Aurora Community.. The heart of the Aurora Community Ecosystem

Hello All.

My name is Ola and I run the Aurora Community ecosystem.

We are a community built to create a space where we all can discuss everything Aurora, Well that was the initial thought process in creating the group

However in the space of 1 month we have grown from just a discussion group about Aurora to a vibrant Community where

  • Teams/Projects come to build partnerships and collaborations with other Teams/Projects in the ecosystem. This Is possible because we have 90% of the teams/founders developing and running projects on Aurora in the Community
  • Where Teams/developers come to promote their projects, get feedback and also get their initial member/investor base on the Aurora ecosystem
  • Where we help facilitates quick onboarding of both new users and teams into the Aurora ecosystem with education on the mainnet, support and guidance navigating around the ecosystem and protocols

And most of all where people from both in and outside the greater Near ecosystem come to know, understand and feel the real value and power of the Aurora mainnet and the projects running on it.

Now we have started putting work in motion to build free usable tools for the community such as a contract revoker and many more

I can start bringing in the numbers we have in engagement and immense growth we have achieved, but it is very clear we are now much more than just engagements and numbers. We are a gateway community into the heart of the Aurora ecosystems and these and more are the values we are creating on the Aurora ecosystem.

Join the Aurora community by clicking link below and witness the Aurora growth as it happens.

Community Twitter: @Auroracommunit3

Community Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Aurora_community

Personal Twitter: @inspiratibiz
Personal TG: @inspiratibiz


Awesome to see this :tada:

Project focused communities are going to a huge uptick as the NEAR ecosystem continues to grow, thanks for being a part of the early ones :raised_hands:

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Great job, keep it up!

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