Submit your NEAR project for distribution to NearExplorer

Hello community NEAR :wave:

We are the NearExplorer team, we explore the Near ecosystem and tell people about various projects from all over the world and everything related to them. In this way, we support new ecosystem projects by creating clear and high-quality information about them and promoting this information on social networks.

Our proposal: creative dissemination of information among the crypto audience on Twitter, Telegram, Medium and Blogchain.

If your project needs support, then be sure to fill out the form, we are here to support you and your work during this difficult time.

We are also happy to hold a joint competition and announce your important events.

You can apply at any time by clicking on this link, NO PAYMENT IS NEEDED FOR IT.


I like your initiative, is there any place for web2 based project waiting to be deployed on Near or until we deployed?

Yes, sure :blush: Everyone is welcome :hugs:

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What’s the best way for us to apply or submit our startup?

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