[PROPOSAL] Travel Funding for The Kin DAO x Primordia DAO as NEAR Ambassadors @ Tribeca Film Festival & NFT.NYC

Travel Funding for The Kin DAO x Primordia DAO as NEAR Ambassadors @ Tribeca Film Festival & NFT.NYC

Greetings NEAR Community!

The Kin DAO and Primordia DAO have received the opportunity to be NEAR Ambassadors @ Tribeca Film Festival and NFT.NYC this June 2022! Some of you may have seen our Approved Proposal to be NEAR Ambassadors at SXSW in March when we began our marketing contract with Kwasi Asare from Feedia. Unfortunately we were unable to actualize this activation due to a slow response on our proposal which is why we are doing our best to get the ball rolling on our upcoming activations early!

This proposal to the community is a request strictly for travel funding to support our team of 5 in these activations.

Please read our Project History to get a fuller understanding of all The Kin DAO has done since 2020.

We understand the breadth of this ask and would like to clarify that our 2 year, grassroots project has been completely self funded up until November 2021 when we began receiving some grants through the Creatives DAO which we dedicate to pay for the costs of labor to cultivate our creative projects. The Kin DAO x Primordia DAO have an intention to become self sustainable and believe that these activations will place our projects, and NEAR, onto global stages that will not only promote the NEAR ecosystem, but boost us in our path to becoming a self sustainable entities. We are women lead team living on minimum income, one of us a being a single mother of three who recently lost her primary caregiver in November 2021, meaning an entire family is connected to all of our movements. As unordinary as we may be to some, the essence of us is truly Kin - family. Without the living people we interact with, are supported by and whom we are raising every day, we are nothing. We do everything we do so that the future generations that we are nurturing will have a chance at living in better systems than what are available today. To us decentralization is no joke as we watch our seeds grow in real time. Our work is deeply rooted in shifting systems of living from compartmentalized, competitive, disassociated exclusivity to holistic, open sourced inclusivity that support the wellbeing of all beings rather than hold barriers up to those of us who are caregivers to future generations.

Goals & Objective:

Our goal for 2022 is to launch 100 DAOs on NEAR Protocol. Our direct and extended communities have the capacity of 12 million people meaningfully engaging on NEAR Protocol. Our communities are historically disenfranchised, excluded humans globally that we would like to open access for on an ethical blockchain like NEAR. We recognize the enormous value we bring to NEAR and are reaching out with the intention of procuring support from NEAR Foundation for The Kin DAO to be NEAR AMbassadors at the Tribeca Film Festival and NTF.NYC as we officially launch phase one of our Primordia Virtual NFT Art Exhibition. This virtual art exhibition will be curated in New Art City, giving a teaser to the Primordia DAO project as a whole, featuring our Golden Coin PFP’s from The Vault, NFTs from some of the 24+ DAOs we will have onboarded with storytelling from each community. All of our NFT’s will be minted on NEAR through mintbase. These activations will serve as The Kin DAO’s x Primordia DAO’s official mainstream, public introduction while highlighting NEAR on global platforms as an ethical, sustainable, creative, user friendly, community focused, social good protocol.

Where: New York City, USA

When: June 8th - June 23rd


Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival brings visionaries and diverse audiences together to celebrate storytelling in all its forms, including film, TV, VR, gaming, music, and online work. With strong roots in independent film, Tribeca is a platform for creative expression and immersive entertainment. The Festival champions emerging and established voices; discovers award-winning filmmakers and creators; curates innovative experiences; and introduces new technology and ideas through premieres, exhibitions, talks, and live performances. Over 150,000 people attend the 250-plus events over 12 days in 2019.

→ This is where we would like to drum up excitement for our NFT.NYC event while onboarding and promoting NEAR protocol as chosen ecosystem through speaking engagements, presentations, participation and networking.


Each year, NFT.NYC brings together the global NFT community of Brands, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Gamers, Artists, Investors, Collectors, and Enthusiasts. The 2021 event sold out with 5,600 participants and over 3,000 on the waitlist.

→ This is where we would like to host our Kin DAO x Primordia DAO premiere event at the High Bar between June 20th - June 23rd. This event will be the opening for our Primordia Virtual NFT Art Exhibition where we publicly present The Kin DAO and Primordia DAO on NEAR to the world. Since this event will be taking place in the midst of NFT.NYC, there will be much competition to create an emaculate experience as countless activations will be taking place.

Our plan is to create an exclusive afternoon/evening tea party where our 300+ high level industry leaders can enjoy presentations, live music performances, NEAR onboarding and food. This event will be co-managed by Kwasi Asare, our marketing team member from Feedia, who brings his expansive connections and storied career experience of executing global marketing campaigns for artists and brands such as Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Jerry Wonda, Ice Cube, Prince, Pharrell, Wu-Tang Clan, LL Cool J, Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, The Roots, The Fugees, Diageo, WMG, Sony Music, Estee Lauder and more.

Target Audience:

  • Tech hubs
  • Blockchain Communities (especially ones in other protocols)
  • Policy Makers
  • Academics
  • Innovators
  • Influencers
  • Investors
  • Environmentalists
  • Artists
  • Activists

NF Brand Alignment:

  • NF as the Web3 leader in usability
  • The NF believes in a multi-chain future in which interoperable blockchains work collaboratively to build simple, scalable, and secure ways to onboard the world to Web 3.
  • NF as a champion of DEI to decentralize power (eg: social impact, marginalized communities, DAO education)
  • NF Funding as the fund for the future of the creator economy (eg: NFT education, empowerment of creatives)


  • Onboard 500-1,000 NEAR Wallets across all 3 activations (Tribeca, NFT.NYC, Kin DAO x Primordial DAO Event)
  • Onboard 5-10 DAO’s to AstroDAO across all 3 activations (Tribeca, NFT.NYC, Kin DAO x Primordia DAO Event)
  • Grow Kin DAO discord to 1,000 members
  • Grow Kin DAO Twitter Following to 1500
  • Completing presentations on 2-6 stages at Tribeca Film Festival and NFT.NYC sharing about The Kin DAO, Primordia DAO and NEAR
  • Heighten awareness around NEAR as an ethical sustainable, creative, user friendly, community focused and legitimate protocol to use and invest in to combined potential audiences of 175,000 —-> # email leads and email signups
  • Procure new collaborators and investors
  • Move closer to our goals of collectively purchasing farm land to develop equitable, communal, sustainable systems of living using the For Product Model and EarthChange

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11.37.38 PM


Thank you @mecsbecs for your guidance on our journey, here is our travel funding proposal for whenever you may have some time to take a look :slight_smile:

Also tagging @godofnfts as a main lead on this project!

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Thank you for the great detail @adrianseneca and it’s good to get going now so you can get your travel in place ASAP.

It is important to note that the travel and human costs of your appearances at these awesome events are being submitted for consideration to the Community Team, while we are in discussions separately regarding the funding for the event appearances and production costs for the solo event. It’s incredible to see the amount of activity here, and the detailed metrics are appreciated.

@community-team any questions / concerns?

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None on my side, all good - gl!


Thanks so much for all your help guiding our team on the best ways we can reciprocate to and represent NEAR as we grow as a DAO. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have @community-team! We are deeply grateful to be here and hope to continue making everyone proud of the work we do in the ecosystem.

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Thank you for being as detailed as you have been. I don’t have any issues with funding this as we continue exploring ways to bring NEAR to appropriate in-person events.

We look forward to seeing the results from this!


Thank you for your reflection and responses @David_NEAR @jcatnear and @mecsbecs! Let us know if (and what) action we should take to move forward :slight_smile:

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You’re approved and confirmed to proceed through the standard Community Payout Process but instead of an Astro DAO poll please provide an invoice for this request to community@near.foundation.

If there are any issues, please email there for support as well.

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Thank you! We just sent in our invoice now!

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Good morning! It would be great if you onboard the same ± quantity of people on Aurora + :muscle: Not necessary to go through all activation processes, you can share list of papers with activation code and information about Aurora +

Thank You

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Providing our results & metrics from this event:

  • Onboard 11 new DAOs to AstroDAO (44 total this year with the Primordia DAO project)
  • Distributed 103 NEAR Wallets
  • Distributed 153 NEAR NFTS
  • Received 384 Visits on our Convergence Satori NFT Campaign
  • Received 203 Visits on our Sporiferous Satori NFT pre-Campaign
  • Collected 246 emails
  • Distributed 320 Event Tickets
  • Produced 15 Professional Social Media Graphics for our event
  • Complied Press List of 59 potential leads from Rising DAO
  • Twitter:
    • Posted 55 posts
    • Gained 70 Mentions
    • 229K Impressions
    • 10.1K Profile Visits
    • 134 New Followers
    • One of our Top Tweets was our promotional tweet for our event which received:
      • 165 Engagements
      • 1558 Impressions
  • Released 2 Event Press Releases
  • Featured in 1 Journalism Piece
  • Produced an Introduction Promo Video for our project made by Seven Vision DAO
  • Produced a Recap Video of our Event
  • Updated our Website to include a fuller inclusion of all we offer



  • The biggest challenge that affected us during this event was the funding timeline. We officially sent in our proposal 5 weeks before our event on May 18th and received our funding June 16th. This gave us one week (5 business days) to put in orders, pay for our event space and launch our marketing campaign to fill the space on June 23rd. Because of this timeline we were unable to execute several planned activities such as having our NFT & CoFee Cart present, giving away chocolate coins/NEAR swag, and onboarding our aimed amount of NEAR wallets through marketing campaigns. This situation also put us in jeopardy of losing our hold on the venue space all together. We see two main reasons for this:
    • The proposal turnaround time took a bit longer than we expected.
    • We lacked a legal wrapping for our DAO causing a longer delay in funds as this was worked out internally to approve us. We were unaware that we would need to be fully legalized in order to receive our funds until it was time to receive them.
    • Thankfully the NF team worked hard to help us make this happen regardless of these hiccups we were still able to still achieve great results!
    • In the future we will:
      • Aim to submit our proposal 8 weeks before the scheduled event
      • Maintain full legal status to ensure funding transfers are not delayed.
  • A secondary challenge that we experienced during this event was onboarding the volume of NEAR wallets we were aiming for. We were hoping to onboard 500 wallets and were able to onboard 103.
    • We believe this was due to a few things:
      • Oversaturation of our audience due to the NFT.NYC conference. By the time our guests attended our event, they had already been offered countless amounts of NFTs and digital wallets.
      • Need for a team specifically dedicated to onboarding. While our team was busy speaking on the mic, explaining our projects and hosting our guests, there was not much as much time for us to sit down individually with folks and onboard them with wallets and deal with any technical difficulties. Throughout the night our team made many personal relationships where wallets were made and took several rounds throughout the venue to specifically offer wallets to guests which resulted in the wallets you see in the report.
      • Delay in our marketing campaign in which we strategically planned to kick-off the onboarding process.
    • While we feel that the amount of wallets we onboarded is sufficient for the challenges and capacity of the team, in the future we will:
      • Dedicate at least one team member to onboarding throughout the event.
      • Set aside funds well in advance of the marketing campaign to begin the onboarding process.

Overall we had an amazing team that persevered through the possibility of us failing at launching this event in New York during NFT.NYC. Through their diligent labor we surpassed our expectations and succeeded. Our biggest learning is to keep moving forward even when things seems unlikely.

Thank you all for your support :slight_smile:

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