[Approved] NearExplorer - Social Media News - May/2023

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to inform you that we continue to accept applications in our project support form.

We’ve had a busy and productive month. We tried to give the best possible support to the projects that contacted us, but I guarantee that the projects that contacted us or will contact us during the application process will receive all possible support from us, completely free of charge, thanks @marketingdao-council.

Our last 3 reports:
[Report] NearExplorer - Monthly Report April/2023
[Report] NearExplorer - Monthly Report (December-January)
[Report] NearExplorer - Monthly Report (October)

We are honored to continue our monthly marketing work.


  • Twitter:

We publish simple and clear project overviews, news, important updates, project and partnership announcements, we also do giveaways.
On average, 2-3 tweets with verified real news are published per day +1-2 infographic.

To improve performance, we set a goal for the month:
100+ posts
100k+ views
1500+ subscribers

  • Near.Social /Near.org:

We publish news, important updates, announcements of projects and partnerships, as well as the announcement of our giveaways.

50+ posts
50+ subscribers
750+ transactions

  • Telegram:

We publish simple and understandable project overviews, news, infographics, important updates, announcements of projects and partnerships, as well as contests.

Goal for the month:
50+ posts
20k+ views
450+ subscribers

  • Medium:

Now the Blogchain is not working, the site has been unavailable since February. We will now continue to mention our articles on the new social network Near.Social /Near.org and promote it on our twitter.

Goal for the month:
Medium → 500+ subscribers, 700+ reads, potential active users for projects

  • The form

Goal for the month:
Process 6 current requests and 2+ new ones.

We are accepting applications for new projects for May.
New applications can always be left here:

Expected activity:
• Encourage people to use Near.org
• Improve past performance
• Continue processing projects from the form.
• Create high quality project content and graphics from the NEAR ecosystem and promote this information on social media.
• Inform and educate the ecosystem community about projects and their functions.
• Support for projects/partners in promoting their content.
• Organize contests and sweepstakes (~$100).
• Continue to collaborate with other guilds and groups from the Near ecosystem to mutually promote posts and hold competitions to maximize support for young projects.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that we are working in an enhanced mode and therefore some metrics were able to reach two times faster than the last report, where we worked for 2 months. We plan to keep up the pace and continue to work.


Social media → Twitter → $350
/KPIs → increase the number of followers, views, profile visits, mentions.

Social media → Near.Social /Near.org → $100
/KPI → increase the number of followers and transactions.

Social media → Telegram → $100
/KPIs → increase the number of followers, views, profile visits, mentions.

Content → Design and infographics → $350
/KPIs → feedback from projects, likes + repost posts, comments.

Content → Writing → Articles → Medium → $300
/KPIs → increase the number of followers, views, reads, fans.

Contest and giveaways → $100
/KPIs → Increasing interest in us and the projects we are talking about through financial incentives, growth of mentions.

Funding Details:
$350+$100+$100+$350+$300+$100=$1,300 USD

• Total: $1,300 USD
• NEAR wallet ID: evangel.near
• Wallet owner’s name: Skydan Yevhen

Thanks for supporting NearExplorer!
cc @Dacha @satojandro @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint


Thank you for your proposal. Happy to support you.

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Thank you very much @dacha

Thanks for your proposal,

I support this proposal as there has been consistent work throughout to date.

Important notes -

  • I’d like to see more contributions to the team into the Content Creator Working Group;
  • We’ve started having discussions on the WG, and would like input from creators, on ways we can leverage the ever increasing amount of AI tools to create more, higher quality content. See Futuretools.io
  • I’ve also been listening to feedback about account that only repurpose content and for the need to create more original content (‘authenticity’)

Taking into account the above, this may be the last month I am able to support this proposal. Open to having a call to discuss further.

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Thank you for your support, I have a couple of ideas that I want to implement using AI, it will take a little time, but I plan to demonstrate my ideas in the next report.

@cryptocredit @Klint @so608
I hope you reply as soon as possible, thanks.

Hi @Evangel thanks for your proposal. I would echo the comments by @satojandro regarding seeing more original content. Willing to support for this month. Now moving to Approved.

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Thanks, we’ll work on it.

I created the poll on AstroDAO, please vote.

Thanks, cc @marketingdao-council

Hi @satojandro why do you support Nearinsider who cheat on AMA prizes, and Explorer who is really trying to get ecosystem better, get the budget in the last month so.


Hey @satojandro why do you ignore me?