[APPROVED] NearExplorer - Social Media - April/2023

Hello everyone, a lot has happened in our team in these 2 months, but we remain committed to Near Protocol and are back with a new offer to continue our work.

Our latest report:
[Report] NearExplorer - Monthly Report (December-January)

First of all, I want to inform you that we continue to accept projects from our form for publishing content about these projects, after the last report we receive new applications, which means that projects need our support, which is completely free for them, thanks @marketingdao-council

We are honored to continue our monthly marketing work.


  • Twitter:

We publish simple and clear project overviews, news, important updates, project and partnership announcements, we also do giveaways.
On average, 2-3 tweets with verified real news are published per day +1-2 infographic.

To improve performance, we set a goal for the month:
100+ posts
100k+ views
1500+ subscribers

  • Telegram:

We publish simple and understandable project overviews, news, infographics, important updates, announcements of projects and partnerships, as well as contests.

Goal for the month:
100+ posts
25k+ views
400+ subscribers

  • Article:

We have planned to write 10 articles about the NEAR ecosystem and present these articles to our community through our Medium and Blogchain accounts. Not enough content on the Blogchain, we want to fill this network with content and be on the main page.

Goal for the month:
Medium → 400+ subscribers, 1000+ reads, potential active users for projects
Blogchain → 40+ subscribers, invite new users to the social network and create a NEAR wallet

  • The form

Goal for the month:
Process 2 current requests and 5+ new ones.

We are accepting applications for new projects for April.
New applications can always be left here:

Expected activity:

• Improve past performance
• Continue to work with the request from the projects in the form.
• Create high quality content and graphics about projects from the NEAR ecosystem and promote this information on social media.
• Inform and educate the ecosystem community about projects and their functions.
• Support for projects/partners in promoting their content.
• Organize contests and drawings (~$100).
• Continue to partner with other guilds and groups from the Near ecosystem to mutually promote posts and hold competitions to maximize support for young projects.


Social media → Twitter → $350
/KPIs → increase followers, views, profile visits, mentions.

Social media → Telegram → $150
/KPIs → increase followers, views, profile visits, mentions.

Content → Design and infographics → $400
/KPIs → feedback from projects, likes + repost posts, comments.

Content → Writing → Articles → $300
Medium: KPIs → increase followers, views, reads, fans.
Blogchain: KPIs → increase followers, creation of NEAR wallets, retweets.

Contest and giveaways → $100
/KPIs → Increasing interest in us and the projects we are talking about through financial incentives, growth of mentions.

Funding Details:
$350+$150+$400+$300+$100=$1,300 USD

• Total: $1,300 USD
• NEAR wallet ID: evangel.near
• Wallet owner’s name: Skydan Yevhen

Thanks for supporting NearExplorer!
cc @Dacha @satojandro @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint


Hello! Happy to support. Please create:

  • page on Near.Social;

  • it would be great if you can host AMAs wite Ecosystem dApps.

  • install Aurora/Near tip bot to increase transaction in our Ecosystem.


Thanks for your support, we will work on it.

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Hi @Evangel i have reviewed your proposal and am also happy to support

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Thanks for your support

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Hi @Evangel thanks for the proposal and for sharing your latest report so we can review how the project is going.

I think you’re continuing to do good work, you’re sharing your past progress transparently, and the amount of funding requested is reasonable given the amount of work you’re aiming to produce.

I support this and will move the proposal to approved.

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Thank you very much for your support and kind words.
I created an AstroDao query

cc @marketingdao-council

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