[October 2021] Aurora project opportunity: help us with support of TG and Discord channels || Status: candidates found

Hi Sandboxers,

We are glad to announce the collaboration with Aurora.

Aurora runs a key role in NEAR community and takes advantage of its many unique features, including sharding and developer gas fee remuneration. Aurora consists of two core components: the Aurora Engine runtime, which allows for the seamless deployment of Solidity and Vyper smart contracts, and the Aurora Bridge (based on the Rainbow Bridge technology), providing for the permissionless transfer of tokens and data between Ethereum and Aurora.

We are looking for a person who will support Aurora’s activity on Discord/TG channels.

The role is monthly based and requires 14 hours per week. with daily activity 2 hour per day.

We mostly need this person to cover American nights so the person should cover working hours 4AM-11AM UTC.
The developer will help with answers during the night time. We would like this person to also ensure that the developer is tagged in case several users experience the same issue/error at the same time so he can address it quickly.


  • Excellent English verbal and written communication, Russian language is welcomed but not mandatory
  • Experience creating and configuring multiple Discord servers
  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab.Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno, Tip.cc, etc.)
  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Discord (100+ members each)
  • Basic knoweledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem. We will help with product related questions of course but general blockchain knowledge is greatly appreciated


800 USD/month

:fire:Deadline for the call: :fire:

30 November

Contact me to start the collaboration :slight_smile:


Hey I am interested for this post , currently working as a full stack web developer , I believe my skills will be sufficient for this role , I am always interested in learning new stuff , have some basic crypto knowledge and interest in the NEAR ecosystem, however I will be able to work around 7.30 pm utc to 1.30 am utc time …

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Thank you for your reply.

By now we are looking for a person who would be able to cover abovementioned hours. We will keep you updated with the new projects on OWS :slight_smile:

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Cool , looking forward for other opportunities


Hi Ana,
My name is Jenny and i just have question about the job.
As the description is 14 hours per week with daily activity is 2 hours per day.
But the working time is 4 AM - 11 AM which is more than 2 hours per day.

I just want to make a clear understanding about working hours . Thank you and looking forward for your answer

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I am interested for this post. I am currently active in NEAR TG community and assist newcomers there with there doubts. Please let me know if the position is still open. Happy to assist. Looking forward for your reply. :innocent:

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Hi Jenny,
Thank you for your reply.

We are looking for a person who can be available in the abovemetnioned timing, however, the working hours inside of the required slot are flexible, and the daily tasks require approximatelly 2 hours per day

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Hello, I’m interested and available during those hours.

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Hi,i am interested in this work

Hi AnaNastya, Thanks for the opporutnity.
I am interested for the mentioned post and I think I am able to do the job rightly as I have been active in NEAR Community & Stay updated about the developments & programs. Also as AURORA is linked with NEAR so I have read about it too.
Would be glad to join the AURORA team, Let me know if the post is still open :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you for your interest. We already found a person for the opp.
Looking forward to the future collaboration :slight_smile:

Oops :confused: , hope I get other opportunity. I thought there’s no selection yet bcs deadline for call was till November :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind, may I know who is the person?

Yes, sure

others always miss this. Dont know why?

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Hi Dacha,

I am interested in the position…!

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Welcome to equal opportunity for Near community members :joy:


Hi, Sandboxers contacted me through DM and we conducted several interviews. We decided to work with Sanket as his skills and proactivity perfectly fit the project.
Looking forward to the future collaborations with you :slight_smile:


But how can he manage many Groups at a time, we should consider giving opportunities for others aswell. I can see many people are very active in other groups.


Hi AnaNastya, Indeed Sanket has great skills & proactiveness, there’s no doubt.

But the deadline for the post was 30 November as you had mentioned, and you guys closed it on 29th October writing “Candidate found”. Didn’t even take interview of all the candidates applied here for the post.