[Approved] Marketing DAO council member remuneration - November 2021

Another busy month again for the Marketing DAO.

This month the council has:

Transitioned the DAO operations to Astro Astro

Held weekly meetings to discuss DAO activities attended by both community council members and NEAR Core.

Reviewed, commented and approved over 40 proposals in the Forum.

Disbursed 100,000 USD equivalent funds to support marketing related projects.

Entered the Gen Crypto competition offering $5,000 bounties. This is the first step to add depth and professional marketing experience to the council. Marketer info GEN C Crypto Marketing Bounty Contest & Conference

Launched our own marketing DAO website to increase transparency and awareness https://marketing-dao.pory.app

As one of the community members of the DAO council I will be requesting payment in line with the September / October payout [Proposal] Marketing Vertical DAO council members remuneration - September/October 2021

Total requested - 400 NEAR

Looking forward to reading your marketing proposals again this month and into 2022.



Good w/ me - thanks for all your contributions @cryptocredit & @satojandro ! :tada:


Good morning, great job :wave:

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I think we need to put attention on results. Did everyone grantee reach targets? How effectively they spent NF money?

Weekly calls should be available to watch/listen for Near Community, everyone can be able to join in. Or would be better move all discussion on this forum, because councils live in different time zones. Why not. Decisions can be more transparent. I open discussion format is better than closed calls.

How is looks in present:

  1. Proposal
  2. Internal call, discussion
  3. Decision

Will be great if you’ll show us how is implementing members driven community idea in Marketing DAO.
For instance, I had some concerns about couple proposals ( paid Beer parties , super generous grant from NF, people drink beer, eat meet for NF money , ok, probably great marketing idea ) . Can everyone create the same proposal?
Vodka party? :blush:

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How do you think we can add targets to Council Members? Currently, they address 100% of proposals. They’ve just built a website for the MarketingDAO and set up a back end management system.

Check this out:

All the discussion occurs on this forum regardless of our weekly synch.

This is incorrect. You can see the Council members actively responding with queries to many of the MarketingDAO proposals. Occasionally, there is simply consensus.

So long as it brings together the NEAR Community and adds value - yes!


No any targets. Only explanation of their decisions.
Every Community Members should be able to see and understand why proposals approved / declined.

Unfortunately, we have zero independent persons in Marketing DAO, conflicts of interest could be present.

Couple examples:

same guilds do similar work , but one of guild member is Marketing DAO council can vote against rival’s proposal.

some councils able to approve proposals of their guilds members , friend , co-workers.

Etc, just examples, I have nothing to say.

Yes sure, but some part of conversation (closed calls) hidden from community.

Got it.

The discussions on the forum are open and accessible, they take place publicly.

How is @cryptocredit not independent? I’ve encouraged you to join for some time now.

Which council member are you referring to? I don’t think this has ever happened.

He is a swine guild member dear @David_NEAR . Recently you approved payment for the guild

One Marketing DAO council approved payment for another one council.

What do you think, will he argue with you ?
Additionally, our councils get money from NF for their work.

As I said zero independent people and community members in Marketing DAO.

That proposal was through the Ecosystem Development DAO which @cryptocredit is not a part of, not the MarketingDAO. I don’t see the relevance?

If you think that’s the case, come and join the MarketingDAO.

Money is money. No matter of what kind of source

Ok, Thanks. One council is already supported my historical proposal. Need two more. We will have first independent community member in Marketing DAO who don’t need any payments and eventually staring implementing member’s community driven concept. Great. I thought it would never happen. Thank You @David_NEAR . Definitely, I will reduce some negative comments.

I’m in 100% support of this, I’d just like to see it posted to the forum first so we can all discuss openly.

If you could submit a proposal, that would be ace! :boom:

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Do you have an example ? Could you please share post where you introduce yourself for example? Thank You very much. :wave:

Actually, I did it in Swine’s report

This is the intro to the MarketingDAO Council:

It is not the same format as the addition of another Council member should be, because the initial members seeded it.

Structure your proposal as follows:

[Proposal] Add Dacha to the MarketingDAO Council

In the content provide:

  • Why you want to join the Council
  • What experience you have managing proposals on the forum
  • What value you will add
  • Anything else you believe to be of value

Dear @Dacha as you are someone who prides himself on in depth research and presentation of the facts I am surprised at your comment.

The Swine Guild has never recieved any funding from the Marketing DAO. Get your facts straight!


I am a community member and my independence is being questioned by ONE person.

Have a nice day :kissing_heart:

Same souse of money : NF. But, it’s just an example. I appreciate your work. I don’t think that couple Near’s make sense in you life.

You’re is a council of Marketing DAO
David is a a council of Marketing DAO
Marketing DAO gets funding from NF

What’s wrong ?

David is a a council of Ecosystem DAO, gets funding from NF. He is approved payment for Swine guild where you re one of member.

You got payments 115N + 158N ,

Now Fitz trying to become a new community leader instead of @coyotefugly . Planning to vote new leadership. By the way , only I was talking about Swine DAO every time . And now you can change something by voting. Please, review my proposals in their reports.

Special thanks to @Grace for support.

But again , I have nothing to say. You are represent third pillar (Marketing professionals together with AVB). I appreciate your and @satojandro work. ABV and his guild provide great opportunities for Near community. Absolutely, fantastic work .

Sorry, for that . You got me wrong.

Frankly, I didn’t even know that @cryptocredit was involved in Swine Guild until you pointed it out. It’s not really relevant IMO

No problem, Dear @David_NEAR . As you see I spend half of my life here and could know something more.

For sure, I was simply reinforcing the fact that there was no nepotism present when I voted on the Swine Guild proposal in the Ecosystem DAO.


You’re one of most respected hardworking community member here.