I sent over 200 NEAR tokens to a metamask wallet that is one charactor different than mine, UGH!

i was wondering if there is a way to contact the wallet owner and appeal to his/her good nature asking them to return a portion if not all of them back. Can anyone help?


I guess you are referring Implicit Wallet with Metamask Wallet. (The one with 64 digit address)

DM me on telegram @kv9990 with the transaction hash, most probably that wallet doesn’t exist. Although there’s NEAR Mail Bot can give it a try if that wallet exists, it sends messages as NFT

I found the wallet on bsc scan and it’s just sitting there. I sent it from hotbit and i cansee it just sitting there

You can request to the address user whom you have sent by signing up on bscscan. You can comment after signing up and even can share the issue.
There is a high probability that the address user come to check on bscscan and after reading your comment he/she would give u back.

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This is the only option I think can be tried for now @Tarzangreg if it’s on bscscan.

if it doesnt exist does that mean its gone?
Im signed up on BSCscan, how do i sent a message or comment