[Approved] Kin DAO January 2022 Marketing

[PROPOSAL] Kin DAO January 2022 Marketing

Contact name: @adrianseneca

Council Members: @adrianseneca @godofnfts @Patrick-T-Anderson (our two new members are working to get accounts here soon)

Target Address: thekindao.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 5 NEAR (after our last proposals are approved)

Funding Period: January 2022

Request amount: 1000 USD in NEAR

Hello Marketing DAO!

We are Kin DAO; a digital extension of a real life cooperative called Kindness Grocery Cooperative that aims to use digital tools to bring opportunities, stability and change to the real world. We focus on educating and onboarding new folks into the digital world, prioritizing those who have been marginalized and left out of this space. Our long term goal is to fund the collective purchase of farm land where we can implement, practice and refine our For Product Model which creates a system where communities can trade work in exchange for land ownership or products. Essentially we are looking to bridge the digital divide and bring decentralization to the physical so we can build stability in the midst of the increasingly unstable environments many of us are experiencing.

You can take a look at our social media and our introduction to the Creatives DAO here for a deeper understanding of us;

We have been supported by the Creatives DAO in November and December with our onboarding, DAO building and NFT art galleries (KINDAO, hyphae , thevault and were directed to ask for marketing support here from the Marketing DAO.

From December to January we went from 130 Twitter followers to 360. This growth has been completely organic from attending/hosting Twitter spaces, Clubhouse talks, creating infographics and sharing our story. We have had suggestions to rapidly grow our following through bounties and large hashtag posts but feel that our values are more aligned with natural and steady growth of community from real engagement and relationship building. We are satisfied with this growth and are looking to implement aligned strategies to grow our community engagement.

This is where we need a little help.

Currently the Kin DAO team is not well versed in marketing and is doing their best to organically curate an audience that is grounded in our values. This takes a good amount of time, energy, effort and learning that sometimes we just don’t have capacity for. Social media is usually the first thing that falls to the side when we are overwhelmed with work. To help us continue this natural growth we are reaching out to the Marketing DAO for funding to help stabilize those of us who are doing this work as well as advice or counseling if this is something you offer!

Funding: $1000 USD in NEAR

  • $400 [$100 per week] to manage Twitter page, make new posts, retweet, follow new accounts
  • $200 to make social media graphics for Kin DAO
  • $400 [$100 per week] to maintain, manage and grow online relationships, not through posts, but through one on one conversations, participating in Twitter spaces, clubhouse talks, etc.


  • market strategy that is rooted in our values and organic, relationship building growth
  • metric documentation strategies
  • storytelling

It was a bit difficult for us to find a protocol for how to approach this Marketing DAO team for funding so please excuse us if a separate introduction was necessary. We are happy to go through any proper processes needed to approach you in respect. We hope you are interested in our project and feel aligned with supporting us!


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Vote Yes. Keep going. Have a great day.


Thank you! Just to clarify, is this an approval?

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Good evening. We have 6 councils in DAO. Need to wait for their opinions. I’m so sorry, for delay.


No worries, just confirming :slight_smile:

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Happy to approve so long as there is no objections/further comments from @marketingdao-council


Would be interesting to know how you’ll report on this?


@adrianseneca great to hear about your plans for KinDAO.

I personally love the concept of bringing decentralization to the physical and, as a farmer IRL, I look forward to seeing this project grow!

Please reach out if you need any additional marketing advice or counseling.

More than happy to Approve


Hi @adrianseneca thank you for your proposal and welcome to the NEAR Community!

I would love to understand if you have the intension to become a Guild? If this is a possibility, please contact @Jessica
Additionally, please let us know how do you know that you have successfully achieve your goals and if you need any support from our Community.


Thank you!


This proposal is superb

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Hi @David_NEAR - I would absolutely love to learn how to report on this! Thank you!

@cryptocredit I love to hear that you are a farmer IRL and will definitely reach out to you! We appreciate you support!

@Grace Thank you for the support and your idea to turn this into a guild. Honestly we may need some guidance on what that entails but it sounds like a great idea. I will reach out to @Jessica soon. At this time as we learn the marketing realm our knowing of success simply comes from continuing to build relationships online. We could use some marketing guidance. Could you point me in the right direction to get these conversations started?


Hey! Here’s a guide to submitting reports to the DAO:

It might be a little hard to quantify that particular metric though, so maybe rely on qualitative feedback?


Love the project, and most of all, love the way in which it has grown organically to the point where it makes sense to request a reasonable amount of funds to take it to the next level. Happy to approve.


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Hi @marketingdao-council

Just wanted to check in about this January funding. My initial request on Astro failed due to not being voted on.

Here is a link to the updated poll to hopefully move into February with ease:


@adrianseneca please indicate in the comments of your Astro DAO poll what the confirmed payout amount is in $NEAR so that Finance can execute on the next steps of the payout process ASAP.

Hey there, all done! Thanks so much!