[Report] NearExplorer - Monthly Report (December-January)


Hi @marketingdao-council

We’re the NearExplorer team, we’re researching the Near ecosystem and educating people about different projects from around the world and everything related to them. In this way, we support new ecosystem projects by creating clear and high-quality information about them and promoting this information on social networks.

In the last request, we received approval from marketing [Approved] NearExplorer - Social Media - December/2022 and got to work, today we want to present our new report for the last month of our work.



We actively maintain our twitter account, where we post various information threads and tweets about various projects on Near and their features. We also create custom post graphics. We publish news related to these projects.

Statistics for December-January:

Tweets written- 131

Subscriber Growth- +659. Currently 1,211 subscribers

Views- 92,900

Average views- 1,522

Account visit- 36,700

Mentions- 1,304


We actively maintain our Telegram account, where we wrote reviews about various projects and their features, news, infographics, as well as informative and rich posts with links to our social networks and a form for filling out projects. Reinforcing posts with author’s graphics.

By distributing information about projects in our social networks and chats, we help to learn about them in the community and understand these projects in detail, where everyone can find the project they need.

Statistics for December-January:

Posts written- 62

Subscriber Growth- +30. Subscribers Currently 385

Post views- 21,100

Average views- 340


Articles written- 10

Views- 734

Reads- 183

Fans- 75

Subscriber Growth- +263. Currently 313 subscribers

Articles written- 10

Views- platform statistics not found

Subscriber Growth- +2. Currently 23 subscribers

We plan to make more mentions to attract the audience to articles in the Medium and Blogchain, where we write informative articles about various projects from the ecosystem, where we talked about:

• their features

• their prospects

• investors and team

• short tutorials and instructions on how to use them.

In a month, 10 articles were written about various projects on Near with links to resources and tutorials on them.

Articles about such projects as:






Berry Club





The form

At the beginning of our work, we created a form for projects and continue to process applications. Projects can fill out this form and ask for support from our guild in writing content and promoting it in their local community. Within a month we received 6 applications from different projects. Managed to process 4 applications.

We have completed 5 applications during this period + 2 in progress.

New applications can always be left here:

You may also notice that we have an announcement on the forum.

Contest and giveaways

We summed up the results of 4 contests + 2 in the process (33 $NEAR)
Funds were used from the request for October


Thank you for reading my report.


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