[Approved] For Marketing DAO NDC Aurora Ambassador's program budget for August 2023 to amplify elections

The Aurora Community stands at the heart of the vibrant NEAR and Aurora ecosystem, embodying collaboration, shared values, and a collective vision. With the transition towards becoming a Near Digital Collective, the community embraces decentralization and a new governance stage.

Within the Aurora ecosystem, the community is the backbone, providing support, resources, and collaboration opportunities for individuals and projects. It is a space where ideas are shared, expertise is cultivated, and partnerships are formed. The community acts as a bridge between different stakeholders, fostering connections between developers, users, investors, and enthusiasts. This interconnectedness strengthens the ecosystem’s resilience and enhances its ability to adapt, innovate, and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The Aurora Community DAO is a diverse and global network, that spreads across various continents and countries. These communities, along with several dedicated media outlets, play a crucial role in disseminating Aurora-related news and updates throughout the ecosystem. Each regional community operates in its own language and actively participates in both online and in-person events. They contribute to content creation, share news and information, and foster engagement within their respective regions. These vibrant communities and media outlets form an integral part of the Aurora ecosystem, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and fostering a sense of belonging among its members.

Please join Aurora Community DAO WG to participate in upcoming events:
– Ambassador’s program launch (August-September 2023);
– Councils election (October 2023).

Plan and Budget for August

In August, we’re aimed to launch Aurora Community Ambassador program to amplify upcoming elections and make registrations in Im human app.


  • Increase transactions;
  • Increase unique active users;
  • Education;
  • Ecosystem dapps support;
  • I am human app registrations;
  • Increase awareness about NDC and Ecosystem.

The Aurora Community DAO mission is to attract new users to the NEAR/Aurora Ecosystem, increase transactions, unique active wallets, number of developers

  1. Increase the number of transactions in the NEAR/AURORA networks:
    The Aurora Community DAO creates user-friendly and intuitive tools for working with the NEAR/AURORA networks, which helps to increase the number of transactions in it.
  2. Active users:
    The Aurora Community DAO tries to attract new users to the NEAR ecosystem by teaching them how to use the network and offering interesting on-chain activities and projects to implement.
  3. Testing applications for stated features:
    The Aurora Community DAO offers users the opportunity to test new applications that are developed on the NEAR/AURORA networks and participate in their improvement through feedback from the development teams.
  4. The Community DAO provides tools to migrate applications from other blockchains to the NEAR/Aurora network, improving performance and usability.

Ambassador’s program steps:

  • Selection Process (August 2023)
  • Appointment (August 2023)
  • Orientation and Training (August 2023)
  • Task appointment (August 2023)
  • Tasks review (September 2023)
  • First report (September 2023)

KPI for August:
Number of Humans (Voters): 50
Number of OGs: 2+
Number of Nominations: 7
Number of Upvotes: 50
Number of Comments: 50
Number of Voter Turnout: 80%
Number of Media Content: 100+

Tasks according to levels

Level 1. Aurorian = active members, participants of ecosystem events
Tasks that they can claim and make:
– triangles to the name on Twitter / Telegram / Discord
– profile picture with an Aurora/NEAR logo on Twitter / Telegram
– Near/Aurora ambassador in profile description Twitter / Telegram
– visit online Fri stream with Alex on YT and make content about it
– attend Aurora/Near ecosystem AMA sessions
– like all Aurora Twitter’ and Alex’ posts
– RT, QT of posts in Aurora and Alex twitter (and what is set up to tasks)
– posts related to Aurora Ecosystem news (Twitter/Discord/TG/near.social)
– pass daily tasks on Zealy with games and swaps (minimum number a day = min number of transactions a day that Aurorian has to perform - 10)
– 5 posts on near.social around the certain topic
– ask a question from Alex on the Friday stream on YT
– Leave a comment on the post about quests, events and tournaments in Aurora (3 comments on different posts)
– create one social media meme about games
– ask 3 text questions on AMA and Voices
– to mint NFT in the 2048 game on Aurora
– add the Aurora token on Coingeco or Coinmarketcap to your portfolio
– write a review about Aurora Pass in the app store
– Like the page of one of the apps fron Aurora Ecosystem on DappRadar
– share a link to the Aurora ecosystem app from DappRadar on Twitter/Near.Social
– Tweet your WORDL game result 7 times
– IamHuman registration
~ min. number of transactions per month to keep the Level.1 - 300

Level 3. Adept
– Maintaining daily news streams on regional channels (Twitter, Telegram, Near.Social)
* collect ecosystem news, follow necessary chats
* translation of regular news into regional language)
* Manage Community social media
– Hold events (spaces, AMAs, community voice chats, giveaways)
– Investigation: (1 per month)
* look and found ‘scandal’ topics, situations, and issues
* do research on it
* write a post on the forum and initiate discussions in chats
– Onboarding new Partners to the Ecosystem, increase Aurora network Integrations
– Technical integration support tasks
– Entrepreneurs (Aurora Cloud sellers)
~ min. number of transactions per month for the Level.3 - 600

As part of the Aurora Stars Force (Ambassador) Program, Ambassadors have the opportunity to earn rewards based on their respective levels of involvement and contribution to the community. For completing each level according to the reports, participants will be rewarded with XP tokens, which can be exchanged for tokens.

Potential monthly rewards based on levels:
Level 1. Aurorian - 50$
Level 2. Believer - 200$
Level 3. Adept - 500$
Level 4. Aurora Guardian - 750$

It’s important to note that at each level member is required to complete tasks from the previous levels to be eligible for earning more points (and tokens) and producing more transactions per month than in the preceding levels.

The total possible payment for each level is a sum of the tasks from previous levels. For Level 2, it amounts to the 1st and 2nd Level’s tasks, resulting in a maximum potential reward of approximately $250 per month. Similarly, Level 4 includes tasks from Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, with a maximum potential reward of approximately $1500 per month. That will depend on the number of tasks done during the months, its report, and its value.

Payments/Rewards for the Trial Month
The inaugural month of the program will be conducted in a trial mode, welcoming the participation of the 66 most deserving Aurorians.

Rewards for the first/trial month:
Level 4. 0 people *750$ = 0
Level 3. 8 people *500$ = 4000
Level 2. 0 people *200$ = 0
Level 1. 60 people *50$ = 3000

After the first month, those who follow the conditions will be moved to Level 2, and the new bunch of applicants will be accepted for the Second month on Level 1.

Budget (rewards pool for ambassadors, launch month): 7 000 USD
Target wallet: ac-dao.near

We are inviting all community members to join Aurora ambassador’s program!
it’s 450+ applications received already:)

All the links can be found in the post:
[Announce] Aurora Stars Force (ambassador) program


Thank you for your proposal.

Any drafts and working groups where one can learn more about the Aurora community working group and how the ambassador program works.

If you could break down the funding request further, that would be great.

I am happy to jump in and assist as well if needed, as I have some experience designing an ambassador program structure from my work with Moonbeam and Gate .io

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Happy to see this work and help revamp the Aurora community program


Glad to see Aurora Ambassador Program coming soon.
Please add some links for potential ambassador

Can you also split your budget in category (Ambassador & Council) if relevant

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To help clarify, there is no council funds there. Just to run the ambassador program…for the ambassadors


Hello everyone!
Unfortunately, the system doesn’t allow to add links to posts still, but after few more comments it will:)


Please correct the year :smiley:

Glad to join in on the program taking Aurora to greater milestone. :rocket:


This link helps out for better understanding


What is the relationship between this DAO and all the Community Grants programs and existing communities being funded directly by Aurora Grants team?

Why posting from a generic account? Please share the real usernames and relevant link to the team.


The great AVB.

Transitioning Aurora Community to Near Digital Collective: Empowering Decentralization and the Vitality of Community in the Aurora Ecosystem - Aurora Community - Aurora This post helps to answer you.

This is led by the Aurora community team.

Also, this account is for official reasons. I will however allow the team to answer the best this part.

Thanks, thanks


Awesome, I look forward to being a part of this.


Let’s do this :face_exhaling: Anything for the Ecosystem, KPIs are so attractive and effective so why not ? Let make this work


Happy to support! Have a great day.

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Hi @AuroraCommunityDAO @IgbozeIsrael – a few questions about the proposal:

  • What’s your plan for assessing ambassador participation each month? Will it take place on the same day each month and individual payout amount for each ambassador will follow? Curious.
  • If ambassador activity does not hit max, will you hold excess and use for subsequent months?
  • How will ambassador activities align with current KPIs for August/Sept around NDC election and BOS?
  • NDC elections
  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
  • Increasing numbers of Tools on BOS


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Ambassadors are to be assessed either daily or weekly based on the head of ambassadors. This is to be able to keep check and correct the wrong approaches of ambassadors as it is a growing program.

You got this right. If ambassador A does not hit max, there is a calculation method to be implemented such that work done is paid and change is rolled over to next month.

Major aspects of this program is focused on on-chain metrics which will include active users of Aurora/NEAR dApps, onbaording of builders and also support for mini projects to be built on Aurora/BOS

People onbaorded can actively participate in election as they are brought in as legit users and educated people.

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