The Aurora Community and our guiding light so far

With the Aurora community group being the heart and melting hub for Aurorians, we decided to not build just another ordinary community, we knew we had to build the very essense of the Aurora ecosystem.

So we took the following as our guiding light:

  1. User elightenment and education,
  2. Proper ecosystem navigation
  3. And smooth onboarding into the Aurora ecosystem for both new users and projects as our foundation and guiding light, the core of our purpose at Aurora Community especially at this very early stages of the Aurora chain.

With all these put in mind, We have built and developed a couple of free tools to help Aurorians not just navigate the Aurora ecosytem with relative ease, make better informed research and knowing there is a tool and a whole community available to them at instant request

Below are the free usable tools the Aurora Community has developed and already in use by Aurorians.

• The Aurora Community Contract Revoker: This tool makes it easy for users to easily and instantly revoke any contract approval that they earlier gave to a project but do not feel safe with anymore… This tool immediately revokes any access the said project has to access the their wallet.

• Anti-Scam bot: This bot makes it mandatory for Aurorians in the group or any Aurora group if added to take an affirmative action by “clicking confirm” when bot pops up to state they understand there are scammers posing as real admins messaging them first, sending links and asking for their seed phrase all in the guise to dupe them. And making it clear no real admin will dm them first or ask for their seed prase( Launching Soon)

• The Aurora Community Price and Chart Bot: This tool makes it easy for Aurorians to not just easily and instantly call & view the current price of any token on the Aurora ecosystem, it also provides a chart they can use as data analysis to make better informed decision on the asset: Aurora Community TG:
Telegram: Contact @Aurora_community
Price bot command: /price to view all token price and chart

• The Aurora Community Ecosystems Bot : The ecosystem bot allows users use /projects to call and view all Aurora projects and they are all classified into categories. E.g Dexs, Daos, Lending Protocols etc. This makes it easy for user proper research and navigation and its all done right within the Aurora Community TG group.
TG: Telegram: Contact @Aurora_community
Ecosystem Bot command: /projects to view all token projects by category and get more information

• Aurora Community Ecosystems website: This takes what the bot mentioned above a step further… This list all the projects and protocols on the Aurora ecosystem and categorise them for users to identify those that are audited, gotten grants, done rugdoc or KYCd to those that are independent with no audits, grant, vc funding or kyc’d most importantly there is a disclaimer confimation educating to make their own research before using any protocol on the ecosystem etc.

These clear categorization will help Aurorians make better research in knowing the amount of risk they are are taking and doing better research.

We will also be hosting the Aurora Community Virtual space at EthDenver to showcase Aurora and the whole Aurora Ecosystem in collaboration with the NF community team hosted via our community twitter

Note: We are always open to more ideas and criticism that enables our continued growth.


Awesome Ola, You’re Doing Amazing work there. :heart:


Awesome job guys. Glad to see how is Aurora Community growing.
I’m working on Aurora page on thewiki. Wanna create particular page for every project. The wiki

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