Stars Guild ⭐ June video creators report

Hey people of NEAR just want to share with community June report for projects that we supported.

For Naksh

Partnering with them additionally have created a 6 NFT givaway as contest and created 3 videos by:

Blackheel Crypto

Will be launched today, got approved.

All About Crypto

Almost 5k views

Crypto Dasha

Almost 14k views

Bluebit Finance
With Christina also created a givaway with all youtubers with total of 15000 BBT tokens.

Crypto News

Almost 8k views video got.

Hot Crypto News:

Video got almost 11k views.

Roman Pushka

Team liked it the most and got about 30k views

Multiverse Fighters

With their team created the coolest givaway of batches specially designed for each youtuber. Took the longest but got the most from influencers and gave a shoutout to Earn to Play games on NEAR community Telegram: Contact @play_on_near in all vids.


As for small youtuber review 500 views had.

Crypto Plecho

Bit more then 20k views

Crypto Batja

Some stunning 47k views video got.

We are still waiting for another video from Crypto Chris, so when it’s done for Mfighter, ill post it here in comments.

Atocha Protocol
Also created a contest on Discord with some token givaway. It wasn’t that much active.

My Happy Crypto

27k views already


Just bit more then 330 views, tho hes a small youtuber but made it fully reviewed and long enough.

Conclusion about contests and giveaways.
At first we tried to make contests as give right answer and post it in comments with your NEAR wallet to send boutny there, but Youtube asks for admin aporval for such type of wallet id comments, and after aproval they just simply disapear, so took bit more time to reconsider with all porjects givaway tasks. The harder is task, less submited it gets, so for next round will keep tham as simple as can be.

Some youtubers that we lost trust in.
Crypto Sagittarius - got his 50 USD in NEAR and agreed and followed up with all the rules and for past weeks just stopped replying to us.
Ian Balina - The longest drama we had. First he agreed on working with 150 USD per review video, we made a paymet to him, after he tried to get 1000 saying that 3 video reviews would be needed to make a quality work. Disagreed, then he asked extra 150 USD since review now costs 300 USD. After longer chat said to send funds back to NEAR wallet, tho, dude continued blaming me that i don’t understand something. Wrote that he doesn’t understand term “send the money back” and after short time stopped responding.
Since this one if more funny, want to share with you some screenshots.

At least those were small youtubers. Still hope that Crypto Sagittarius will respond and get his review done. Tho, hope things like these wont happend in future.

Some stats from our Twitter account that is growing and is really interactive thanks to Yana:

And we had 4 promo videos created by Church, as always fancy.

I tried to keep report short. If any additional info is needed, let me know in comments.

NEAR community members, if your project needs some promo, your always welcomed to fill the form:

At the moment we got plenty projects sumbited, so don’t be upset if we can give promo to your project only by October. :see_no_evil:

@marketingdao-council if any other details needed or there are recommendations you can share, let our team know.


Thaniks @Zhunda for the videos! Great source of promotion!
Great work by the team :slight_smile:

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He he, thank you Sri for feedback! :heart_eyes_cat:

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these influencers are unprofessional, if you guys are looking for youtubers, just walk around them and spread the word to everyone in crypto not to work with them!
I want to say thank you to Stars Guild, they work so hard to help projects in Near and never give up even if they got so many obstacles. Respect !!

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I believe that you can’t rely on free marketing, you were provided with good coverage, you could make edits to the resulting videos. In addition, you need to understand that the NEAR blockchain itself is not sufficiently advertised at the moment, so the conversion is less than we would like, but in any case, it’s better than nothing :wink:

Thanks for review Christina, trying to get the most from most afordable ones.
Real pro’s do cost $$$$ so sharing some bits of attention to projects.

He he, thanks for honest review Fridmarr!
Yeah, to make project grow rest of traditional marketing should be done. Few videos won’t make magic clients and sales flow. Video marketing is more a PR thing then a marketing tool.

Hey Christina, thanks for sharing contest results of

Our bad that we didn’t double recheck for puting two different links under Hot Crypto News and Crypto News video descripton, tho, some splendid results.

Ain’t so much unprofessional these influencers? :see_no_evil: :blush:

Thanks for the report @Zhunda keep up the good work!

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