • open land up to community members to visit & learn different regenerative & governance systems being used


  • Roll out education programs & blueprints from the lived experience of sustainably developing land, self producing, & self governing
  • open land on more consistent basis to community to stay, work, gain ownership, study & heal


  • Have full means of production for certain products that sustain the community financially
  • Expand community when at capacity to new land for related but separate community ecosystem development and further availability for access for our community

Kin DAO Goals:

Past and Future Roadmap

This is our first proposal so please feel free to give us suggestions and ask any questions!


Good morning! Do you have a telegram group? Thank You.


Hello @adrianseneca :slight_smile:

Love this proposal, and all the work your community is doing.

I have 2 suggestions though.

Would be awesome to have some links we can follow, from earlier work, and even your general activities, social media channels, website when that is ready, etc. It helps us get a feel for what Kin DAO is, and the community can also engage easier.

Links for proposals is also advisable. That way, everything becomes quite easy to follow and read along. Having metrics for community engagement and how and why these specific projects were chosen as also really cool, imo.

Other than that, we advise our community members to keep administration costs under 30%. We understand that, sometimes, community management is what takes the longest, but we enforce this for consistency across all proposals.

If you can adjust this proposal, with both links and some tweaks in the buget, I personally would love to support it.

keep up the good work.


Thanks for the notes @frnvpr, I agree with above. Since your co-op has been active for a while, it would be great to get links to more of the work that has already been happening within the community and more info about what is planned to integrate into the NEAR community.

While this all looks great, in my opinion, it is not clear how these initiatives support the NEAR community. How can the NEAR community members provide support or get involved? What are the long term plans for these projects and metrics for success?


Hi @frnvpr :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the feedback!

I added the links to the proposal and adjusted the budget to keep it to no more than 30% administration costs.


Hey @chloe

Thank you for taking the time to give your input here.

I guess I should have been more clear that all of our onboarding in September through October was through the NEAR protocol - meaning we introduced many folks to NEAR and set up a few dozen with NEAR wallets while partnering with @starpause in workshops centered around DAO education. [I am working on getting an exact number of wallets created during that time] We opened a mintbase store using our near wallets and helped elder artists with little internet experience put their physical art pieces onto our NFT marketplace with full autonomy. We also made content of our partnership with NEAR during this time that will be rolling out soon.

We plan to continue to use NEAR as the primary protocol to onboard new community members in our one on one and workshop education. This means introducing them to the DAO ecosystem, setting them up with wallets, and including new artists to our mintbase NFT marketplace.

We would like to engage with the NEAR community moving forward by including more folks here in our projects through bounties, community conversations, online & in person events, collaborative projects as well as share our learned experience of the systems we are creating (both digital system creations & physical land regeneration practices). The long term goal would be to get to a place where multiple DAOs are moving towards a similar vision of stewarding land responsibility which creates a larger ecosystem of support.


Thank you for sending this!

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Awesome! Thank you so much for the clarification.

This is super cool. I have helped a few people who are basically jumping from Web1 → Web3 put their physical pieces up on Mintbase and it is definitely no simple feat.

Seems like an awesome goal to work towards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello ! it is alive this website ? I cant navigate to it. Please check.


My apologies! Here the the link: https://kindnessgrocery.coop


Thank you!!

Yes I hear you on the big Web1-Web3 jump… a lot of work but also so rewarding!

I would also be very open to hearing any suggestions you may have on how we can integrate gracefully into the NEAR community and what folks are in need of most in terms of support from DAOs entering the space!


Hi again!

I have been contemplating the best ways to measure metrics and was wondering if you had any suggestions or tools that you know of that work well for this! Our goal is to make the flow of operations and transparency as graceful as possible so we are always happy to experiment with new techniques.

I was also wondering if you could give any guidance on linking proposals. Right now we are onboarding everyone on the team to Astro to track all of our projects & labor there but I am eager to learn more about organizing these operations if you have capacity! :slight_smile:


Hey your project sounds great !

I am Production Engineer, I have a Farm design that can feed up to 5 people with just 1500 square meters.

Let me know if this could be taking into account for your project, I will share this info for free… only issue it is all in spanish right now… But I can find the person to translate it.

Cheers for sustainability :beers:


@FritzWorm Wow! Thank you so much for this generous offering! We would be honored to receive your info. I may know some folks who can translate. Also would love to connect deeper with you on sustainability and your projects!


Let’s have a AMA together. Give me your Discord Handle if you want ! :rocket:


Beautiful! It is @AdrianBello


You are not yet on the Discord server of NEAR → use this invite: NEAR :sunglasses: :v:

Also, Discord handle has a # and numbers, this in mine: FritzWagner#6722

Here is the OWS Discord server → Open Web Sandbox

I will guide you there so you can start your project without any opposition/wall/difficulty with some already rewarded tasks and opportunities

Cheers :beers:


Gotcha! Thank you so much for your guidance! I will explore and expand my knowledge here :slight_smile:


Honestly, just using the DAO as a tool to govern your community and distribute funds is a greta step in the right direction :ok_hand:t5: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: